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Corn Snake Growth Chart And Development Stages

What is the size of a full-grown corn snake? Learn about the corn snake growth chart and track your corn snake’s development.

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Baby Chinese Water Dragon Care

Baby Chinese Water Dragon Care

Do you plan to bring a baby Chinese water dragon home? Read our care sheet to provide the best habitat for your pet.

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13 lizard species in North Carolina

Lizards in North Carolina

Are you wondering what lizard you have in your yard in North Carolina? Are you worried it may be poisonous or aggressive? There are thirteen lizards you will see in North Carolina

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Chinese Water Dragon Full Size And Growth Chart

What is the length of fully grown Chinese water dragons? Learn about their growth chart and factors that impact growth and full size.

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Bearded Dragon Underbite

What is bearded dragon underbite? What causes it? How to treat and prevent underbite in bearded dragons. MORE HERE

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Why is a bearded dragon coughing

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Coughing

Have you ever seen your bearded dragon coughing? Learn why bearded dragons cough. How to treat and prevent it. MORE

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What lizards with blue bellies

Lizard With Blue Belly

What is the lizard with a blue belly? Here is the list of common blue bellied lizards that you can find in your backyard.

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Lizards with Blue Tails

Lizard with Blue Tail

Did you see a lizard with a blue tail in your backyard and want to know what it is? Here is the list of common lizards with blue tails.

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Differences between lizards and salamanders

Lizard vs Salamander

It is not uncommon to confuse between a lizard and a salamander. What’s the difference between Lizard vs Salamander? MORE HERE

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Lizards that can be found in Georgia

Lizards in Georgia

Are you wondering what lizard you see in your backyard in Georgia? Here is the list of all 18 lizards in Georgia with photos.

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