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40-gallon Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Starter Kit Review

    The 40-gallon Zoo Med bearded dragon starter kit is a good kit overall. It’s ideal for new bearded dragon owners, breeders, and those looking for a quick setup for a hospital tank. The kit includes just about everything you need to provide a natural habitat for your adult bearded dragon.

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    Exo Terra Bearded Dragon Starter Kit Review

      Bringing a new bearded dragon home can be so exciting. The one problem I encountered was identifying the right products to purchase, so I could have the habitat all set up before I brought my dragon home. There are so many different bearded dragon products from enclosures to basking lights.

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      Bearded Dragon Scale Rot

        Bearded dragons have become a popular reptile pet for adults and children alike. Welcoming one of these wonderful lizards into your home will provide you with hours of entertainment, but as with any pet, your dragon can get sick. One of the conditions that your bearded dragon may experience is scale rot.

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        bearded dragon checklist

        What Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon?

          By duplicating their natural habitat, you can have a healthier and happier bearded dragon. Remember that a dragon can live up to ten years, so ensuring you have everything to get your tank setup before you bring your beardie home will ensure the best end results.

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          Bearded Dragon Respiratory Infection

            As with any pet you own in your life, a bearded dragon can get sick from time to time. Once of the diseases your dragon may experience is a respiratory infection. While a respiratory infection is relatively common in dragons, not providing adequate treatment can result in death.

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            bearded dragon supplies and accessories

            Top 22 Supplies And Accessories Bearded Dragon Owners Should Have (But May Not Realize It)

            As a bearded dragon owner there are a few supplies and accessories you should have in your bearded dragon kit, providing the best habitat and life for your beardie, ensuring that they are happy and healthy.

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            Bearded dragon yellow fungus

            Bearded Dragon Yellow Fungus

              Yellow fungus is one of the most common illnesses in bearded dragons. You need a good understanding of the disease, along with treatment and prevention knowledge to ensure you provide your dragon with the best care in the long run.

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              Bearded dragon hammock

              Best Hammock For Bearded Dragons

                Dragons of all ages will happily clamber onto a hammock and relax. Bearded dragons are immediately drawn to a hammock as it provides them with a comfortable basking place, an excellent hiding place and it’s fantastic when it’s time to shed, the dragon rubs against the hammock during this time to relieve itching and help with the shedding process.

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                What can bearded dragon eat

                What Does Bearded Dragon Eat? 31 Foods Your Dragon Can (& Can’t) Eat

                  Diet for bearded dragons can be tricky as you need to feed them a mixture of green veg and insects. Do you know what your dragon can and cannot eat? We have broken down some of the most common foods below, so you can identify if they are safe or not when preparing your dragons meal for the day.

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                  Bearded dragon mouth rot feature image

                  Bearded Dragon Mouth Rot

                    A common dental condition in dragons is mouth rot. Untreated mouth rot can be fatal to your beardy, which is why you want to have some knowledge on it.

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