Bearded Dragon Tail Curled Up

One of the fun things about being a bearded dragon owner is getting to know their characters and learning about their different behaviors.

Maybe you’re new to dragons and you’ve recently seen your new bearded dragon with its tailed curled in an upward direction or maybe you’ve seen your pet doing it recently and are wondering the reason.

There are a few reasons why your bearded dragon is curling up its tail. Continue reading below for more detailed information.


When your bearded dragon is alert to something, it may curl up its tail. This may be when it’s introduced to a new place, it sees something new in its enclosure, or when it’s exploring outside the enclosure. 


bearded dragon tail curled up
A bearded dragon is curling up its tail

Once you have dusted your bearded dragon’s crickets and let them loose in the enclosure, you may see your bearded dragon tail curled up as it hunts. This shows it is on high alert, excited, and hunting. 


Male bearded dragons are very territorial naturally. Therefore, even if you have your dragon in an enclosure on its own, you may see it curls its tail up as a dominant trait.

This could be because it caught its own reflection in the glass side of the enclosure or another pet walked too close to the enclosure. 


It’s not uncommon to see your bearded dragon tail curled up with its mouth open when it’s in a hot environment. This can be observed after basking for a period of time or when you give your bearded dragon a warm bath. 


The good news is that your bearded dragons tail curling up is nothing to worry about. It can simply be you added something new to the enclosure, its seen its own reflection in the glass, it’s enjoying a warm bath or it’s hunting crickets in the enclosure.

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