Best Pacman Frog Enclosure

Pacman frogs are popular amphibian pets that require strict housing requirements in order to remain happy and healthy. These frogs can live up to fifteen years, so you want to ensure you have the right tank to house your frog.

Not sure which enclosure to buy? This guide will help you identify the best enclosure for your Pacman frog.

Pacman Frog Tank Size

The good news is that Pacman frogs are not active frogs. They lie in wait for their prey to come past them before they pounce, which means they don’t need a lot of space.

Note that females are a lot bigger than males. The size tank you select will be based on the age and sex of your frog.


Enclosure Size

Baby Pacman frog

5 – 10 gallons

Male adult Pacman frog

10 gallons
Female adult Pacman frog

20 gallons

Bioactive enclosure

20 gallons

Tank Material

Glass and Plastic – Yes

Glass or plastic are the preferred materials when it comes to your enclosure.

Pacman frogs love higher humidity levels of between 50% and 80%, both glass and plastic are excellent in holding humidity, ensuring your frog stays comfortable and healthy.

If you are bringing your baby Pacman frog home, you can house it in a small plastic box complete with a substrate and hide and move them to a larger tank when they are bigger. This is down to preference.

The benefit to this option is that a small enclosure such as a plastic box doesn’t need its humidity and temperature levels monitored.

Wood – No

Wood is not recommended when it comes to your Pacman frog cage. Wood doesn’t hold humidity and will not work well with a heat mat, which is your preferred heating source.

Can Pacman Frogs Live Together?

Pacman frogs will eat anything that is smaller than them, this includes other Pacman frogs.

Therefore, you want to keep one frog per tank.

If you do have a larger enclosure of twenty gallons or more, you can keep two frogs, by dividing the tank into two equal parts with a divider that makes it impossible for the two frogs to see each other.

Front Door or Top Door

There are two popular options when it comes to the reptile and amphibian tank: the front door and top door.

In my opinion, the enclosure with the front door is preferred because it is easier for cleaning, feeding, and daily misting.

With the door on top, it is inconvenient to remove the light bulbs and fixtures when you want to mist or access to the frog.

Where to Place the Pacman Frog Tank

It’s important to select your tank placement to ensure the best outcome for your frog. Some guidelines to bear in mind includes:

  • Do not place enclosure near the windows
  • Do not place enclosure near any heat sources
  • Male frogs croak – do not keep in the bedroom

Best Pacman Frog Enclosure

Exo Terra Terrarium 24 x 18 x 12

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The Exo Terra glass terrarium is a good choice for your Pacman frog. The front doors allow for easy access and daily cleaning, while the screen top allows for ventilation.

If you struggle to maintain humidity, cover a quarter or a half of the top of the screen with foil to hold in the heat and humidity.

The window is high, which also allows for a thick layer of substrate.

Stats For Nerds:

  • Dimensions: 24″ L x 18″ D x 12″ H
  • Volume: 22 gallons
  • Material: glass


  • Glass terrarium
  • Waterproof base for a moist substrate to maintain humidity levels
  • Suitable to house 2 male or 1 female Pacman frog
  • Can be used for the bioactive setup later


  • None. We love this product

Exo Terra Mini Wide 12 x 12 x 12

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This terrarium is made of glass, which is good for holding humidity levels. The front door allows for easy cleaning and maintenance with a screen top that allows ventilation (which you can cover with foil if you find you are struggling with humidity levels).

The high window allows for a good layer of substrate, so your frog can spend its days buried in the ground.

Stats For Nerds:

  • Dimensions: 12″ L x 12″ D x 12″ H
  • Volume: 7.5 gallons
  • Material: glass


  • Glass terrarium
  • Waterproof base for moist substrate
  • Dual doors for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ideal for baby or adult male Pacman frog


  • A bit small for an adult male Pacman frog

REPTI ZOO 10 Gallon Reptile Tank

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The Repti Zoo terrarium is a mini glass terrarium, ideal for damp and humid conditions. The tank is quick and easy to clean with the glass maintaining heat gradients.

The stackable design enables owners to have more than one Pacman frog while keeping them out of sight of each other.

Stats For Nerds:

  • Dimensions: 20″ L x 12″ D x 10″ H
  • Volume: 10 gallons
  • Material: glass


  • Terrarium offers 360º viewing
  • Full screen top with lift and pull opening
  • PVC tray provides waterproof base for substrate
  • Stackable design – can keep one on top of each other if you have a number of Pacman frogs
  • Suitable for one male Pacman frog


  • The plastic cover doesn’t line up
  • Top is flimsy

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium 18 x 18 x 18

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This terrarium is made of glass, ideal for maintaining high humidity levels. They also have a full front door, which offers excellent viewing of your Pacman frog, along with easy cleaning and maintenance.

The stainless-steel screen top allows for ventilation, which can be covered with foil to reduce humidity and heat escape.

Remember to only cover foil over one quarter to one half of the top of the enclosure. You must always allow fresh air to circulate. The snap closure on the front door reduces the risk of the door being opened by pets and children.

Stats For Nerds:

  • Dimensions: 18″ L x 18″ D x 18″ H
  • Volume: 25 gallons
  • Material: glass


  • Glass terrarium
  • Full front door with snap lock
  • Stainless steel screen top that doesn’t melt
  • Lockable door
  • Suitable for 1 female, 2 males, or a bioactive setup.


  • None. We love this product

Exo Terra Faunarium

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The Exo Terra Faunarium is easy to use and is stackable. It can be used to house a number of Pacman frogs, stacking them together without them being able to see each other.

The enclosure is very easy to clean and doesn’t take up much space.

Stats For Nerds:

  • Dimensions: available in 4 sizes: mini, small, medium, and large
  • Material: plastic


  • Transparent plastic door for easy access
  • Easy to clean
  • Plastic is excellent in maintaining humidity levels
  • Number of sizes to choose from
  • Suitable for one baby, one medium or one adult male Pacman frog


  • The plastic tends to crack easily
  • Plastic boxes are not nice as glass tanks

Pacman Frog Enclosure Setup

Pacman frogs are lazy predators that will sit and wait for their prey to come past. They spend their time burrowed in the substrate with their horns sticking out. This enables you to get away with a small cage with limited requirements.

The first important step once you have placed and cleaned your enclosure is to place your heat mat on the warm side of the cage and connect to the thermostat.

Layer a deep layer of natural substrate. Coconut husk is a top choice that holds moisture to improve humidity levels. Ensure you provide a decent layer and top it with some moss.

Place a water bowl in the center with the thermostat and thermometer probes held in place with suction cups above the substrate to provide accurate air temperature readings. Plug it in and introduce your frog.

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Useful Trick To Maintain Humidity

One of the tricks used by Pacman frog owners when it comes to their enclosure is to cover the screen top with foil to reduce air ventilation and help to maintain humidity levels at between 50% to 80%.

This is an affordable solution that can be used to cover up to half of the tank top to reduce the risk of humidity and heat loss.

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How to Clean Pacman Frog Tank

Your Pacman frog enclosure will require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure you provide a safe and healthy environment where your frog can thrive. Follow a basic cleaning schedule to ensure you keep your frog tank clean.

How often to clean pacman frog cage?

  • Daily – remove feces. A well-fed frog can leave a lot of feces in one day. Add fresh water.
  • Weekly – remove and replace one inch of the substrate to ensure moisture levels are maintained
  • Monthly – remove everything, wash the inside of the terrarium, replace the substrate with clean. Rinse out and replace your moss. Rinse and clean any hides or decorations you may have.

Best Pacman Frog Enclosure in Summary

You need to keep 3 very important factors in mind when selecting your Pacman frog enclosure. These include:

  • Glass or Plastic enclosure to maintain high humidity levels.
  • Different enclosure sizes for baby, male and female.
  • Small enclosure with plenty of room to put a thick layer of moist substrate.

Baby Pacman frog

Bringing home your first baby Pacman frog? Then use a small cage, such as the Exo Terra Faunarium or the Exo Terra Mini Wide 12 x 12 x 12 to provide a comfortable habitat for your new pet.

Adult Pacman frog

The adult male Pacman frog doesn’t need as much room as the female. A 10 gallon tank such as Repti Zoo 10 Gallon Reptile Tank or Exo Terra Mini Wide 12 x 12 x 12 is usually sufficient for an adult male.

Taking a look at the enclosures we have reviewed, the Exo Terra Terrarium 24 x 18 x 12 is the best choice for an adult female Pacman frog.

Bioactive Enclosure

Bioactive enclosures are growing in popularity with Pacman frog owners, providing your frog is a completely natural environment within their terrarium.

From the natural soil and insects to the natural plants. The best enclosure for a bioactive set up is the Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium 18 x 18 x 18 and the Exo Terra Terrarium 24 x 18 x 12.

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