Chinese Water Dragon

Chinese Water Dragon Enclosure Setup

Buying a Chinese water dragon is exciting, but before you bring your new reptile pet home, you need to set up the enclosure to ensure everything is ready for the arrival of your new pet. There are a number of important considerations to factor into your Chinese water dragon enclosure setup decision.

Chinese water dragon respiratory infection

Chinese Water Dragon Respiratory Infection

Respiratory infections are very common in reptiles, including the Chinese Water Dragon. The infection can be serious if not monitored and treated. As a Chinese Water Dragon owner, you want to do the best for your reptile pet, which means getting a good understanding of respiratory infections, the signs and how to treat them.

Chinese Water Dragon Eye Infection

All reptiles have eyelids with many using their lower lid more than their upper lid. The eyes have conjunctiva, which is a tissue that lines the inner lids to the eyeball. As with humans and other animal species, Chinese water dragons can be prone to eye infections.