8 Types of Black Dragonflies (& Their Spiritual Meanings)

Black dragonflies live in North, Central, and South America. They’re also found in Europe and the United Kingdom.

These dragonflies share their habitat with other types of dragonflies. They live close to water sources, they eat mosquitoes and other flies, and they lay eggs in the water.

Male and female dragonflies have different coloring patterns. It’s male dragonflies that tend to have more black color sections.

Types of Black Dragonflies

The following species of dragonflies are black either in the case of males or in the case of males and females.

1. Black Saddlebags

Black Saddlebags (Tramea Lacerata) are a species that appears to be carrying saddlebags by the coloring of the wings.

Black Saddlebag

This species is mostly black and typically associated with a beneficial insect as it eats mosquitoes.

Black Saddlebag larvae have a completely different diet interested in almost any other insect that is small and easy to catch.

Tied to habitats close to water, Black Saddlebags mostly eat mosquitoes but they can eat all types of small water insects as well.

Most of these dragonflies are seen either in pairs or in small groups.

Pairs of mating Black Saddlebags are seen flying together.

Male Black Saddlebags tend to live in separate groups when not mating.

2. Dot-tailed Whiteface

Dot-tailed Whiteface

This species of dragonflies grow to a size of up to 38mm.

Common across many US states, this species has a soft body that’s mostly black.

Its abdomen is blue also showing yellow stripes on the central dorsal area. Its thorax is black and white while its face is dominated by its bright large eyes.

The wings of the species are transparent, with just a few black spots.

Dot-tailed Whiteface dragonflies (Leucorrhinia Intacta) lay eggs in water. Their naiads wait for all types of small insects to pass by to grab the food.

Mosquitoes and other types of similar flies are the main food for the species.

3. Pin-tailed Pondhawk

Pin-tailed Pondhawk

Black and white are the main colors of the Pin-tailed Pondhawk (Erythemis Plebeja).

Males of the species have a black body with multiple white bands across the abdomen.

Pin-tailed Pondhawks can be larger than other black dragonflies.

It grows to a size between 41 and 49mm.

The presence of the black dragonfly in the US has been confirmed in Florida. There’s little evidence to suggest the species has naturally reached the state from its South American habitat.

While its range is expanding, this species isn’t known in the US outside Florida where black males and brown females are frequently seen.

4. American Emerald

American Emerald Dragonfly

American Emerald dragonflies (Cordulia Shurtleffii) are a black species with a North American presence.

These dragonflies are known for having black bodies and emerald-green eyes.

American Emerald dragonflies have mostly shiny black bodies with only their large eyes standing out.

The female doesn’t share the same emerald color of the eyes as the male.

Female American dragonflies have large brown eyes.

They also have brown sections across the body.

5. Clamp-tipped Emerald

Clamp-topped Emerald Dragonfly

This species of black dragonfly has green eyes and metallic green areas across its body.

Clamp-topped Emerald dragonflies (Somatochlora Tenebrosa) stand out with their emerald-green eyes.

The species can be seen from June to August in the summer.

Clamp-tipped Emerald dragonflies have an average size compared to most other black dragonflies. They grow to a size between 1.9 to 2.5 inches.

Common in the US, the species can sometimes be seen in early fall if the temperature remains warm.

6. Black Meadowhawk

Black Meadowhawk Dragonfly

Black Meadowhawk dragonflies (Sympetrum Danae) are a common species where the male is mostly black.

Male dragonflies of the species have black bodies with yellow patterns. These yellow patterns tend to darken within days.

Females have yellow bodies with black sections and black legs. The eyes of the females are also lighter brown.

The specie is seen next to water sources where males patrol for food or females.

Small habitat differences are seen in females which prefer to fly in dense vegetation. A female Black Meadowhawk will only fly next to the water for mating purposes or for laying eggs.

This species eats a wide range of mites and mosquitoes.

Males tend to eat more types of insects and even fish since they’re active in the morning.

Females of the species are active in the second part of the day when they are also more likely to lay eggs.

It takes a while for female Black Meadowhawk to lay eggs. They need to find a good sight in a cool place that has no predators.

7. Belted Whiteface

Belted Whiteface

This species is known for having black dominant color with brown as a secondary color.

Both males and females are mostly black.

Dragonflies of this genus are found in the Northern parts of North America, both in Canada and in the US.

Adapted to cool climates, this species lives in habitats up to Alaska.

The dragonfly has small coloring differences between its Eastern and Western species.

All Belted Whiteface dragonflies (Leucorrhinia Proxima) are identified by a white face color and a central white section on the body.

8. Black Pondhawk

Black Pondhawk Dragonfly

Black Pondhawk dragonflies (Erythemis Attala) are found in tropical climates and South America.

A North American presence has also been reported for the species.

This species is a rare sight in the United States where it is believed to be an introduced species.

The male Black Pondhawk is almost completely black. Its head, legs, and body are all black.

A single yellow mark is characteristic of the tip of the abdomen on males.

Female Black Pondhawk dragonflies are only partly black as they’re mostly yellow and brown.

A few black bands are specific to the body of the female.

Spiritual meanings of black dragonflies

Black dragonflies may look intimidating but their color is tied to strength rather than intimidation in the spiritual meaning.

These dragonflies are found all around the world but they are seen similarly by different cultures that associate them with either strength or honor, as well as with joyful energy.

1. Instant happiness

Happiness is one of the most common spiritual meanings of black dragonflies, despite their look which may initially seem intimidating.

Seeing a black dragonfly is associated with happy times. These insects are known predators of mosquitoes and mites, some of the worst enemies of time spent outdoors.

Black dragonflies are seen as saviors as a result. These insects eliminate other insects and flies that can bite people.

Dragonflies can come in different color combinations as well.

Black and brown and black and yellow are the most common combinations of black dragonflies.

These color combinations are mostly specific to females.

Black and brown or black and yellow color combinations are interpreted as happy as well.

This is why seeing a black dragonfly female is just as important as seeing a male black dragonfly, even if females also have brown or yellow additional colors.

2. Strength as a virtue

Black dragonflies are seen as robust insects that are more powerful than other black dragonflies.

The strength symbolism of these insects has been known to drive the value of the species in popular cultures across the world.

Black dragonflies are also seen as responsible insects, not just dragonflies that are simply powerful.

They use this power to protect their eggs and the ecosystem.

As a result, seeing a black dragonfly is one of the most important elements occasions to think about the role you have in protecting others in your life.

You might be a parent needing to learn how to protect children better.

At the same time, you might hold public office or have a role in the public service. This is a good time to assess just how good your intentions are and what else you could do to protect others.

Most importantly, the strength that’s used properly or channeled in the areas that are needed the most is the type of strength you should be cultivating for yourself.

3. Honor that comes naturally

Black dragonflies are among the most common insects that are seen as honorable. Apart from strength, these dragonflies are seen as honorable.

Males are known to live by their stands, such as patrolling areas in the morning. Females are known to seek out the best places to lay eggs, far from predators.

This type of honor should be sought after whenever seeing a black dragonfly.

One of the interpretations these species are tied to includes finding honorable ideas to live by.

You may need to live a life of honor. This always involves doing the right thing and protecting yourself as well as those around you.

The honor these insects has is seen in how they mate as well.

Males remain attached to females and fly together in tandem. They remain a team just until the female lays eggs in the safest place suitable for eggs.

Honor can also be seen in personal and romantic relationships. Living a just life is also honorable for your relationship.

4. Adherence to a safe environment

The idea of a safe environment or a safe place has been seen for centuries. Poets used retreats to get inspiration, just as musicians or painters.

Black dragonflies use their habitat as a safe place. They are also very good at finding a safe place, especially when it comes to laying eggs.

Black dragonflies are among the most common species around water sources to locate the safest places to lay eggs in water.

This is also a good opportunity to think about the safe places in your life.

For most people, this is the home or the second home, also known as a retreat home.

It might be time to invest in your and your family’s comfort at home whenever you see black dragonflies.

Maybe you’ve been postponing a home renovation or maybe you simply need to upgrade the furniture. The idea of a safe place as a root of all positive aspects of life is a symbol of black dragonflies.

5. Male-female energies

Black dragonflies are truly black in the case of males.

Females are mostly black but they also have different colors such as yellow or brown.

Male and female energies are complementary in the species. Males patrol and seek out safe spaces.

Some black dragonfly males are known to do this together with other males.

Females are responsible for new insects and the life of the species in general. A wrong spot for laying eggs makes the female responsible for the predation of the eggs.

The idea of males and females working together for the same goal is the symbol of these black insects.

Males and females might work towards the same goal by using different tactics.

The symbolism here is that different paths can be taken towards a single goal.

You might need to think about new methods of reaching a certain goal or objective you can’t whenever you see black dragonflies.

6. Purity in essence

Dragonflies are insects that live close to water sources such as ponds, lakes, and streams. They symbolize water, which is a symbol of purity.

You can interpret the need for a pure life whenever you see these insects.

Clear choices without any hidden agendas or a virtuous way of living are interpretations of purity in everyday life.

Purity can also be interpreted as truth. You cannot be a pure person without telling the truth. This is why you need to start telling the truth more in your job or relationship whenever you dream about black dragonflies.


Black dragonflies are sometimes seen across North America. They’re a common sight in tropical and subtropical climates.

These insects are seen in the summer months when they’re active around ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams.

Black dragonflies are a good sign as interpreted by symbolism in different cultures.

They’re a sign of strength, honor, and happiness.

Eating mosquitoes, mites, and other small insects, black dragonflies are also a good sign when it comes to controlling invading flies around the house. While black, these insects don’t bite humans. They typically fly away whenever they see people.

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