Zilla Spring Cave Review

The Zilla Spring Cave is a great addition to your terrarium when your reptilian or amphibian pet will not drink from a water bowl.

Most will drink when it rains, licking the rain from leaves and where it runs off rocks.

The Zilla Spring Cave offers a natural drinking solution for your terrarium that is not only functional but looks great.

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  • Natural design with running water
  • Offers internal humidity chamber for your pet
  • Comes complete with a stick for climbing into the cave and feeding bowl
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Internal blue LED light, enabling you to watch your pet when drinking or taking a shower in the cave


  • Chemical smell
  • Low powered motor loses suction when debris gets in the way
  • Light is always on, connected directly to the pump

Design and Features

The Zilla Spring Cave provides dripping water which your pet can drink, enabling them to drink from a running water source.

The blue LED enables you to watch your pet, while the stick offers an easy ladder to gain access to the running water.

The internal chamber acts as a rain chamber with excellent humidity levels, enabling pets to remain hydrated.

The feeding dish is removable and easy to clean.

The spring cave weighs 1.7 pounds and measures 8” x 8” x 10.75”. It is a decent size with a large reservoir for water. The food cup, which sits on the top of the cave, is 1.5oz.

The cave comes with the convenience of a six-foot power cable, which enables you to position the cave where you want it in your terrarium design.

Comes in three parts of durable plastic. The base is the reservoir which holds the water, the second piece is the cave design with an internal chamber and then you fit the top and place in the food bowl in the hole provided.

Due to its large size, it’s recommended that the Zilla Spring Cave should only be used in terrariums of twenty gallons and above.

Some of the Best Features Include

  • Naturalistic cave with running water which can play as a water source
  • High-quality decor with a natural look to maintain high humidity levels
  • Comes with a feeding cup on the top and a stick for perching
  • Blue LED night light
  • Dimensions: 8″ x 8″ x 10.75″
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • 6-foot power cable

Parts and Accessories

The Zilla Spring Cave offers you a running water source in one box.

There are some other items, which may prove useful when using this spring cave option.

Plastic Disposable Portion Cups with Lids

These Plastic Disposable Portion Cups can be used to replace the feeding cup provided.

The Zilla Spring Cave comes with one feeding cup, which will need to be replaced if lost as it leaves a bit gaping hole in the top of the cave, which is an accident risk for your pet. The disposable cups are a great solution.

They come with airtight lids and you can replace them as needed. They are stackable for easy storage.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Terrarium Thermometer Hygrometer

When you add a constant water source to your terrarium, you want to keep a close eye on your humidity levels.

Your reptile or amphibian will have their own unique humidity needs.

The Repti Zoo digital thermometer hygrometer enables you to measure humidity and temperate using one device. It’s a stylish design with a quality guarantee.

Usage and Maintenance

How Do I Use the Zilla Spring Cave?

The Zilla Spring Cave comes in three sections.

The base is the reservoir. Choose your cave location, place, and fill the reservoir as directed.

Place the internal cave section on the top and install the pump.

Ensure the pump is in the water. Hide any wiring in the back. Once in place position the top of the cave along with the feeding bowl.

Turn on the spring cave and allow for the pump to prime and start pumping water. Once it’s pumping you can add the stick to the front of the cave, offering easy access for your pet.

How Often Do I Need to Fill the Water?

How often you fill the water is determined by the humidity levels in the tank. The reservoir may need filling anywhere from one week to one month.

How Often Must I Clean the Zilla Spring Cave?

The cave will need to be thoroughly cleaned once a month. This means breaking it down, washing all the pieces and putting it back together again.

You may notice that the pump starts to slow as debris gets caught up in the pump. You will need to clean the pump when this happens to ensure it continues to run at optimal.

Unfortunately, to reach the pump, you need to dismantle the entire cave. For this reason, you may find yourself cleaning the cave once a week.

Can I Put Liquid Calcium in the Water?

Liquid calcium is a wonderful way to help your reptile get the calcium it needs to reduce the risk of illness.

Liquid calcium is added to your pet’s water source and can be used with the spring cave, though you will need to keep an eye on the water flow, cleaning the pump and changing the water may need to be carried out more regularly.

Can I Wash the Cave with Soapy Water?

One of the biggest complaints about the Zilla Spring Cave is the chemical smell it produces. This smell comes from the inside and outside and is a bad paint smell.

You can wash the cave with hot soapy water, ensure you rinse thoroughly.

You will also want to dry wipe it a few times.

You will find even when wiping dry the paint comes off on the cloth.

You may need to wash a few times before the smell fades.

Ensure it is rinsed well with no soapy residue before adding to your terrarium.

Is This a Good Value Product

For the price, the Zilla Spring Cave is excellent value for money It is a large cave offering a hiding place, food dish, and running water.

It is attractive and easy to use and the reservoir is a decent size which can last a week or more.

On the downside, the chemical smell is a big problem that requires a lot of cleaning before adding the cave to the terrarium.

The spring cave is suitable for any reptile and amphibian owner that wants to add a natural touch to the terrarium or when their crested gecko, chameleon, or frog will not drink from the water bowl.


Overall, the Zilla Spring Cave is a great source of water for your reptilian or amphibian pet. Good quality, lightweight, and durable.

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