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African fat-tailed gecko not eating

African Fat-Tailed Gecko Not Eating

Is your African fat-tailed gecko not eating for a week? We put together a list of common reasons why a fat-tailed gecko won’t eat.

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Common African Fat-Tailed Gecko Morphs

An African fat tailed gecko has many morphs and combinations, which can be confusing to a new owner. Learn about common morphs in fat-tailed geckos.

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African Fat-Tailed Gecko Male Or Female

Having a clear idea on whether you have a male or female African fat-tailed gecko can help you decide whether to introduce a mate in the enclosure. Some people just like to know what their gecko is, so they can name them accurately.

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Fun And Interesting African Fat-Tailed Gecko Facts

Whether you are new to African fat-tailed gecko or not, these African fat tailed gecko facts will give you new reasons to love your pet.

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african fat tail gecko habitat

African Fat-Tailed Gecko Habitat – Choose The Best Cage For Your Gecko

New to the African fat-tailed gecko habitat? Learn how to provide the perfect habitat for your gecko. What is the best tank size? How to setup?

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African Fat-Tailed Gecko Setup

African fat tail gecko setup is easier than you may think. Remember that your gecko will require up to twelve hours of light per day. Being nocturnal reptiles, there is no need for a UVB light. Under tank heat mats are the preferred heating choice for these reptiles.

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