Fantasy Pacman Frog

Fantasy Pacman frogs are relatively new on the market. They are a cross between a Chacoan horned frog and the Amazonian horned frog offering a full range of exciting morphs to choose from.

These are popular frogs, a top choice for amphibian pet owners who are looking for a unique frog. The coloration of the fantasy Pacman frog ranges from yellows and greens to browns.

These are beautiful frogs, but they can be a little temperamental when it comes to eating.

Whether you are thinking of adding a new fantasy Pacman frog to your amphibian collection or you have recently purchased one of these magnificent frogs, you can continue reading for more detailed and useful information.

What is a Fantasy Pacman Frog?

Pacman frogs come from the humid and warm jungles of Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and Paraguay.

The fantasy Pacman frog is a mix between two Pacman frogs that provide a beautiful coloration with the same temperament as the Pacman frog. These frogs tend to be lazy and spend their time burrowed in the substrate waiting for prey to walk past.

Using their large mouths, they clamp down on prey and swallow it whole. They eat anything that can fit in their mouth, including other Pacman frogs or fantasy frogs. So bear this in mind when it comes to purchasing new frogs and setting up their enclosures.

The fantasy Pacman frog has short horns over the eyes which set it apart from other Pacman frogs.

Brown Fantasy Pacman Frog

A brown fantasy Pacman frog with horns over the eyes

Price Ranges

Fantasy Pacman frogs range in price from one breeder to the next with prices ranging from $35 and $50 up to $120 or more.


Now what you need to know when purchasing a fantasy frog is that you cannot breed it. These are infertile frogs.

Though there are breeders who are currently trying to breed fantasy frogs with Certophrys aurita frog with success. The limited babies born will be collector items, completely unique.

Fantasy Pacman Frog Size

The Pacman frog is a favored amphibian due to its extensive size and the fantasy Pacman is the same size.

Juveniles grow quickly. Once hatched the tadpoles turn into frogs within five weeks. Once they have absorbed their tail and grown their legs, they can eat a diet of crickets and worms.

Full grown fantasy Pacman frogs can reach to 7 inches and can be as round as a plate. They should reach full size within a year.

Males tend to be on the smaller size and grow between 2.5 and 4 inches in length, while the female can grow up to 7 inches.

Fantasy Pacman Frog Color

The fantasy frog comes in a variety of color morphs with the tricolor being a leading choice. You can buy these frogs in red, tricolor, chocolate, blue, tan, yellow and orange.

Fantasy Pacman Frog Care

Fantasy Pacman frog care is the same as other Pacman frogs, but they can be picky eaters, which means you need to take considerable care when it comes to diet.


Fantasy Pacman frogs are lazy sit and wait frogs. They will spend their days and nights burrowed in the substrate with their horns (eyes) sticking out.

For this reason, you don’t need a big enclosure for your frog, even though your frog is constantly growing.

You can keep a baby fantasy in a small plastic enclosure with adults being more than comfortable in a 10 gallon enclosure.

It’s important to offer a good thick layer of substrate which will enable your frog to burrow.

Plants and hides should be added as your frog loves to hide.

Pay close attention to the temperatures in the enclosure, providing your fantasy Pacman frog with temperatures ranging between 75ºF and 85ºF.


Pacman frogs have a voracious appetite, but fantasy frogs can be a bit harder to feed. Their diet consists of crickets, roaches, and worms, with some eating small pinky mice once they are adult size.

The amount of food should be based on the size of your frog.

The food should always be dusted with supplements to ensure that your frog remains happy and healthy.

Feeding Schedule

You want to ensure you provide your fantasy Pacman frog with fresh water, which should be readily available in the enclosure at all times. Check the water regularly as your frog may climb in the water bowl and poop.

Juvenile fantasy frogs should be fed daily with adults being fed one to two times per week. Frozen and live rodents should only be fed once your frog is adult size.

See our Pacman frog feeding guide here.

Encourage Feeding

Fantasy Pacman frogs can be fussy eaters and therefore you may have to try a variety of feeding options before you find the one that encourages your frog to eat.

  • Tong feeding – a popular choice with Pacman frogs that may not work with your fantasy
  • Hand feeding – this is down to preference and what encourages your frog to eat
  • Hunt feeding – a natural method. Feed at night as your frog is nocturnal, add the food to the enclosure and allow your frog to use its natural hunting skills. Remember to remove any uneaten food in the morning.
  • Container – some owners place the frog in a separate container for feeding to reduce the risk of impaction.


The fantasy Pacman frog is a great amphibian pet for anyone looking for a beautiful frog. They are popular with Pacman frog collectors. They are fussy eaters, so they do require a bit more care than the Pacman frog, though they still make excellent amphibian pets.

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