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Bearded Dragon Calcium Feature Image

Best Bearded Dragon Calcium

    All bearded dragons need calcium in their diets. Those in the wild eat a much wider variety of greens and insects, but in captivity their selection is limited and therefore you need to supplement their diet to ensure their overall health.

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    Best bearded dragon heat lamp

    Best Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp

      The heating source you provide your bearded dragon is imperative to their overall wellbeing. Your enclosure is going to need UV and heating to ensure the optimum habitat for your reptile. This should all be sorted out before you bring your beardie home.

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      Bearded Dragon UVB Light

      Best Bearded Dragon UVB Lights

        UVA and UVB is essential to the overall health of your bearded dragon. Knowing why UV rays are important and what your UV bulb options are, can help you identify the right solution for your particular habitat setup.

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        Bearded dragon substrate

        Best Substrate For Bearded Dragons

        Choosing the best bearded dragon substrate can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing on which is the right solution for your beardie. The substrate you choose could have an impact on your overall cage design, your bearded dragon’s health and happiness and how much time you spend cleaning the enclosure.

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        best bearded dragon cage

        Best Bearded Dragon Cage

        Before you bring your new bearded dragon home, you want to get everything set up and ready to ensure your beardie is comfortable from the day they arrive. Bearded dragons have specific habitat requirements ensuring that they receive ample basking time and heat to make them feel at home

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        Common bearded dragon behaviors

        Common Bearded Dragon Behaviors

          Your bearded dragon will display a wide number of behaviors over the years, some are completely normal and natural, while others are unusual to say the least. Behaviors are related to mood, health and feelings. Behaviors can be a result of feeling threatened, a response to environment or other dragons in the tank. Behavior can simply be related to your bearded dragons’ current mood.

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          Bearded Dragon Not Eating

          Reasons Your Bearded Dragon is Not Eating

            A bearded dragon refusing food or eating a small amount compared to their normal appetite can be exceptionally worrying for the reptile owner. There are many reasons your beardy may be refusing food, which we are going to outline below, helping you identify the problem and how to encourage them to eat.

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            Bearded Dragon Care

            Complete Bearded Dragon Care Sheet For Beginners

            Choosing to welcome a bearded dragon into your home is not a decision to be taken lightly. These friendly lizards require strict habitat conditions to be met, along with set feeding requirements, heating and more, all of which will be discussed in detail later on in this article

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            Keep Bearded Dragon Hydrated

            How to Keep Your Bearded Dragon Hydrated

              Hydration is as important for your bearded dragon as it is for you. New and existing bearded dragon owners may be struggling with the small amount of water their beardie is drinking, if they are drinking at all. It’s a concern if you think your dragon may be dehydrated, something you want to avoid to ensure your bearded dragon remains in optimum health.

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              bearded dragon morphs and colors

              Common Bearded Dragon Morphs and Colors

                Thanks to selective breeding, bearded dragons come in a multitude of morphs and colors, which can be very confusing to a new bearded dragon owner. If you are a new beardie enthusiast, you should familiarize yourself with the words people use to accurately describe the traits.

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