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popular anole pet

8 Popular Pet Anole Lizards

Are you looking for help choosing a pet anole? This a complete guide to pet anole species that you can keep at home.

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Are Anole Lizards Poisonous

Are anole lizards poisonous or venomous to humans, dogs, or cats? Is there any risk for handling an anole lizard? Let’s find out.

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Green Anole Male or Female

When it comes to owning a green anole, the one question many new reptile owners have, is whether their green anole is male or female. Both males and females have their own unique characteristics that make them stand out, helping you sex your reptile with confidence.

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why is my green anole always brown

Why Is My Green Anole Brown

Every new green anole owner has gone through this at some point, but the good news is that it is not uncommon. There are numerous factors I am going to discuss below which could be causing your green anole to turn brown.

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Best Anole Cage

If you have decided to become the proud owner of an anole, then you are going to want to provide your new lizard with the best anole cage, ensuring that its needs are met to keep it happy and healthy.

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Green Anole vs Brown Anole

Anoles are lizards often found in forests and gardens in the United States. They are also sold in pet shops to be kept as pets. The green and brown alone are native to the United States and are very similar, even though they vary in coloration. This article will compare green anole vs brown anole in all aspects.

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