Crested Gecko Waterfall

It’s important that your crested gecko remains hydrated and their humidity remains at an optimal 50% to 60% to ensure your gecko remains happy and healthy.

A waterfall can be an excellent accessories, reducing the need for misting, while boosting humidity and providing a natural drinking source for your crested gecko.

There are a number of waterfalls on the market, which is the right one for your crested gecko terrarium? Wondering if it’s worth the money? How it can benefit your reptilian pet?

Here are some valuable details to help you make an informed decision on whether to add a waterfall and which one will work best for your gecko.

Pros Of Having A Waterfall In Crested Gecko Terrariums

  • Increases humidity without the need for misting
  • Decoration in the enclosure
  • A water source that is more natural than a water dish as geckos tend to drink water from leaves in the wild.
  • Eliminates the need to add a water dish to the enclosure
  • Running water is easier for your gecko to recognize than a water bowl, encouraging drinking and hydration.

Cons Of Crested Gecko Waterfall

  • Requires frequent cleaning
  • Tends to build up bacteria if not kept clean
  • The water base that holds the water is deep, increasing the risk of your gecko drowning
  • They clog if not cleaned regularly
  • Some crested geckos have used their waterfalls as toilets, the poop causes the waterfall to get dirty very quickly.

Considerations When Buying A Waterfall


Ensure you take note of the product size when choosing a waterfall. These items tend to be on the larger size as they need to hold a few liters of water and a motor.

It’s not uncommon to find the waterfall you have purchased is larger than you thought. Ensure your enclosure and identify how much space it will take up and how much space you can afford it.

Maintenance Costs

The waterfalls tend to clog up and are known for harboring bacteria, which is why you may find yourself cleaning your gecko’s waterfall more often than you may have expected.

Not only will it take up a lot of your time, but it will increase maintenance costs with cleaning solutions and more.

You will need to ensure any bacteria are removed and you return a clean waterfall to the enclosure.


Crested geckos enjoy a humidity of between 50% to 60%. If you are struggling with low humidity in the enclosure, then a waterfall can be the ideal solution to add humidity without having to mist.

You can add a timer to turn on the waterfall at specific times of the day to keep your humidity at optimal.


When selecting your waterfall be very careful in the one you choose taking noise into consideration.

A noisy waterfall can be frustrating for you, but it can also be loud and scary for your gecko, which can stop them from using the waterfall altogether.

Look for a low noise motor that will provide humidity and hydration to your reptile pet without too much noise.


When making your selection, ensure the water holder is not too deep. If the water base that holds the water is too deep, the risk of your gecko drowning is increased.

Look for a waterfall with a low or sealed water holder to reduce the risk of drowning.

Best Crested Gecko Waterfall

Zilla Spring Cave Reptile Decor

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Crested geckos recognize running water, as they drink water droplets from the leaves in the wild. It’s not uncommon for cresties to refuse to drink out of a water dish.

The spring cave from Zilla mimics the dripping water that crested geckos know and recognize as a running water source.

The cave comes with a large stick to help them climb up and a blue LED light, which gives you the opportunity to watch them drinking at night.

The removable feeding dish on the top saves on space when feeding your reptilian pet. It offers an ideal water source that is lightweight, durable, and natural-looking.

Dimensions for the Zilla waterfall are 8 x 8 x 10.75 inches.


  • Natural-looking cave design with running water
  • Ideal to increase humidity and encourage drinking
  • Removable feeding dish
  • Perching stick
  • Designed with geckos in mind


  • Large in size
  • Toxic chemical smell that is difficult to get rid of with washing
  • Reports of the base leaking

TetraFauna Viqaquarium

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This waterfall is a beautiful decorative ornament for your crested gecko enclosure with a tribal character that adds character to your enclosure.

This waterfall helps to keep your gecko hydrated with cascading water that helps encourage natural drinking behaviors.

This waterfall comes in two pieces which are easy to assemble and take part in, making cleaning quick and hassle-free. Includes the pump for water circulation.

Dimentions are 20 x 9 x 14 inches and weighs just over 11 pounds.


  • Encourages natural drinking behaviors
  • Characterful decoration for your crested gecko enclosure
  • Easy to clean


  • Made from plastic, lightweight
  • Base may leak

Neptonion Waterfall Fountain

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Crested geckos don’t tend to recognize water that isn’t moving, this is why they drink from leaves in their natural habitats.

The Neptonion Waterfall Fountain supplies water that is recognizable for your gecko, reducing the risk of dehydration.

Arboreal reptiles generally do not recognize motionless sources of water; instead, they drink from moving dewdrops and raindrops while foraging in the forest canopy.

This waterfall comes with a reptile water feeder, feeding tongs, cleaning and feeding tweezers, a DC110V / 2.5W pump, and a carbon pad.


  • Provides a constant supply of aerated and clean water
  • Helps to boost humidity levels
  • Made from non-porous non-toxic food grade resin that is safe for your crestie
  • Easy to clean
  • Low wattage pump that is energy efficient. The pump comes with a two year warranty
  • Flow is adjustable
  • Carbon pad to ensure water is clean and safe
  • One-liter capacity to be changed once a week
  • Suction cups ensure stability, reducing the risk of the waterfall toppling over


  • Delicate
  • Strong plastic smell
  • Can be noisy if not maintained well
  • Clogs easily, therefore, requires regular cleaning


Adding a waterfall to your crested gecko enclosure is a personal preference. If you are at work or school or day and cannot be around to do regular misting to ensure optimum humidity levels, then the waterfall may be the right choice for you.

The Zilla Spring Cave is our top choice for crested geckos. It’s smaller than the others, designed with geckos in mind, and has the removal feeding dish as an added benefit.

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