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Chinese water dragon respiratory infection

Chinese Water Dragon Respiratory Infection

Respiratory infections are very common in reptiles, including the Chinese Water Dragon. The infection can be serious if not monitored and treated. As a Chinese Water Dragon owner, you want to do the best for your reptile pet, which means getting a good understanding of respiratory infections, the signs and how to treat them.

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Best Blue Tongue Skink Hides

Blue tongue skinks are very active reptiles that spend a large portfolio on their day basking and searching for food. They also have a burrowing nature, which is why you want to provide them with hides. You will need a cool and a warm hide, somewhere your skink can go if they feel insecure or vulnerable, a place to sleep and feel secure.

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Chinese Water Dragon Eye Infection

All reptiles have eyelids with many using their lower lid more than their upper lid. The eyes have conjunctiva, which is a tissue that lines the inner lids to the eyeball. As with humans and other animal species, Chinese water dragons can be prone to eye infections.

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Why Is My Chinese Water Dragon Brown

When you think of your Chinese water dragon, you imagine a bright green water dragon with some bands on the tail. It’s understandable to get concerned when you notice that your usually bright green reptile has turned brown or is turning brown. As a Chinese water dragon owner, I believe it important that you get to know why your dragon could be changing color and what you can do to remedy the problem.

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Blue Tongue Skink Respiratory Infection

Owning a blue tongue skink means you want the best for your reptilian pet. One of the most common infections you will find in blue tongue skinks is respiratory infections.

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blue tongue skink humidity

Blue Tongue Skink Humidity

Blue tongue skinks have humidity requirements that help them shed with ease. The right humidity levels can ensure good overall health and reduce the risk of respiratory infections in your reptile

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how to make blue tongue skink humid hide

How to Make a Blue Tongue Skink Humid Hide

Some blue tongue skink species require humidity of up to 80 percent in their habitats. Humid hides are easy to make at home and you can add it to your enclosure, offering your blue tongue skink a welcome hide that offers the moisture they need for a healthy shed.

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blue tongue skink substrate

Blue Tongue Skink Substrate

Substrate is essential for all reptile cages. It’s a fancy word for bedding. What you need to know when it comes to blue tongue skinks, is that they love to dig and burrow. Therefore you want to choose a soft and loose substrate that is deep enough to encourage natural behavior

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why is my green anole always brown

Why Is My Green Anole Brown

Every new green anole owner has gone through this at some point, but the good news is that it is not uncommon. There are numerous factors I am going to discuss below which could be causing your green anole to turn brown.

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crested gecko supplies accessories

Crested Gecko Supplies and Accessories

Being a responsible crested gecko owner means that you pay close attention to what makes your gecko happy and healthy. There is an extensive range of quality crested gecko supplies and accessories on the market today, some are essential for a happy gecko, while others are a great addition for crested gecko owners.

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