Bearded Dragon Eye Bulging

If you are a new bearded dragon owner, then you may be a little worried after seeing your dragon’s eyes bulging. This is just one of the many quirky behaviors your dragon will have during its lifetime.

If you haven’t seen a dragon bulge its eyes before, then chances are you are seriously worried right now. Continue reading below for detailed information on why your dragon may be bulging its eyes.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Bulges Their Eyes

Preparing to Shed

Bearded dragon eye bulging is a common condition in these reptiles. One of the theories as to why they bulge their eyes is due to shedding. Scientists believe that when a dragon bulges its eyes, it could be preparing to shed.

Other signs to give you some peace of mind of an upcoming shed include lethargy, loss of appetite, nervous behavior, not keen on being handled, and raised patches on the skin.


Yawning can mean that you are hungry, tired, or need more oxygen. The same happens to your dragon. They yawn for various reasons, which can result in eye bulging.

In most cases, your bearded dragon will yawn in the morning when the lights go on or when they wake from a nap. Yawning involves the puffing out of a beard a few times while opening and closing the mouth.

Itchy Eyes

Eye bulging may also be due to itchy eyes. Bearded dragons have an empty cavity behind their eyes. They fill this cavity with blood, causing the eyes to bulge. It is believed this is done in order to reduce the itch of the eyes.

High Blood Pressure

Some lizards have the ability to shoot blood from their eyes as a defense against predators.

The eye muscles contract, stopping the blood from flowing to the heart. The blood then flows to the eyes, filling the sinuses. As the muscles continue contracting, causing the membrane to rupture, releasing a stream of blood approximately a meter from the eye.

Bearded dragons also have the ability to increase their blood pressure in the eye in order to cause it to bulge. This means that the dragon bulges the eyes for a specific reason.

Genetic Trait

Eye bulging commonly happens in silkback morph. If you have a silkback bearded dragon, the eye bulging is completely normal.

How To Help A Bearded Dragon With Eye Bulging

As a bearded dragon owner, it may be frustrating to know that there isn’t much you can do to stop or treat eye bulging in your dragon, as it is a completely natural process.

What you can do is ensure you have the temperature and humidity levels at optimum for your beardie to ensure it stays happy and healthy.

Use a digital thermometer and hygrometer which will enable you to accurately measure the temperature and humidity in real-time, making any adjustments as and when needed.


Eye bulging in bearded dragons is really nothing to worry about. It is completely natural with a host of theories as to its purpose. Keep a close eye on your dragon to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and fit.

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