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Blue Tongue Skink Habitat Setup

    Blue tongue skinks can be found roaming the tropical forests of New Guinea, Indonesia, and Australia. It is essential when living in captivity that their natural habitat is mimicked as much as possible to ensure you provide a healthy environment that allows normal behaviors while reducing the risk of injury.

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    Best Blue Tongue Skink Hides

      Blue tongue skinks are very active reptiles that spend a large portfolio on their day basking and searching for food. They also have a burrowing nature, which is why you want to provide them with hides. You will need a cool and a warm hide, somewhere your skink can go if they feel insecure or vulnerable, a place to sleep and feel secure.

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      Blue Tongue Skink Respiratory Infection

        Owning a blue tongue skink means you want the best for your reptilian pet. One of the most common infections you will find in blue tongue skinks is respiratory infections.

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        blue tongue skink humidity

        Blue Tongue Skink Humidity

          Blue tongue skinks have humidity requirements that help them shed with ease. The right humidity levels can ensure good overall health and reduce the risk of respiratory infections in your reptile

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          how to make blue tongue skink humid hide

          How to Make a Blue Tongue Skink Humid Hide

            Some blue tongue skink species require humidity of up to 80 percent in their habitats. Humid hides are easy to make at home and you can add it to your enclosure, offering your blue tongue skink a welcome hide that offers the moisture they need for a healthy shed.

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            blue tongue skink substrate

            Blue Tongue Skink Substrate

              Substrate is essential for all reptile cages. It’s a fancy word for bedding. What you need to know when it comes to blue tongue skinks, is that they love to dig and burrow. Therefore you want to choose a soft and loose substrate that is deep enough to encourage natural behavior

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              Common Blue Tongue Skink Morphs

              Morphs (sometimes called phases) are very popular in the reptile world. This is when a lizard is different from the parents due to altered DNA and genes. The majority of morphs are bred, but morphs do occur naturally as well. Altering the DNA and genes results in offspring that are a mutation, changing skin colors, patterns and behaviors.

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              bts enclosure feature

              Best Blue Tongue Skink Enclosure

                The right blue tongue skink enclosure is essential for all species. Failing to provide a proper habitat can result in problems with heat and humidity, which can lead to health issues. Tanks that are too small can lead to unnecessary stress for your new pet.

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                bts species

                Blue Tongue Skink Species

                  The blue tongue skink species is a blue tongued lizard, also commonly referred to as blue tongues in Australia. The most common characteristic of these lizards is the blue tongue that is used to warn potential predators. There is a wide choice of blue tongue skink species.

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