Exo Terra Thermostat 600W Review

The Exo Terra Thermostat 600W is a thermostat with day and night function to create a well-controlled heating system to ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy, whether a desert reptile or a tropical reptile.

This thermostat is designed to reduce the risk of overheating and undercooling, it helps you individually set your day and night temperatures, relying on the dimming and pulse proportional functions to keep the desired temperature with excellent accuracy.

The temperature probe has a built-in light sensor which will change between day and night based on the intensity of the light.

The sensor is waterproof, so you can use it with misters and foggers, making it suitable for all terrariums.

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  • Dimming and Pulse Proportional functions ensure accurate temperature control
  • Set temperatures between 50ºF and 140ºF (10ºC to 60ºC)
  • Red LED shows the heating device is on and heating
  • Easy button and ideal system to reduce the risk of accidental tampering
  • Can control devices up to 600W
  • Set your daytime and nighttime temperatures separately
  • Can be used with heat mats, ceramic heaters, basking spots, and heat lamps


  • The light sensor inside the probe can result in lights staying on if incorrectly positioned inside the enclosure
  • The probe does not come with a suction cup

Design and Features

Being a reptile owner means paying close attention to ensure you provide your pet with a comfortable environment where they can remain fit and healthy.

Reptiles are ectotherm, this means they rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperatures, most rely on the sun combined with rocks and branches that have been baking in the sun.

There are three thermostats in the Exo Terra range, these include the 100W, 300W, and 600W.

The 100W and 300W are basically the same, they provide an on and off function but do not offer the pulse proportion.

The smaller 100W and 300W thermostats are black boxes with LED indicator lights.

This review is focusing on the 600W thermostat from Exo Terra, which is different from the other versions with its pulse proportion and dimming options.

It offers an LED and digital screen and can control heating devices up to 600W.

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Let’s take a look at the basics

The Exo Terra Thermostat 600W is a black square box that measures 8.7” x 11” x 2.2” and weighs only 1.34 pounds it can be fitted next to or above your terrarium.

The front digital display is designed for easy reading with an LED indicator light so you can see when your thermostat is on and heating.

The Exo Terra Thermostat 600W has a front digital display with indicator light.

It is neat in design and can sit out of the way while providing your reptile with quality day and night heating and lighting.

The back of the box offers a dial to change temperatures, an opportunity to set daytime and nighttime temperatures along with a button to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

The Exo Terra Thermostat 600W is suitable for setting day and night temperatures with confidence.

The dimming system is ideal to ensure excellent temperature gradients, but should not be used with mercury vapor bulbs.

This thermostat can be used with a variety of heating products at the same time, such as a heat emitter and a fluorescent bulb.

Flexible enough to work with the products you prefer using for your reptile pet.

Some of the best features include

  • Dimming and pulse proportional function
  • Can set temperature for day and night separately
  • Temperature control range 50°F – 140°F (10°C – 60°C)
  • Big and easy to read LCD screen shows actual and set temperature
  • Red LED and heating symbol indicates when the heating device is ON
  • Push button/dial system to avoid accidental setting or tampering
  • Waterproof remote temperature probe with built-in light sensor
  • Built-in memory stores settings in case of power outage
  • Long power and sensor cord (6 foot)
  • Controls heating devices up to 600W

Parts and Accessories

The thermostat can be used with a variety of different heat sources. This includes

Exo Terra Ceramic Heater

The Exo Terra Cermic Heater is an innovative design to provide 99% heat efficiency.

It emits a natural sun-like heat without emitting any light. Made with a solid ceramic element, this heater is suitable for all humid environments. It can easily be used with the thermostat to warm your terrarium with confidence.

The ceramic heater is a radiant heat source that is able to warm reptiles quickly and easily. The infrared heat penetrates the skin, promoting overall health and well-being.

Exo Terra Sun-Glo Basking Spot Lamp

The Sun Glow basking spot light is a broad-spectrum daylight that is ideal for your terrarium, increasing ambient air temperature and creating a basking area to help your reptile thermoregulate.

The spot offers one directional heat and light in a set direction, such as your basking area offering a 93% thermal efficiency.

Installation and Usage

Setting up your Exo Terra Thermostat 600W is easier than you may think.

It comes with impressive thick cables and a 6 foot (180cm) power cord. The cables are heavy duty, along with a heavy duty probe, which will provide long term use with confidence.

Setting your day and night temperatures is very easy.

Simply plug in the device, selection which heating and lighting sources you want to include.

Place your light sensor in an area where it will not be impacted by outside light sources and relies on the internal lighting.

Once you have plugged in the power cord, turn the box around to focus on the back where you will find two buttons – a sun and moon, along with a dial and a C/F option.

Start by choosing whether to work with Celsius or Fahrenheit and then looking at the digital display, you can push the sun button for daytime and turn the dial to your required temperature.

Once you have selected the daytime temperature, release the button.

Do the same with the moon or night time button.

Push in the button and turn the dial to your desired temperature.

Watch as the LED light will burn as the thermostat heats to reach your desired temperature selection.

Is This a Good Value Product?

This product is good value and can provide you with a managed heating and lighting system that doesn’t need to be set by hand.

Rather than worrying about when your daytime lights turn off and your night time temperatures kick in, you can leave it to the thermostat to do it for you.

The thermostat is suitable for all reptiles, including those living in humid climates that require misters and foggers.

Remember the black box stays outside the enclosure, while only the probe is inserted inside the terrarium.

The thermostat is suitable for all enthusiasts, from beginners to breeders and experts.

It can be used for all reptiles including those from desert environments such as bearded dragons, geckos, snakes, frogs and more.


The Exo Terra Thermostat 600W has proven itself to be very effective in managing temperatures in your reptile terrarium.

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