How to Feed a Pacman Frog

Pacman frogs are ferocious eaters and they will eat anything smaller than them that comes their way.

They are large frogs, known for eating anything that isn’t bigger than themselves, this includes other Pacman frogs.

Your Pacman frog’s diet will play a large role in its overall health and happiness. They need a specialized diet that they would enjoy if they were in the wild.

This means high-quality food that ensures proper growth and health.

Staple Food List

Dubia Roaches

You can get Dubia roaches at almost any pet shop or online.

They are higher in nutrients than crickets, making them an ideal meal for your Pacman frog.

The softer bodies also make it easier for the frog to digest.


Nightcrawlers are great food for your Pacman frog.

They are filled with nutrients and minerals.

Ensure when buying nightcrawlers from your local fishing store that they are plain nightcrawlers.


Crickets are essential to the Pacman frog diet and are available at the majority of pet stores. They are an excellent source of protein.

Gut loaded crickets boost the nutrient of the food item, this ensures your frog gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs to remain fit and healthy.


Locusts are a great source of vitamins and minerals for adult Pacman frogs.

They are also readily available at most pet stores and provide your frog with a varied diet.


Superworms are excellent treats for your Pacman frog. They are filled with nutrients to help keep your frog healthy.

BSFL (Black Soldier Fly Larvae)

BSFL can be a great option without worrying about live food. The larvae are rich in calcium and protein while having low-fat content.

Semi-Regular Food Options


Rodents, such as pinky mice, are excellent semi-regular food options for an adult Pacman frog.

Pinkly mice are newborn mice that haven’t developed their coat. They are only a couple of inches long and soft.

Live pinkly mice are best for your frog, though you can offer frozen options once they have thawed properly.


Pacman frogs can also be given fish on rare occasions.

Mollies, guppies, and platies are great food options for your frog.

Most Pacman frogs will go after these fish with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Always ensure when feeding small fish that you ensure they come from a clean aquarium.


Hornworms are also often referred to as Goliath worms and are a great diet option for a varied Pacman frog diet.

These worms grow up to five inches with soft bodies, making them easily digestible.


Pac-Attack is a pellet type food that provides a daily diet for your Pacman frog. It is a sponge like texture made up of live food with a unique balanced formula.

The pellets look like little sticks and when they are soaked in water, they take on the consistency of live food.


In the wild, a Pacman frog will enjoy a carried diet, which includes smaller frogs that come past them from time to time, including other Pacman frogs.

Giving your Pacman frog a small frog now and then offers some variety to their diet.


Silkworms can be a great food source for your Pacman frog. They grow quickly, are easy to care for at room temperature, and can grow a quarter of an inch in one week.

Occasional Food Options


Mealworms can be given to your Pacman frog on occasion. They can be placed directly into the enclosure if you are feeding using the hunting method.


Your Pacman frog is happy to eat reptiles, inverts, and amphibians that are smaller than themselves and they enjoy a varied diet.

Adding a lizard to the diet on occasion is a great way to ensure your frog gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs to stay healthy.


Shrimp should only be offered occasionally as a treat and to adult frogs only. Some frogs enjoy cooked shrimp dusted in Calcium.


You can feed chicks as a treat or occasional food for your Pacman frog, adding the varied diet that they need.


Waxworms can be used as snacks and treats for your Pacman frog. They are small worms, only around half an inch, with soft bodies and overflowing with nutrients.

These worms have a very high-fat content, so ensure you don’t feed to many. Up to five worms per week are more than enough for an adult Pacman frog.

Foods You Must Never Feed Your Pacman Frog

Pacman frogs eat such a varied diet that there are plenty of foods you can give to them to ensure they remain healthy.

There are some foods you should never consider giving to your frog, these include:

  • Goldfish
  • Minnows
  • Red wigglers
  • Wild caught items

Supplements for Pacman Frogs


Pacman frogs need calcium to help them develop a strong skeletal system. Lack of calcium can lead to metabolic bone disease, causing brittle bones and possible death.

There are a number of calcium powder supplements that are available for Pacman frogs.

Calcium powder is mixed with Vitamin D3 to provide a complete supplement solution. D3 is required to help calcium absorb.

A good choice for calcium is Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Reptile Calcium.

This supplement is free of harmful impurities with safe Vitamin D3 levels. This is an ultra-fine powder.

Repashy Calcium Plus is another great option that is an all in one Calcium powder with vitamins, trace minerals, and more.

Multi Vitamins

Multivitamins can be offered to your Pacman frog once a week.

Multivitamins contain essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, K, niacin, beta carotene, and more.

The supplement encourages a well-balanced profile for your frog.

Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin and Mineral Powder is a multivitamin, multimineral and amino acid supplement that is formulated using naturally sourced ingredients with no added preservatives, colorings or fragrances. Cover food evenly before feeding.

How to Use Supplements

The recommended supplements all come in the form of fine powder to dust the live food before each feeding. The powder sticks to food with ease.

The easiest way to cover the insects, worms, or other food is to put a small amount of vitamin power in a bag and place the live food inside the bag, shaking the bag to ensure food is covered. Feed straight away.

Pacman Frog Feeding Schedule

How Often Must I Feed My Pacman Frog?

  • Baby – Feed every second day
  • Adult – Feed once to twice per week

When Should I Feed My Pacman Frog?

Pacman frogs are nocturnal and more active at night, therefore the best time to feed is at night.

How Do I Feed My Pacman Frog?

There are a number of ways you can feed your Pacman frog, these include:

  • Tong feeding – the most popular choice, though not all frogs will eat from the tongs
  • Hand feeding – some owners prefer feeding by hand
  • Hunt feeding – the most natural method, useful when your frog is burrowing. Don’t dig the frog out, as this will result in stress.
  • Container – some owners place the Pacman frog in a separate container for feeding to reduce the risk of impaction.

What Size Insects Should I Feed?

Insects should not be bigger than the Pacman frog’s mouth.

If you get home from the store and the insects are too big, then cut them up smaller to ensure your frog can swallow and digest them easily.

How Many Crickets or Worms Should I Feed?

Each frog is unique and therefore you should feed until your frog loses interest.

Easy Steps to Follow for Feeding

  • Dust insects/worms with a supplement powder
  • Give the food to your Pacman frog until it loses interest
  • If using the hunting method, feed enough insects that your frog can consume overnight. Remember to remove any uneaten food in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Pacman Frog is Overeating?

Don’t worry, there is no risk your frog will overeat. Your frog will stop eating once it has had enough and is full.

My Pacman Frog is Always Burrowing at Feeding Time, What Should I Do?

There are two options if your frog has decided to burrow at feeding time.

You can feed the next evening if your frog is out.

Alternatively, you can adopt the hunting feeding method, the most natural method, leaving live food in the frog’s enclosure overnight and removing any remaining food the next morning.

Can My Pacman Frog Eat Dead Insects?

Your frog can eat dead insects, though it is not recommended. If you need to feed dead insects, then ensure you cut them up into small pieces.

Can I Feed My Frog Insects from My Garden?

No, it is not recommended. Outdoor insects could have parasites which could be transferred to your frog.

What is Best – Live or Dry Food?

Live food is always recommended for Pacman frogs. Though you can feed dry food on occasion, such as Pac-Attack.


It’s important to give your Pacman frog a varied diet that they would enjoy in the wild.

Remember to always ensure food is smaller than your Pacman frog’s mouth and is dusted in supplements to ensure your frog gets all the nutrients that they need to grow and remain healthy.

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    1. I think you can feed it occasionally. However, frogs in the wild do not eat chickens. Therefore, I won’t recommend it.

  1. Hi! I planning on getting a pacman frog soon. Can someone please tell me if feeding schedule for supplements changes with baby vs. adults?
    I put my feeding schedule for my future pacman below. Also my window is roughly 17ft away from future enclosure so I’m not sure to go with repashy supcal-lod or repashy supercal-med. Thanks again 🙂
    Week 1: Monday – repashy supercal-lod, Wednesday – repashy supervite, Friday – repashy calcium plus
    Week 2: Monday – repashy supercal-lod, Wednesday – repashy supervite, Friday – repashy viatmen A plus
    Week 3: Monday – repashy supercal lod, Wednesday – repashy supervite, Friday – repashy calcium plus
    Week 4: Monday – repashy supercal lod, Wedensday – repashy supervite, Friday – repashy superpig

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