Bearded Dragon Liquid Calcium

Calcium supplements are essential to your bearded dragon’s overall health and wellbeing. Calcium is needed to help your dragon grow and develop its bones, along with ongoing maintenance.

If you provide your bearded dragon with the correct lighting, a balanced diet, and calcium supplements, your pet will be happy and healthy.

If your bearded dragon isn’t getting the calcium it needs, then it stands a risk of developing a metabolic bone disease, which is irreversible.

If your pet has swelling of the jaw, tremors, softening of the legs or jaw, no appetite, is lethargic, and not growing, then it’s recommended to seek veterinary advice and treatment as soon as possible.

Pros And Cons of Bearded Dragon Liquid Calcium

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using liquid calcium for a bearded dragon. These include:


  • Absorbed quickly as it passes directly into the small intestine
  • Helps to maintain strong bones
  • Available with or without Vitamin D3
  • Perfect from dragons that refuse to eat dusted insects
  • Easy to use
  • Convenience
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • Dosing must be correct based on dragons’ weight and size
  • Should only be used if your dragon refuses to eat with calcium powder
  • Easy to overdose

How To Give Bearded Dragon Liquid Calcium

The good news is that there are a number of ways to use liquid calcium. Each brand has its own recommendations on use. Ensure you read the instructions to ensure you provide the correct levels for your pet.

Add to Food

The most common way to use liquid calcium is to spray it directly onto your bearded dragon’s food before feeding, as you would by dusting crickets. Allow it to stand for a few seconds and then feed. It can be used on greens, crickets, mealworms, and mice.

Add Directly to Pet

The next option is to spray the calcium directly into your pet’s mouth, as per the instructions. Usually, it takes three drops of calcium directly into the mouth. This is a sure way to know that your pet is getting the required amount of calcium it needs to remain strong and healthy.

Add to Water

You can also add liquid calcium to your pet’s water and provide daily. This is done in a smaller dose of around half a teaspoon, or what is recommended on the bottle. Remember you must always give the correct dose base on your bearded dragon’s size and weight.

Best Liquid Calcium For Bearded Dragons

With so many fantastic brands on the market, how do you know which are the best liquid calcium for your bearded dragon? Here are our top three for you to have a closer look at.

Exo Terra Calcium Liquid

The Exo Terra calcium liquid offers high absorption, passing the liquid directly into the small intestine.

It includes calcium and magnesium. Both are essential for your pet’s body functions. It contains 8% calcium and 1% magnesium to promote a strong bone structure. This liquid calcium has been carefully formulated for amphibians and reptiles.

Calcium helps with important body functions, such as bone strength and the skeletal system, while magnesium stimulates the production of calcitonin, which supports healthy bone density.

The supplement also helps with the regulation of muscle contractions, hormone production, and more.

Zilla Calcium Supplement Food Spray

The Zilla calcium supplement food spray provides essential calcium to prevent the risk of metabolic bone disease. Simply spray food directly from the bottle, allow it to stand for fifteen seconds before feeding. It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Another alternative is you can apply a few drops directly into the dragon’s mouth for a fast treatment for calcium deficiencies.

It is easy to use, simply mist your pet’s food, whether it’s crickets, mealworms, or vegetables. It is quickly absorbed to provide the calcium your pet needs to remain strong and healthy. It supports and maintains bone health.

Affordable in price, versatile, and easy to use, this supplement can help you ensure your pet gets the calcium it needs.

Flukers Liquid Calcium Concentrated Reptile Supplement

The Flukers liquid calcium is a concentrated reptile supplement that provides your pet with the essential calcium it needs to maintain strong and healthy bones.

Calcium is essential to your pet’s overall well-being. A lack of calcium can cause a deficiency, which will cause unnecessary deformities, pain, and eventually death.

This liquid calcium comes in a 1.7-ounce bottle and is ideal for bearded dragons that refuse to eat calcium dusted foods.


Bearded dragons are one of the most popular reptile pets in the world, but living in captivity means it is your responsibility to provide your pet with the care it needs. This means adequate lighting, correct housing, humidity levels, temperatures, supplements, and diet.

These reptiles can also be fussy eaters. It’s not uncommon for bearded dragon owners to struggle to get their pets to get the calcium they need.

Liquid calcium is an ideal solution for those pets that simply refuse to eat calcium dusted foods. The liquid is easy to use; simply add to food, water, or directly into your pet’s mouth.

Remember to read the instructions carefully to ensure you provide your pet with the correct calcium levels it needs.

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