21 Pacman Frog Morphs, Colors, Species (with Morph Chart)

Pacman frogs have become one of the most popular amphibian pets on the market today with children and adults alike.

What makes these frogs so special is their large size, their wide mouths, their small habitat requirements, and the choice of amazing morphs available on the market.

Pacman Frog Species

Pacman frogs are frogs that belong to Ceratophrys genus. There are eight different Pacman frog species

  1. Ceratophrys aurita
  2. Ceratophrys calcarata
  3. Ceratophrys cornuta
  4. Ceratophrys cranwelli
  5. Ceratophrys joazeirensis
  6. Ceratophrys ornata
  7. Ceratophrys stolzmanni
  8. Ceratophrys testudo

All species originates from different places in South America.

They are slightly different in appearance. A good example is the Ceratophrys cornuta. They have horn-like projections above their eyes which are unique from other Pacman frog species.

Ceratophrys cornuta

Note that in captivity, there is a new Pacman frog species called fantasy Pacman frog. The fantasy Pacman frog is a mix between a Ceratophrys cornuta and Ceratophrys cranwelli.

The most common Pacman frog species in the pet industry today are the Ceratophrys cranwelli and Ceratophrys ornata.

Species Common Name Distribution
Ceratophrys aurita Brazilian horned frog Brazil
Ceratophrys calcarata Colombian horned frog Colombia and Venezuela
Ceratophrys cornuta Surinam horned frog Northern part of South America
Ceratophrys cranwelli Cranwell’s horned frog Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil
Ceratophrys joazeirensis Joazeiro horned frog Brazil
Ceratophrys ornata Argentine horned frog Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil
Ceratophrys stolzmanni Stolzmann’s horned frog Ecuador and Peru
Ceratophrys testudo Ecuador horned frog Ecuador 

Pacman Frog Morph Terminology

When buying your Pacman frog, the breeder may use some terminology you aren’t sure of.

In order to make the best selection, having a good understanding of Pacman frog morph terminology can be useful. The most common terms you may come across includes:

  • Phase – A phase is temporary. When it comes to Pacman frog morphs, their color is permanent. Some morphs may become more vibrant in color with age.
  • Pattern – The pattern is the distinct markings on the back and head of the Pacman frog. These are usually very noticeable and come in a darker color to the frog.
  • Color – Color is the coloration of the frog from the base color to any additional color combinations. Many morphs will have up to three or four colors.
  • Dominant – Dominant is used when one gene variant dominates / overrides a different variant. Basically, it’s when a gene is passed down to the frog from one of the parents, this is dominant.
  • Recessive Baby Pacman frogs will have copies of certain genes from both of their parents, though they may not be expressed. This is called recessive.
  • Het – Het or Heterozygous is when a frog inherits a trait from the parent that isn’t displayed. This is seen when a Pacman is born to an albino parent, but looks completely normal, even though it has the strain from the parent.

Pacman Frog Morphs

morph chart
Pacman frog morph chart

1. Albino

Albino Pacman frog

Albino Pacman frogs are yellow in color with a light, cream to white belly and orange spots. The intensity of the color and the number of spots on the frog varies from one breeder to the next.

2. Albino Patternless

Albino patternless Pacman frog

As the name suggests, the albino patternless Pacman is an albino but without any patterns. It has a solid yellow body with some subtle orange here and there.

3. 4-Spot Patternless Albino

4-spot patternless albino Pacman frog

The 4-spot patternless albino Pacman frog is an albino patternless with four spots.

This frog is usually a solid pink or yellow coloration with a cream white belly. They have orange to dark pink spots.

The intensity of the spots color, along with how many spots the frog has varies from one breeder to the next.

4. Strawberry

Strawberry Pacman frog

The strawberry Pacman is an interesting morph that comes in a variety of orange and red shades.

It has a light colored cream to white belly with an orange to red spot pattern.

The color intensity and the number of spots varies between breeders.

5. Strawberry Pineapple

Strawberry pineapple Pacman frog

The strawberry pineapple is a mixture of yellow, orange, and red with orange to red colored spots.

The belly is a light color of cream to white.

The brightness of the colors and the number of spots is determined by the breeder.

6. Apricot

Apricot Pacman frog

The apricot Pacman frog comes in a variety of red, orange, and yellow shades with orange to red spots.

It has a creamy, white belly with the color intensity varying from one apricot morph to the next.

7. Sunburst

Sunburst Pacman frog

Sunburst Pacman frogs look similar to a yellow albino morph, except it has strawberry colored highlights.

Each breeder has their own males and females they use to mate, which means that the intensity of the color can vary.

8. Dragon Wing

Dragon wing Pacman frog

Dragon wings are about the pattern.

These Pacman frogs are usually a mix of reds, greens, and browns with a distinct wing pattern on the back which is a dot with a wing on either side.

9. 3-Striped

3-striped Pacman frog

The 3-striped Pacman frog has a very distinct pattern, but they are not three parallel lines as you may expect.

The frog’s pattern is three lines with a thick middle line and a wavy line on either side.

These morphs offer a mixture of oranges, mint greens, blacks, and tans.

10. High Red Ornate

High red ornate Pacman frog

The high red Ornate is actually green in color with some brown spots and large amounts of red/brown colors.

The belly is a creamy white and the color intensity varies depending on where you purchase your new Pacman frog morph.

11. Leopard

Leopard Pacman frog

As the name suggests, the leopard morph has leopard spots on its sides.

It offers bright and vibrant colors of oranges, yellows, greens, and dark browns.

The leopard spots are obvious and easily identified.

12. Mosaic

Mosaic Pacman frog

The mosaic morph is a body of green and yellow with tans and dark brown patterns which complete a unique mosaic pattern. How bright and vivid the colors are may vary.

13. Green

Green Pacman frog

Green Pacman frogs are green or tea in color with some brown spots, though the number of spots and how vivid the frog’s coloration is, is determined by the breeders mating Pacman frogs.

The belly remains a creamy white.

14. Mint Green

Mint green Pacman frog

The mint green Pacman is a beautiful mixture of varying shades of green with light brown and tan patterns.

How vibrant the colors are depending on where you buy your new amphibian pet.

15. Green Fantasy

Green fantasy Pacman frog

Fantasy Pacman frogs are a mix of the Cranwell’s Pacman frog and The Surinam Horned Frog.

These are sterile amphibians and cannot be bred.

The Green Fantasy takes color intensity to a whole new level. These beautiful frogs are bright green and dark green with some dark brown and gray coloration.

16. 4-Spot Patternless Green

4-Spot Patternless Green Pacman Frog

The 4-spot patternless green Pacman frog is green or teal in color with dark green to brown spots.

The belly remains a light cream to white color.

These are visually appealing morphs.

17. Brown

Brown Pacman frog

The brown Pacman is as the name suggests.

These are brown bodied frogs, with colors varying from tan to brown.

They do have some splashes of color on their back and face which is dark brown or black.

Their belly is a light cream to white.

18. Brown Fantasy

Brown fantasy Pacman frog

The brown Fantasy is similar to the brown Pacman, except that it comprises of a mixture of browns with distinct patterns. The colors are more vibrant.

19. Tricolor

Tricolor Pacman frog

The tricolor is a tricolor phase fantasy Pacman that is mostly green with some red and brown coloration.

They have dark brown markings on their backs that look like butterfly wings.

Their belly is white to cream in color.

20. Blue

Blue Pacman frog

The blue Pacman frog is more teal in color with striking tan patterns making it a beautiful frog for your Pacman frog collection.

Suitable whether you are a beginner or an experienced amphibian owner.

21. Samurai

Blue samurai Pacman frog

The Samurai is light blue to teal in color with distinct patterns on its face and back. The colors of this morph tend to get more vibrant as the frog ages.

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