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Best Corn Snake Heating Pad

What is the best heating pad for a corn snake? How to set up a heating pad (heat mat or under tank heater)? Where to place it? Learn here.

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Corn Snake vs Ball Python as Pets. Which One is Better?

Can you not decide between a corn snake or a ball python? Corn snake vs ball Python, which one is better? Here are their similarities and differences.

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Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot

What causes mouth rot in a leopard gecko? What are the symptoms? How to treat and how to prevent mouth rot in leopard geckos?

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40-gallon Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Starter Kit Review

The 40-gallon Zoo Med bearded dragon starter kit is a good kit overall. It’s ideal for new bearded dragon owners, breeders, and those looking for a quick setup for a hospital tank. The kit includes just about everything you need to provide a natural habitat for your adult bearded dragon.

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Chinese Water Dragon Enclosure Setup

Buying a Chinese water dragon is exciting, but before you bring your new reptile pet home, you need to set up the enclosure to ensure everything is ready for the arrival of your new pet. There are a number of important considerations to factor into your Chinese water dragon enclosure setup decision.

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Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit Review

This is a review of Exo Terra leopard gecko starter kit, the perfect reptile enclosure for first-time leopard gecko owners, breeders, and those looking for an urgent hospital tank. The kit makes preparing for your gecko even easier with everything you need in one kit.

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Exo Terra Bearded Dragon Starter Kit Review

Bringing a new bearded dragon home can be so exciting. The one problem I encountered was identifying the right products to purchase, so I could have the habitat all set up before I brought my dragon home. There are so many different bearded dragon products from enclosures to basking lights.

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Bearded Dragon Scale Rot

Bearded dragons have become a popular reptile pet for adults and children alike. Welcoming one of these wonderful lizards into your home will provide you with hours of entertainment, but as with any pet, your dragon can get sick. One of the conditions that your bearded dragon may experience is scale rot.

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Green Anole Male or Female

When it comes to owning a green anole, the one question many new reptile owners have, is whether their green anole is male or female. Both males and females have their own unique characteristics that make them stand out, helping you sex your reptile with confidence.

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Common African Fat-Tailed Gecko Morphs

An African fat tailed gecko has many morphs and combinations, which can be confusing to a new owner. Learn about common morphs in fat-tailed geckos.

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