Exo Terra Thermostat 100W / 300W Review

The Exo Terra Thermostat 100W / 300W, on which this review is based, is ideal for controlling non-light heat sources, such as heat mats and ceramic heaters.

This on/off thermostat comes with a waterproof probe, making it ideal for humid enclosures.

Ideally suited for breeders and owners of multiple reptiles who need to run numerous substrate heaters.

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  • Accurately control temperatures within the terrarium
  • Suitable for heat mats and ceramic heaters
  • Control temperatures from 68ºF to 95ºF (20ºC to 35ºC)
  • Waterproof remote sensor
  • Controls heating devices up to 100W or 300W, depending on the thermostat you select


  • Not digital
  • Thick cord, which makes it difficult to run through the enclosure
  • No minimum set option

Design and Features

Exo Terra offers 3 thermostats: 100W, 300W, and 600W.

This review is for Exo Terra thermostat 100W and 300W as they have the same design. The only difference is the wattage they can control.

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The Exo Terra Thermostat 100W / 300W is a black box with front red indicator light.

Stylish in design, the box weighs only 14.1 ounces, measuring 8.1” x 7.8” x 2”.

The back of the box provides an easy turn dial to select the desired temperature.

The thermostat comes complete with a remote sensor that has a six foot / 185cm probe cord.

Most reptiles require external heat sources to regulate their body temperatures. Many reptiles will require direct sunlight, along with heat from branches and rocks.

The Exo Terra Thermostat 100W / 300W is an on/off thermostat that provides a controlled temperature environment, helping you maintain the desired temperature to keep your reptile happy and healthy.

The electronic Triac switch helps to keep the desired temperature at your chosen point, eliminating temperature swings.

The red indicator light will show when the device is heating, it will turn off when the desired temperature is reached.

The sensor can be placed in your desired area to ensure you achieve correct temperatures based on your pet’s needs.

The device has a recessed dial, which reduces the risk of changing the temperature when the thermostat is handled.

Parts and Accessories

Tikaton Reptile Heat Pad

The Tikaton Reptile Heat Pad is ideal for glass terrariums.

The heat mat is mounted under the terrarium providing a conductive heat source for reptiles, helping with thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is essential for metabolism, activity, and more.

The mat offers even heat distribution for cold-blooded reptiles that require heated surfaces to regulate their body temperatures.

The mat can be used as a primary or secondary heat source or an essential night time heat source for desert species.

The mat adheres to the enclosure, creating a solid bond to ensure the best heat transfer.

Exo Terra Ceramic Heater

This is a high-quality ceramic heater that emits natural infrared heat to mimic the sun, offering 99% heat efficiency in an innovative design. There is no light emitted.

The Exo Terra Ceramic Heater offers a ceramic element that is ideal for humid environments.

This heater has a uniform pattern and can increase ambient air temperature with ease to promote optimum health and well-being of your reptile pet.

Exo Terra Digital Thermometer

The Exo Terra Digital Thermometer is an essential addition to any terrarium.

The digital thermometer will enable you to accurately identify the ambient temperature inside the terrarium with a simple glance.

The digital thermometer is a single button operated with the convenience of a remote sensor. The sensor is durable and can be used in humid environments.

Regularly monitoring internal temperatures will ensure your pet remains happy and healthy.

Installation and Usage

Setting Temperature

Setting your desired temperature into the thermostat is quick and easy.

Simply plug your heat mat or ceramic heater into the thermostat.

Move the recessed dial until you reach your desired temperature.

Place the probe in the desired area.

Plug your thermostat into the power and turn on.

The red indicator light will shine when the thermostat is heating.

How to Connect the Thermostat to a Heat Mat in a Glass Tank

The thermostat can easily be connected to your heat mat to help you achieve your desired temperature. Choose your desired temperature on the thermostat using the recessed dial. Place the probe in your warm area, fit the connector to the heat mat.

Fit the mat to the base of the glass tank, bearing in mind that the heat mat must be placed outside the enclosure, not inside. There must be no direct contact between the reptile and the mat.

Once you are happy with the placement, plug in the thermostat, and turn on the plug. Ensure the red light is on to show the thermostat is heating.

Can I Connect Multiple Mats / Heaters?

What makes the Exo Terra Thermostat 100W / 300W such an appealing option for reptile owners, is that you can connect multiple heat mats to one heater, as long as they don’t exceed the maximum wattage allowed by the thermostat, so 100W or 300W.

As a rule of thumb, a 100W thermostat will be able to accommodate four 24W heat mats, while the 300W thermostat will be able to accommodate twelve of these heat mats, making this ideal for anyone who has multiple enclosures that need heating.

Is the Exo Terra Thermostat 100W / 300W Good Value?

The thermostat provided by Exo Terra makes keeping multiple reptiles easy. Enjoy the convenience that accurate temperatures will be achieved to keep your pet happy and healthy.

What I like about the product

  • Simple plug and play
  • Easy to set desired temperatures with a recessed dial
  • Use on multiple heat mats or other substrate heaters
  • Durable and affordable
  • Compact size
  • Long probe cord

What I don’t like about the product

  • A digital display would make it easier to use
  • You cannot set a minimum temperature, so you still have to monitor regularly using a thermometer
  • The cord tends to be on the thick side, which can make it hard to get through small spaces to reach the heat mat

This product is suitable for hobbyists with one heat mat that want to ensure that they maintain accurate temperatures, but it is best suited for those who have multiple heat mats they need to attach, using one device to heat all mats can save space, time and money.

The thermostat is suitable for all reptiles that use heat mats and ceramic heaters including bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, and more.


The Exo Terra thermostat can help you achieve accurate temperatures to help your reptile regulate their body temperature with ease.

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