Pacman Frog Handling

Pacman frogs are not cute and cuddly pets and should not be handled, unless in an emergency. There are some precautions you should take to reduce harm to yourself and your amphibian pet. There are numerous dangers associated with handling a Pacman frog.

Why Should Pacman Frogs Not Be Handled?

Even handling your own Pacman frog in captivity can place your health in trouble without you realizing it it’s essential you follow safety measures to reduce the dangers to yourself while ensuring you keep your pet healthy and safe.

Some of the top reasons why you shouldn’t handle your Pacman frog, includes:

  • Captive frogs can also carry salmonella, which can be deadly in humans
  • Frogs can absorb dangerous toxins and chemicals that are left on your hands
  • Accidentally squeezing your frog can result in death
  • Frogs can jump and fall from your hands, resulting in injury

Dangers to Humans

Frogs are prone to carrying salmonella, both in the wild and in captivity, which can be deadly. These fatal bacteria can result in abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Salmonella is spread through the frog droppings.

If you handle your frog and it has these bacteria and you happen to touch your mouth or eyes, you can get infected.

Dangers for Pacman Frogs

If you don’t wash your hands properly before you handle your Pacman frog, then any chemicals and oils on your skin can transfer to the frog and be absorbed through their delicate skin.

Frogs have membranous skin which absorbs oxygen in the water. When it’s in contact with the skin, it continues absorbing the chemicals on your hands.

It’s dangerous to wash your hands with soap and then pick up your Pacman frog as the soap could still be left on your hands.

In addition to this, frogs tend to jump when being held on. This can result in you squeezing your frog to stop it falling. Therefore, it can cause serious pain and even death for your Pacman frog.

These frogs become stressed when held. Therefore, handling your frog is not recommended unless it is an emergency.

Bear in mind that if you do need to handle your frog for any reason, you should hold them over a table or low to the ground to avoid the frog jumping from your hands and causing damage to itself.

Further, if your frog does manage to escape your hold, it can get lost outside the enclosure, increasing its risk of starvation and dehydration.

How to Handle a Pacman Frog

Make sure your hands wet when handling a Pacman frog

Handling a Pacman frog with wet hands

Handling a Pacman frog is not recommended but there are times where you will need to handle the frog, such as taking it to the vet or cleaning the enclosure.

It’s important to follow the guidelines below when handling your frog to reduce damage and injury to your frog and yourself.

Handling With Gloves

You can use powderless latex or nitrile gloves when handling your frog. Follow the steps below.

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Put on non-powdered disposable gloves
  3. Handle frog
  4. Remove gloves
  5. Wash hands thoroughly

Handling By Hand

Some Pacman frog owners prefer handling their frogs by hand. Maybe you have run out of gloves and need to do an urgent enclosure clean.

  1. Wet hands
  2. Ensure any detergent, soap or hand cream is removed.
  3. Do not touch your mouth or eyes
  4. Handle your frog
  5. Keep hands damp while handling
  6. Wash hands thoroughly when finished


Pacman frogs can be entertaining amphibian pets, though they are lazy. It’s not recommended that you touch or handle your frog without taking the proper precautions, protecting you and your Pacman frog in the long run.

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