Can Ferrets Get Hiccups

Have you seen your ferret making what appears to be a hiccup and you’re a bit concerned? Have you noticed that your ferret is hiccuping more than normal?

It’s also easy to confuse coughing with hiccups, which is why you want to get to know your ferret well, so you can easily identify the cause of the noise you are hearing from them.

Can Ferrets Get Hiccups?

Before we go any further, you will want to identify if your ferret can indeed get hiccups. Ferrets can get hiccups the same as humans.

Hiccups are the involuntary spasm of the diaphragm. It contracts in an involuntary movement, causing spasms, that close the vocal cords.

In ferrets, hiccups are usually short-lived and are not anything to be too concerned about.

Of course, it does help if you have taken the time to get to know your ferret, so you can ensure it is hiccups you are hearing and not coughing, which could be a serious condition requiring veterinary assessment and treatment.

Why Does A Ferret Hiccup?

Hiccups can be due to fast eating and drinking behavior

The good news is that when your pet ferret gets hiccups, it doesn’t mean it’s something serious, or an underlying disease.

Hiccups happen the same as humans and can be due to eating or drinking too fast.


Some ferrets get hiccups when they get too excited. It happens more frequently in young ferrets.

It is completely normal. The hiccup will go away after a few minutes.

Young ferrets can get hiccups more often

More Prone to Hiccups

Some ferrets are more prone to hiccups than others, your ferret may just be one of those that hiccup on a regular basis. Don’t panic, it is normal, as long as it doesn’t go on for too long.

Hair and Allergies

Ferrets are naturally mischievous and will explore your home with delight, getting into all the wrong places.

They are curious animals that will find all the places filled with dust, dirt, and hair.

Hair-like balls that they swallow along with the allergens in the air and around the home can cause your pet to hiccup.


Ferrets are regulars when it comes to hiccups and it is really nothing to worry about, the same as if you were to get a bout of hiccups.

Some hiccup once they wake up, some get into places filled with fluff and dust and others tend to hiccup for no reason at all.

Hiccups usually go away on their own within a few minutes.

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