White Tree Frog Male or Female

When you introduce a new white tree frog into the home, you may want to identify if the frog is a male or female, especially if you intend breeding frogs in the future.

Knowing the sex of your frog can be beneficial for numerous reasons from naming your new amphibian pet to deciding where to house them.

Why Should You Know the Sex of Your White Tree Frog?


One of the main reasons white tree frog owners want to know their amphibians’ sex is to name them properly.

This is your new pet, so knowing the sex ensures it gets a good name. Remember these frogs can live up to sixteen years in captivity, so you want a fitting name.


What many new white tree frog owners don’t realize is that both male and female frogs croak, but males will croak more often and for longer. They can also get loud.

This is how they croak.

Knowing whether your frog is male or female can assist with enclosure placement. You don’t want to house a male frog in the bedroom, for example.

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For white tree frog enthusiasts that are keen on breeding their frogs, knowing if you have male and/or female frogs can be very beneficial.

You want to ensure you put a male and female together to encourage breeding.


Female frogs grow bigger than the male white tree frog. Some people prefer a smaller frog, while others prefer something larger that appears stronger and more robust.

How Old Does a White Tree Frog Need to Be to Tell the Gender?

White tree frogs are not easy to sex until they are at least nine to twelve months of age, though there are some tell-tale signs and tricks you can use to identify if your white tree frog is male or female.

Effective Ways to Tell a White Tree Frog Gender


Female frogs will grow larger than the male by adulthood, which is one of the many ways you can identify whether your amphibian pet is male or female.

Throat Color

As the frog gets older, male frogs will develop a darker and looser area under their throat, called the pectoral fold or frog beard.

Female frogs, on the other hand, stay the same with white under their throat.


Male frogs will call or croak before they reach twelve months of age. As they age, they get louder.

Males have a long and repeated croak that can be very loud and frustrating if you accidentally house a male frog in your bedroom area.

This is one of the most effective ways to identify if your frog is male or female before they reach maturity.

Many white tree frog enthusiasts will use a recording of a frog croaking, leaving it playing.

If their frog is male it tends to compete with the recording, which is a sure sign you have a male on your hands.

Nuptial Pads

Nuptial pads are probably the most accurate way to determine the sex of a white tree frog. These pads can be identified early on and are found on the forelimbs and on the thumbs.

These pads are used to clasp onto the female, who has a slippery skin, allowing the male to mate with ease.


Using the tips above, you should be able to determine the sex of your frog.

Knowing the sex can be very beneficial, helping you decide where to place the enclosure, ensuring you have the right sex frog to breed, and helping you name your frog with confidence.

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