Why Is My Green Anole Brown

Being a green anole owner, it can be worrying to suddenly notice your anole has turned brown. You ask is it normal? Why is my green anole brown? What have I done wrong in the green anole enclosure? Is my green anole unhappy? What can I do to get my anole to turn green again?

Every new green anole owner has gone through this at some point, but the good news is that it is not uncommon.

There are numerous factors I am going to discuss below which could be causing your green anole to turn brown. They could be environmental, territorial or psychological stress.

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Stress is one of the most common factors of a green anole turning brown. What you will probably notice is that at night your anole will be green, this is when their lights are out and they are resting, but once they wake up, they turn brown again.


Many of the green anoles you purchase in stores have been wild caught and this means they could have internal parasites which are causing psychological stress.

This means you bought a stressed anole and that is why your green anole is brown. It’s advisable to have your anole checked at your reptile vet as soon as possible to ensure this isn’t the case.


While anoles are generally good natured and gentle reptiles, having two in a small enclosure can result in stress. This territorial stress can result in your anole turning and staying brown during the day.


Is your enclosure natural? Do you have lots of plants and climbing areas for your anole

Anoles love to climb. They are inquisitive and active. Giving them plenty of greenery and visuals will make them feel less stressed and more at home. Create an anole environment as close to their natural habitat as possible.


Anoles like a humid and warm environment and therefore you want to ensure the enclosure is cool at the bottom and warm at the top, this enables your anole to move freely and regulate their temperature.

If your green anole is feeling too hot, he will turn green. When they feel cold, they turn brown.


I know so many people believe that the anole is the same as a chameleon and will change colors to blend in with their environment, but this is not true.

In fact, it can be a sign of aggression when a male wants to show off who he is and how bright he is. Personally, I feel that color is based on their mood and their well being.


Reptaid is an immune booster to support healthy immune systems in smaller reptiles. This could be useful to give your anoles immune system a boost, especially if you have just brought them home. This product can help with the natural purification of foreign contaminates.

It also promotes healthy respiratory function and healthy eyes and mouth.


I believe knowing why is my green anole brown can help you as a green anole owner, ensuring you provide the best care and habitat for your reptile. There are many reasons why your green anole may be turning brown. If you are concerned, you can:

  • Book an appointment with your reptile vet to have your green anole checked for parasites.
  • If you have two males in one enclosure, consider placing them in separate tanks to see if that helps.
  • Add some live plants and plenty of climbing area to add visuals and excitement to your anole enclosure.
  • Ensure you have the correct temperatures. The top of the enclosure should be 85 to 90ºF (29 – 32ºC) and the bottom should be 75 to 85ºF (24 – 29ºC).

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