9 Green Praying Mantis Spiritual Meanings And Symbolism

Praying Mantises are some of the most polarizing insects in the world of symbolism. These insects are known to be among the first to be associated with deeper meanings.

They are present around the world and engraved in culture, folklore, and even myths.

The insect is polarizing in its symbolism. It’s mostly seen as a good sign but it may also symbolize something to be worried about at times, particularly when spotted in dreams.

Praying mantises are also some of the most courageous types of predatory bugs. They often go after any type of threat, regardless of their size.

Unlike other types of insects that run away, praying mantises to know that a good grip on the enemy with their bent front legs is a significant victory awaits.

Multiple symbolisms are tied to seeing a live praying mantis or spotting one in your dreams. These are often tied to the idea of improving yourself, guarding yourself, or chasing something elusive.

Almost all of these symbols are based on the idea of prayer and meditation, tools of self-actualization and self-improvement often symbolized by the bug.

Here are the most common meanings associated with insects around the world.

1. A spiritual insect

Praying mantises are named after the position of their front legs which look like hands held together in prayer.

This immediately separates the insects from other insects and animals as many associates it with a spiritual being.

These insects are even believed to be sacred in some cultures.

A tie between this world and the afterlife is often made with praying mantises.

These insects are also believed to be a direct representation of gods in some ancient cultures.

A spiritual nature often means these insects should not be killed. They should be revered and seen as examples.

The location where the insects are spotted is also important as they can indicate a place is either holy or that it needs to be purified of sins or temptations.

Praying mantises are insects that announce something important, from a spiritual perspective.

2. A symbol of riches

Some cultures believe an association with riches is made when seeing insects. In Asia, the Praying mantis spotted on crops can be either a good thing or a bad thing.

Females of the species spotted early in the season may announce a rich crop or even an overflowing crop.

Males announce a bad season is ahead according to some local beliefs.

Seeing Praying mantises in a dream is also an indication of good times ahead. These bugs symbolize courage. But this courage is tied to a goal, typically of a financial nature.

Riches these bugs symbolize are often tied to elements of the earth. You may have a good harvest as a farmer when you see these bugs.

You might also expect to have more animals or extra resources such as firewood at your disposal as the insect is closely tied to the ecosystem.

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3. A master of disguise

Some praying mantises can change color from green to brown and back to green, under certain conditions.

This is a symbol of a trait you need to have as a person.

You might expect your true self to benefit you in a given position, but this might also not be to your advantage, especially when others want to exploit you in some way.

Seeing praying mantises in your dreams might also be a sign you’re about to be exploited either financially or sentimentally.

Your boss might be looking to work you harder without giving you a raise. Your partner might be looking to cheat or your children might be giving you the wrong impression in some cases.

Color changes in the insect are sometimes based on temperamental causes. You need to learn how to control your life and all of the negatives which may impact it when you spot praying mantises.

4. A call for meditation

The praying position of the insect is a clear call to meditation and prayer. You may need to look at this side of your life whenever you see it.

Meditation has its perks when it comes to having a clear mind that makes good calls.

Prayer is seen as the verbalization of desires, thanksgiving, and fears to a sacred being or goal. This insect calls upon people to start praying more.

You remind yourself to pray or meditate constantly or at least more than you did before whenever you tattoo it on yourself.

Meditation and prayer get into habits.

It takes effort to make them habits and this is why you need to be reminded of them constantly.

Cultures across the world create all types of physical objects to remind people to pray or meditate.

Praying mantises achieve this through their simple presence, through the front position of their legs.

5. Strength through brown coloring

Brown symbolizes strength. Pure physical strength is often associated with praying mantises to a similar degree to spiritual strength.

Closely tied to the symbolism of praying more, these insects also mean you need to learn how to strengthen yourself in prayer and meditation.

This is a good time to learn about your weaknesses by simply acknowledging them.

It’s also a good time to become the best version of yourself by taking up a physical activity that strengthens the body.

Physical strength isn’t used just in the face of conflict. It’s also usable whenever you deal with sickness or disease.

A strong person might go through typical diseases easier, which is a sign the bug is trying to transmit.

6. Fertility through green coloring

The base green color of the praying mantis is associated with fertility. You may be looking towards a new member of your family whenever you spot a green praying mantis in a dream.

Green is the color of nature and fertility is at its peak.

This is why you need to see it as a sign of true riches in the family.

Apart from the riches of the ground, the bug also sends a warning you need to prioritize family and having kids more than you did before.

In some cases, it may also be a sign you need to work for yet another member of your family.

Despite having one or multiple children, you might also be ready to raise and bring another person into this world. This is what the color of the species represents in dreams.

You need to interpret the dream correctly whenever this is the first symbolism of the praying mantis.

This is the case when you remember the green vividness of the insect more than details about its shape or behavior.

7. A combination of physical and spiritual traits

The praying mantis often combines spiritual and physical values like no other insect. There are forms of physical activity that also combine the mental or the spiritual side you can adhere to.

Martial arts are often seen as the supreme sport of body and soul control. It emphasizes physical strength as well, which is also a symbol of the praying mantis.

Seeing these bugs frequently can be an indication you can be good at different types of martial arts.

You can practice some of the traits the praying mantis symbolizes by joining a martial arts gym in your area.

8. Patience is the ultimate virtue

Praying mantises are meditative or patient by nature. They often rely on their camouflage green color to remain undetected by most predators.

One of the true symbolisms of these bugs is based on the idea you need to practice patience in your life.

You might be dealing with anxiety, fear, and even depression. All of these take away from your ability to be a patient person.

As a result, it’s crucial to start thinking about ways in which you can become more patient.

You may start by listening to others more. At the same time, practicing retreats often helps.

Going on a city break on your own or taking a weekend away at the log cabin in the mountains can help you discover new faces of patience you’re truly capable of.

9. Chase dreams immediately

Praying mantises are known to attack spiders and even scorpions in fearless domination attempts.

You may need to learn from this and try to chase your dreams immediately, no matter how unattainable they may first appear.

This type of ambition is predicated on the idea you need to follow your dreams in a situation you aren’t.

You might be stuck at a given point in your life. This can be a point where you lack motivation or when you simply feel tired from constantly trying to achieve something that becomes elusive.

Praying mantises don’t back down in confrontations. They are affected by spider venom.

They paralyze when bitten by venomous spiders but they go back after the spider when the venom wears off and when it doesn’t kill them. This shows you the perseverance you need to have in your life, no matter which goals you have or what you’re trying to achieve.