Exo Terra Moss Mat Review

The Exo Terra moss mat is an excellent substrate that comes with glowing reviews.

This natural-looking substrate can be used for all terrarium sizes.

It’s soft, very absorbent and it’s so easy to clean. Simply cut to size and when it’s soiled, rinse clean and allow to dry.

This is a great substrate for beginner hobbyists, breeders, and those looking for a hygienic quarantine enclosure.

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  • Natural appearance
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to use, simply cut to size
  • Absorbent
  • Washable
  • Soft
  • Non-Abrasive


  • Small claws can get caught in the mat

Design and Features

The Exo Terra moss mat looks natural and is so soft to the touch, making it ideal to create a natural terrarium for your reptilian pet.

The mat is hygienic and very absorbent.

The natural look of the carpet combined with the ease of cleaning, makes it appealing to many reptile owners.

You can create a moss-covered enclosure quickly and easily using this moss mat, which is much easier to maintain than real moss.

A substrate is essential to the overall health of your reptile. The substrate is responsible for absorbing waste, along with controlling humidity levels.

The moss mat can reduce the risk of bacteria, simply rinse when soiled and allow to it dry before replacing it in the enclosure.

The features of this moss mat include the fact that it looks like real moss and it is so easy to clean and replace. Real moss can be messy to work with. The mat makes your life easier and helps you provide a safe and comfortable habitat for your pet.

Size and Dimensions

Exo Terra offers different moss mat sizes to fit various enclosures.

Mini30cm x 30cm12” x 12”Check Price
Small45cm x 45cm18” x 18”Check Price
Medium60cm x 45cm24” x 18”Check Price
10 GAL49.5cm x 25cm19.5” x 9.75”Check Price
20 GAL75cm x 30cm29.5” x 11.75”Check Price
40 GAL90cm x 44.5cm35.5” x 17.5”Check Price
60 GAL120.5cm x 44.5cm47.5” x 17.5”Check Price

Usage and Maintenance

The Exo Terra Moss Mat is quick and easy to clean.

The manufacturer recommends that you simply rinse the mat when it is soiled. You then allow it to dry and use it as needed.

Many reptile owners purchase a larger mat than they need, cutting it into two pieces, so they have two mats they can interchange as needed.

Daily Cleaning

The mat should be cleaned of any feces on a daily basis.

Take a quick look over the mat and remove any feces you find, you can spray a Terrarium Cleaner to reduce odor and help clean the area, reducing the risk of stains on the carpet moving forward.

How Often Should the Mat be Replaced?

Replace the Exo Terra moss mat in the enclosure when soiled. Carpets should be replaced once they start to wear, reducing the risk of ingestion.

Exo Terra Terrarium Cleaner and Odor Remover

The Exo Terra Terrarium Decor Cleaner and Odor Remover is one hundred percent natural and fragrance-free and is completely safe for your reptile.

It can help to reduce stains and odors from your moss mat, helping you prolong the life and reduce the need to repurchase.

The terrarium cleaner is made using biodegradable ingredients that will leave surfaces clean and odor-free.

Is the Exo Terra Moss Mat Good Value?

The Exo Terra moss mat has proven itself as a highly effective substrate option for a number of reptiles.

Being absorbent and easy to clean, makes it suitable for all reptile owners from the beginner to the experienced owner.

The staining caused by reptile waste is something that needs to be focused on. Using a good quality cleaner and removing waste daily will help to reduce the risk of stains.

The Exo Terra Moss Mat is suitable for all types of reptiles and amphibians such as:

  • Crested gecko
  • Bearded dragon
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Different tortoises
  • Different frogs
  • Various types of snakes


The moss mat from Exo Terra is easy to use, affordable and convenient. Suitable for all reptile owners, the mat can be replaced as needed, providing a natural, comfortable, and hygienic enclosure for your pet.

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