Exo Terra Sand Mat Review

The Exo Terra sand mat is a reptile carpet that can be used on the floor of your terrarium offering a natural desert appearance.

This safe and hygienic substrate is suitable for numerous reptiles with the benefit of minimum bacterial built up.

Overall a convenient, good quality and affordable substrate solution for desert reptiles.

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  • Natural desert look
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Easy to install, simply cut to size.
  • Quick and easy to remove
  • Simple maintenance
  • Textured to assist with nail trimming
  • Mess free
  • Available in different sizes


  • The rocks come loose with washing and can fall off easily, which increases risk of ingestion and impaction
  • Reptile waste can leave stains on the mat that cannot be removed

Design and Features

The Exo Terra sand mat looks completely natural when placed in a desert-themed habitat.

What makes this a safe and convenient choice of many reptile owners is that the substrate is completely hygienic with the reduced risk of bacterial build-up.

Your reptile will always have a good grip with the textured mat, which increases safety and comfort for your pet.

The sand mat has been designed to work in any size terrarium, and can be removed with ease and replaced within minutes.

It is easy to clean. Simply rinse and replace.

The mat offers a number of benefits which include wearing down your reptiles nails to providing your enclosure with a natural look.

The mat can be cut to size and can be used with a heat mat, providing excellent heat distribution within the enclosure.

The mat comes with different sizes.

Mini28.5cm x 28.5cm11” x 11”Check Price
Small43cm x 43cm17” x 17”Check Price
Medium58cm x 43cm23” x 17”Check Price
Large88cm x 43cm34.6” x 17”Check Price
10 GAL49.5cm x 25cm19.5” x 9.75”Check Price
20 GAL75cm x 30 cm29.5” x 11.75”Check Price
40 GAL90cm x 44.5 cm35.5” x 17.5”Check Price
60 GAL120.5cm x 44.5 cm47.5” x 17.5”Check Price

Usage and Maintenance

While the sand mat does offer easy cleaning and you should be able to simply rinse clean and replace when dry, the fact is that your reptiles mess is going to leave stains, which is why you want to try and remove any feces as soon as possible.

Exo Terra recommends using their Terrarium Cleaner and Odor Remover to ensure you get your sand mat clean and fresh every time.

The Exo Terra Terrarium Cleaner and Odor Remover eliminate organic stains and odors and is one hundred percent natural.

This cleaner is safe and convenient and does not have a negative impact on the environment.

It is able to remove stubborn organic stains without risking your reptile. It is made from biodegradable ingredients and can be used on all your reptile surfaces.

Daily Spot Cleaning

Daily removal of feces is essential. It’s recommended to rinse when soiled and use the Exo Terra terrarium cleaner to keep the sand mat looking and staying cleaner for longer.

Remove all feces daily and if necessary spot clean with the cleaner to reduce the risk of staining.

How Often Must You Replace the Mat?

The Exo Terra sand mat can be removed, cleaned, and reused again.

The manufacturers recommend replacing your sand mat every five to seven months or when it shows visible signs of wear and tear.

Is the Exo Terra Sand Mat Good Value?

The sand mat has proven good value for new reptile owners and those who are looking for a quick setup quarantine enclosure.

Rather than working with a substrate that is messy, the mat offers a clean, easy, and hygienic substrate solution.

What Reptiles Will Benefit from the Sand Mat?

  • Bearded dragons
  • Chameleons
  • Geckos
  • Monitors
  • Skinks


Overall, the Exo Terra sand mat has proven to be an effective substrate for numerous reptile species, offering an easy, clean, and hassle-free substrate option.

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