Exo Terra Forest Moss Review

Exo Terra Forest Moss is a compressed moss which comes from Asia. This is a natural substrate suitable for giving humidity levels a boost.

This moss is safe for amphibians and reptiles, including burrowing and digging animals.

The moss is absorbent and recommended to create humid hides. The compressed moss is easy to use and expands to create a suitable substrate for your reptilian pet.

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  • Natural forest moss – 100% natural, no dyes or chemicals
  • Suitable for amphibians and reptiles that enjoy wetland and humid environments
  • Ideal for creating a humid hide
  • Suitable as an egg-laying medium


  • Gives off unpleasant smell if rehydrated
  • Mold can form

Design and Features

This natural moss comes from the forest floors of tropical Asia, sold in a compressed block without any dangerous chemicals or dyes.

The moss is suitable for amphibians and reptiles that love the humid environment, such as frogs, salamanders, geckos, and more.

Once hydrated, the moss is easy to handle and can be used to create an effective humid hide for your pet.

Being absorbent it creates the perfect egg-laying medium for outstanding incubation.

This moss is also ideal to encourage natural digging and burrowing behaviors.

Remember many reptiles will burrow to escape the heat and to hide, giving them a sense of security.

The Exo Terra Forest Moss arrives as a compressed block, but when hydrated it provides a loss of good quality moss, which is excellent value for money. While the product isn’t green, as you would expect moss to look, it does the job.

The moss will work well with a heat mat, which is placed on the underside of the terrarium, providing excellent heat and helping to boost humidity levels to make your pet feel comfortable and ensure the best health moving forward.

Parts and Accessories

The moss is best suited for a humid hide such as the Exo Terra Reptile Den.

The den is an insulated rock formation, which provides the perfect hide for your pet. It enables your pet to hide and feel safe, reducing stress, while providing an easy viewing of your pet when hiding.

This den is ideal for use as a humid hide, using the Exo Terra Forest Moss to create a comfortable burrow to aid with shedding and ensure the best health and well being.

The rock cover can be removed with ease to observe your animal by removing the cover, which is held onto the glass with a strong magnet.

This is a realistic and natural looking hide, which can be a welcome addition to your reptile enclosure.

Usage and Maintenance

The Exo Terra Forest Moss will arrive as a brick. Simply soak in one liter of water, allowing the moss to soak up the moisture before introducing it to your enclosure and enjoy the humidity boost it provides.

The moss should be spot cleaned daily with the rest of the enclosure. Remove any feces and mold you may find. This will ensure that the enclosure remains clean. Soiled or smelling moss should be removed and replaced as needed.

Is This Product Good Value?

This forest moss is affordable in price and provides a good amount

What I Like About the Product

  • Natural forest moss
  • Boosts humidity levels
  • Helps with shedding
  • Encourages natural digging behaviors

What I Don’t Like About the Product

  • If you rehydrate it, it tends to give off urine smell
  • Can develop mold

Reptiles that can benefit from the forest moss include geckos, blue tongue skinks, anoles, snakes, tortoises, frogs, and more.

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This Exo Terra Forest Moss is so easy to use and can help you create a natural habitat at an affordable price.

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