Can Pacman Frogs Swim

Pacman frogs are very common amphibian pets. They are terrestrial frogs, spending their time in humid environments. You will find Pacman frogs hiding in leaf litter, covered and lying in wait for prey to come past.

Being terrestrial amphibians, these frogs are not great swimmers, when compared to aquatic frogs.

Can Pacman Frogs Swim?

Frogs have two frog legs with four toes on each foot, their back legs have five toes. Pacman frogs have short legs which are made for walking and moving around on land.

Aquatic frogs, on the other hand, such as the Indonesian Floating Frog, Western Clawed Frog, and African Dwarf frog, have stronger and longer legs with their back feet having webbing which assists in swimming.

Pacman frogs can swim for survival. However, they are not good swimmers and are at risk of drowning, which is why you want to pay great care in the depth of water you provide your frog.

How Can Pacman Frogs Lay Eggs In Water?

In the wild, the female will find a water source to lay her eggs. She can lay up to one thousand eggs, which will take a few days to hatch into tadpoles.

When it comes to breeding Pacman frogs in captivity, you need to create a natural environment to encourage them to make.

This means providing a cool, dry habitat for a few months, followed by a rainy season, that is moist.

You can create rain by using a spray bottle. Once the rain has set in, the female will lay her eggs in water, where the eggs will hatch within around three days.

Provide A Shallow Water Dish In The Tank

Must I Provide a Swimming Pool in My Pacman Frog Enclosure?

Due to the fact that Pacman frogs are terrestrial, there is no need to provide a water source for swimming. Bear in mind that these amphibians can drown and are not good swimmers.

How Do I Keep My Pacman Frog Hydrated?

In order to keep your Pacman frog hydrated, you can provide a shallow water dish, where your frog can soak and drink. Not all Pacman frog owners believe in providing a water dish if your substrate is moist enough.

Bear in mind that Pacman frogs enjoy a medium humidity of between fifty and eighty percent. A water bowl may increase humidity.

Ensure when providing a water dish that you monitor your humidity levels regularly using a digital hygrometer.

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What Size Water Dish for Pacman Frogs?

Clean water is imperative for amphibians. They have semi-permeable skin, which means they soak up the toxins and chemicals in the water, which can be harmful for them.

If using tap water, ensure you use an amphibian conditioner to remove any harmful chemicals, making the water safe for your pet Pacman.

The size of the water dish you provide should be small and shallow, filled with clean water. The water should be deep enough that the frog can soak, but keep their head above water without having to swim.

The water should be changed regularly to ensure it remains clean and fresh.


Pacman frogs should not be given a chance to swim, as they can drown.

Many Pacman frog owners believe that if the substrate is moist enough, the water dish isn’t necessary.

If you wish to provide a constant water source, then use a small, shallow dish that will reduce the need for your pet to swim.

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