9 Scarab Beetle Spiritual Meanings And Symbolism

Scarab beetles are some of the earliest recorded bugs in history. Associated with Ancient Egypt, this species is rich in spiritual meaning.

Scarab beetle amulets have even been found in Egypt’s Great Pyramid.

These beetles are often seen as the symbol of death. Historically, they have been the visual interpretation of rebirth rather than death.

Apart from the idea of the afterlife, these bugs are also tied to other meanings such as a sacral role or a good luck charm.

The meanings of these beetles are similar both to when the species is seen and when a scarab beetle appears in your dreams.

1. Immortality

One of the most important symbolism of scarab beetles is the idea of immortality.

From Ancient Egypt to these days, these bugs have been associated with the idea of an afterlife.

These beetles were used as symbols or guidance toward fortunes in the afterlife.

Their base in culture was so strong that some of the most important Egyptians were buried with decorated scarab beetles.

Their role was to guide the soul of the dead to the afterlife.

2. Guidance in afterlife

Immortality was also believed to be achieved through wealth and the number of amulets a person was buried with.

Multiple scarab beetles were buried together with a person in the old days of Egypt as a result.

These bugs could help a person in the afterlife. To an extent, these bugs and their mysterious diets of dung were associated with higher abilities than other bugs.

Secretive by nature and known for all-black coloring at times, scarab beetles were a top choice for representing death.

Black has been the color of death across the world for thousands of years.

3. Sacral power

Higher powers are attributed to scarab beetles. To an extent, no other bug has been attributed such an important role in the history of humanity.

You can expect a type of spiritual experience in your life whenever you see a scarab beetle in your life. It might be a type of experience tied to religion or another type of personal experience.

Some bugs in dreams are associated with death. However, dreaming about a scarab beetle can announce the need to change your life through introspection whenever someone close to you dies.

Seen scarab beetles are also a good time for introspection since these bugs should make a person think about the afterlife.

The idea of a rewarding afterlife is tied to how you live your life today.

4. Sobriety

Black is also the color sobriety is interpreted.

This symbolism of scarab beetles is believed to be a sign you need to be a bit more serious in a situation or life, in general.

Sobriety or taking things seriously might also involve quitting bad habits such as drinking and smoking,

You might need to evaluate your life and your decisions whenever you see a scarab beetle.

This bug uses dung as food in some cases. This goes to show that even adverse situations might be seen in a positive light.

The idea of improving yourself even when the chances seem to be against you is often the true symbolism of seeing scarab beetles.

5. Sunny days

One of the lesser known symbolisms of scarab beetles is tied to sunny days and the idea of positivism when facing negativity.

It was one believed a giant scarab beetle would roll the sun onto the sky every morning as it rolls dung.

Sunny days are the light at the end of the tunnel.

You might be facing adversity in your marriage or at your job whenever you see scarab beetles or when they appear in your dreams.

This is a sign good times will follow.

Sun comes out after the rain and new doors open whenever old doors shut in front of you.

The idea of the light at the end of the tunnel might also be associated with those seeing scarab beetles for afterlife guidance.

These bugs might help people live well in the afterlife even if they made all the right decisions in this life.

6. Good luck

Scarab beetles might be the bug connection to the afterlife but they are also seen as good luck charms.

Jewelry shaped as scarab beetles was highly seen centuries ago. Egyptians used to make this type of jewelry popular as they traveled around the world.

The idea of using expensive stones and wood to make small decorative scarab beetles soon caught on as many tie them to good luck.

Purchasing, wearing, or simply having one of these ambulates in your home can bring good fortune.

Men used to carry these amulets when going to war while women use to wear them when they wanted to get pregnant.

Scarab beetle jewelry used to be the first type of jewelry royals ordered. Both male and female leaders would proudly wear these precious amulets.

You can consider yourself a blessed person whenever you want to wear these jewels yourself.

7. Mystery

Some people considered themselves mysterious whenever they see a scarab beetle as confirmation.

Some scarab beetles are nocturnal. This is why they live secretive lives.

A mysterious nature is specific to these beetles and to those who see them as well.

Being a mysterious person is mostly tied to being an interesting person.

Furthermore, becoming a mysterious person can sometimes help put healthy boundaries between you and those around you.

Oversharing is one of the common reasons people get into disagreements.

Being more mysterious can be seen as a positive trait and seeing a scarab beetle can push you towards this goal.

8. Repurposing old goals

Scarab beetles are sometimes seen as the bugs that recycle decaying food and dung. This recycling role has deep spiritual meaning when it comes to seeing these bugs.

People can recycle many things in life. From recycling goods to recycling old friendships, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to everyday living.

You can consider rekindling old relationships whenever you see or dream about these beetles.

Repurposing something considered outdated might also be applied to revisiting old goals.

Seeing these bugs can be a good time to look at some of your old goals in your personal life. You might have tried to lose weight and given up too early.

You might have also tried to achieve something of great personal significance such as starting a new hobby and lost the idea on the way.

Seeing these bugs that recycle food in the ecosystem is a good time to see which of these personal goals have been lost on the way.

Recycling old goals might also refer to career moves. You might need to follow a course or even get back to school to reach the full potential you might have once abandoned.

Recycling old goals might also be applied whenever adult children move out and you finally have time for your hobbies such as traveling.

The idea is to revisit something that was once a goal or something you cherish before giving up too soon whenever you see or dream about a scarab beetle.

9. Wealth

Not everybody in Ancient Egypt was buried with scarab beetles. Most people were too poor to get a ceremonial grave and to be buried with high-value items or any items of a higher significance.

It was those in power and those with wealth that was associated with all types of good luck amulets.

This is why scarab beetles are also tied to the idea of wealth.

You might need to start pursuing wealth at your full potential whenever you dream about scarab beetles.

In some cases, you might also need to think about some of the skills you might need to improve to become a wealthy person.

Wasting your skills can be one of the ways you’re keeping yourself away from wealth.

Spiritual wealth such as family and living an honorable life might also be interpretations of seeing scarab beetles.

You might be slowly moving away toward wealth that can also inspire others.


Scarab beetles are some of the most symbolism-rich beetles and bugs in history.

These bugs were used as guides to the afterlife for wealthy Egyptians. They were also associated with natural recycling processes in nature.

These bugs can inspire you to think about this life and the next life, as Egyptians did thousands of years ago.

They can also be some of the most intriguing signs to expect good luck.

Scarab beetles are also associated with the idea of wealth and carrying some of the attributes you have in this life in the afterlife.

This is the main reason some cultures see the attributes a person has as eternal.

Living a virtuous life is something you can be proud of and the idea of a small beetle that signals immortality signals the path you need to take in your life to become a better person. Scarab beetles are also mysterious. Living a life that isn’t constantly exposed to others can sometimes be more fulfilling according to the symbolism of this species.