17 Best Crested Gecko Supplies and Accessories

Being a responsible crested gecko owner means that you pay close attention to what makes your gecko happy and healthy.

There is an extensive range of quality crested gecko supplies and accessories on the market today, some are essential for a happy gecko, while others are a great addition for crested gecko owners.

Crested geckos require housing, food, décor, and regular cleaning and maintenance. Here is a quick guide on some of the supplies and accessories to consider as a crested gecko owner.

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Best Crested Gecko Supplies and Accessories

1. Thermometer and Hydrometer

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Crested geckos come from a warm and tropical climate, which means they have very specific temperature and humidity requirements.

As a crested gecko owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure you maintain the right temperature and humidity levels to ensure the best health for your reptile.

  • Temperature requirements – 72ºF – 75ºF, temperatures should never be hotter than 80ºF
  • Humidity levels – 50%

The thermometer and hydrometer offers high accuracy with blue tooth remote and smart notification alerts.

Placing the thermometer and hydrometer inside the crested gecko enclosure will ensure you always have accurate readings at your fingertips.

2. Prevue Hendryx Rope Ladder

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Toys are an essential part of your enclosure setup, keeping your crested gecko active and entertained.

Natural toys are great additions to your enclosure offering mental and physical stimulation.

Handmade one hundred percent natural and sustainable climbing accessories will be a welcome addition to your enclosure.

You can add this natural rope ladder to the sides of your enclosure to encourage climbing.

Crested geckos need space to climb. Branches, rope ladders and bamboo placed at different heights will keep your gecko busy and entertained.

Ensure you choose a natural product that will not poison or harm your reptile.

3. Insect Trap

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Crested geckos do need insects to survive, but you want to be careful in your selection.

You don’t want your gecko eating fruit flies and other insects inside the home, such as moths, which may make their way into the enclosure to make use of the lighting provided.

Insect traps are an excellent way to reduce the risk of your gecko eating the wrong insects or having their enclosure filled with unwelcome insect guests.

The trap will provide relief against mosquitoes, fruit flies, and gnats in a beautiful and stylish design you can add to your home with confidence.

The insect trap can reduce pests and comes with glowing reviews.

4. Coconut Hide

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Your crested gecko loves to climb, so providing a hide that hangs higher up in the enclosure is a welcome addition to your cage.

This provides your gecko with some privacy and a safe place to hide that is high up so that they can feel secure.

The advantage of this is that the coconut hide is a natural product, handmade using sustainable materials.

You connect it easily using the quick link attachment.

This hide is twelve inches in length and four and a half inches in width.

It provides mental and physical stimulation for your pet. approximately 12-inch long and 4 1/2-inch wide, ideal for small to medium sized birds.

5. Plastic Plants

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Plastic plants are a great addition to your enclosure, helping create a natural tropical habitat for your crested gecko, a place where they can hide with confidence.

Plastic plants these days are very realistic, replicas of the real plant, making them a natural hiding spot for your gecko.

These are hanging plants, enabling you to place them at varying heights. They are easy to clean, which is a welcome benefit.

Additional benefits include the plants being decorative, creating a beautiful tank design that is easy to maintain and clean.

6. Jungle Vine

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The Jungle Vine plastic plant is another welcome addition to your crested gecko enclosure, creating a natural habitat where your gecko can climb and hide.

This is a waterproof and bendable plant that is twistable, so it looks like a real vine, with a natural look and feel.

You can twist various sized vines together to create a unique 3D habitat.

The small size, which is 0.5×2.5×20 inches is suitable for all reptiles.

The benefits include providing natural-looking habitat, encouraging your gecko to explore and climb, while offering a place your gecko can hide and get some peace and quiet.

7. Digital Scale

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You may want to keep a good quality digital scale at hand, this will help you identify when it’s time to upgrade your enclosure.

Baby crested geckos that are less than ten grams can be kept in a small enclosure, even a shoebox, but they will need to be upgraded once they reach the required weight.

Once your crested gecko reaches 24 grams, they are ready for a ten or twenty-gallon tank. Twenty gallons is preferred.

If you intend to keep a pair of crested geckos, then a larger tank than twenty gallons is required.

8. Bark Hideout

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As much as crested geckos love to climb, they also love to hide.

Your gecko is active and having a non-porous shelter is ideal in creating a natural and safe habitat where your crested gecko can grow and thrive.

The bark hideout is non-porous and therefore doesn’t retain water and promote bacteria and mold growth.

This ensures the enclosure stays cleaner for longer. Bark hideouts can be cleaned easily with soapy water, rinsed and dried.

The benefits of the bark hideout are that they offer a natural appearance, they offer privacy and cover and can be placed anywhere in the enclosure to complete your tank design.

Easy to clean and non-porous makes this the ideal hideout for your crested gecko to enjoy.

9. Crested Gecko Humidifier

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Crested geckos have very strict humidity requirements. They come from a tropical climate and require humidity of fifty percent, which means a humidifier is a must-have item to ensure your gecko remains comfortable and healthy.

An adjustable humidifier that is compact and lightweight is the best choice.

The compact humidifier offers a cool mist to reptiles needing a humid environment.

You set the output control to what makes your pet comfortable, up to three hundred millimeters per hour.

Humidifiers are suitable for a variety of reptiles needing humid living conditions, ideal for larger tanks with very easy assembly.

10. Ledge Feeder

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Crested geckos spend most of their time climbing branches and hiding in greenery.

They will seldom spend time on the floor of the enclosure, which is why you have a tall tank set up.

As a result, there is no point in adding a food bowl on the floor of the enclosure, because your gecko doesn’t spend time there.

The ledge feeders are an essential item when you have a crested gecko.

The ledge feeder is very easy to use and attaches using a suction cup, which must be placed on clean glass.

Place the feeder at the desired height, ensuring your gecko can have easy access. The feeder is lightweight and high quality, non-toxic and safe for use in your gecko enclosure.

11. Zilla Spring Cave

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Not all reptiles will drink from a water bowl. Crested geckos may not drink from a water dish and will rather rely on water droplets on leaves for their source of water.

Luckily these reptiles prefer a humid environment, which means that a natural-looking cave with running water can be added to their enclosure with confidence.

The spring cave comes with a feeding dish, which is removable, and a stick for perching.

The cave offers running water, similar to a natural water source in the wild.

12. Reptile Egg Incubator

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If you have your crested geckos sexed and have a pair in a large cage, then chances are they are going to lay eggs.

A reptile egg incubator can assist in the hatching and birthing of your reptile hatchings.

The reptile egg incubator is beneficial as it includes an LCD display with LED heat indicator light.

Offering an excellent heat range, the digital controller comes with a proportional thermostat and stable temperature regulator with a 5.5-watt heating element.

The incubator is economical to run complete with the benefits of programmable temperature alarms, built in memory and water reservoirs to maintain humidity. Inspect the eggs without opening the incubator through the clear cover.

Comes complete with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

13. Crested Geckos Book

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As a new crested gecko owner, you want to ensure the best for your new reptile pet.

The Complete Guide to Rhacodactylus by Adam Black and published by TFH Publications is a must for the crested gecko owner.

The paperback offers valuable advice, assistance, and support to help you create the perfect safe home to ensure you have a happy and healthy gecko in the long run.

14. Crested Gecko Plush Toy

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The Crested Gecko plush toy is a great addition to any reptile enthusiasts toy collection. This is a good-sized plush toy, measuring 16” x 7” x 5” and is soft and cuddly.

Designed in the United States, the crested gecko plush toy offers detailed designs with no plastic or bean bag filler, ensuring it is safe for adults and children.

15. LimoStudio

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Take great pictures of your crested gecko as it grows into adulthood. The photography studio is a great accessory for any reptile owner. In the box you find a folding photo box, table top LED lights with stand, tripod and a phone clip holder.

Take professional photographs with confidence.

The professional table top photography studio fits into a compact and slim carry bag.

The lights offer bright LED white lights that eliminate shadows working in daylight or with artificial light.

The tabletop light stand gives you the ability to move the light source as needed.

The tripod comes with retractable legs and can be placed on any surface, while the universal phone holder enables you to take photos using your smartphone with black, red, blue and white backdrops to offer a diverse photographic effect.

The photography studio measures 17.5 x 3.7 x 17.8 inches and can be stored with ease when not in use.

16. Crested Gecko Charm

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The crested gecko dangling bracelet pendant is a great accessory for any crested gecko enthusiasts.

The charm, which is half an inch in diameter, measures one and one quarter inches from one end to the other.

Made from durable metal and plastic, this is an eye-catching pendant to have on your wrist.

A great addition to any charm collection, the pendant can be attached to a necklace, bracelet or zip with ease.

17. Crested Gecko Necklace

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Another of the great accessories for a crested gecko owner and a must-have is the crested gecko necklace with twenty-two-inch chain, enabling it to fit any size neck with ease.

The necklace is hand made in the United States, supporting local jewelers.

The gecko is printed using a sublimation printer for the finest quality and handmade into a stunning necklace complete with one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

As a crested gecko owner, you will find a variety of essential and fun accessories for your crested gecko and a wide range available for you to enjoy, having some fun and showing off your love for these characterful reptiles.

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