Exo Terra Crested Gecko Kit Review

This Exo Terra crested gecko kit review is for anyone, like me, that was struggling with what to buy before bringing my new crested gecko home.

As a novice owner, I found so many products on the internet, but I wasn’t really sure if they were for crested geckos or other reptiles.

Finding this terrarium online was the solution I was looking for. It comes as a complete kit, it’s designed for my new crested gecko and ensures I have everything I need to create a comfortable, happy and healthy habitat for my new reptile.

Before finding the Exo Terra crested gecko kit online, I was pricing different crested gecko terrariums, thermometers, ornaments, and plants and found that it was working out an expensive exercise.

With the all in one habitat solution, it’s cheaper, easier and more convenient. Arriving in one package, it gives you the chance to set your enclosure up, reach the right temperature and humidity levels before you bring your gecko home.


  • All items are useful for a basic setup
  • All items have decent quality
  • Cheaper than buying all items separately
  • Easy and convenient to set up


  • Not include crested gecko food
  • Not include lighting

Things to Consider Before You Buy

The Exo Terra crested gecko kit is everything you need in one box, it eliminates the need to shop around for numerous products, saving you valuable time, money and energy.

The glass terrarium kit is ideally suited for the beginner crested gecko owner that is bringing their new reptile home for the first time or someone looking for an emergency tank, maybe due to their geckos fighting or to create a hospital tank.

Some questions I asked myself before choosing this Exo Terra crested gecko starter kit, was:

  • What was included in the kit and are they useful? It comes with the basic requirements, including decorations.
  • What else did I need to buy to complete the setup? This kit does not come with light fittings, they will need to be purchased separately, along with any additional plants you may want, such as hanging vines, for example.
  • Can my gecko live in this small tank? The tank is ideally suited for baby and juvenile crested geckos. You will want to upgrade when your gecko reaches adulthood.

What’s in the Exo Terra Crested Gecko Kit?

Tall Small Exo Terra Glass Tank

The Exo Terra crested gecko kit comes with a small tall Exo Terra tank, which is a 12” x 12” x 18” terrarium that is made of glass, the ideal material to keep your humidity levels at between fifty and seventy percent.

The enclosure includes a double front door, which opens up the entire front for easy access while reducing the risk of escape. The doors are locked with an easy twist latch.

The front of the tank offers unique ventilation, an excellent benefit to ensure excellent air circulation.

The top of this small tall enclosure is a full metal screen that can be removed with ease to provide easy access for setting up, cleaning and feeding.

The screen also locks in place with twist locks to reduce the risk of escape. The screen allows for excellent penetration of lighting and heating.

Natural Banyan Tree Background

The natural banyan tree background is a natural looking design that fits the back of the tank to add some character, offering you a backdrop.


  • Neutral colors with specs of green to look like a tree
  • Not the normal rocky backdrops
  • Designed to fit the small tank to perfection
  • Durable and easy wipe clean


  • Quite thick and takes up quite a large amount of space at the back of the cage

Multi Functional Ornament

The multi functional ornament included in the kit is a good size, is Caledonian Kanak tribal art and includes a built in water dish and food dish. The ornament is the ideal size for the tank, offering a great place for your gecko to climb and explore.


  • Designed to fit the small size cage
  • Creates a climbing and exploration area for your gecko
  • Built in water and food bowl, saves you money


  • Not ideal if you are looking for a natural tank design
  • May be more work in the long run, cleaning the food and water bowls regularly could mean having to remove the ornament and disrupting your reptile.

Birds Nest Fern Decorative Plant

This is a great addition to the tank and offers that much needed greenery and a place for your crested gecko to hide. Being false it can help to give the humidity levels a welcome boost.


  • Adds color
  • Looks natural
  • A place for your gecko to hide and explore
  • Aids in increasing humidity levels
  • Attractive tropical plant for a natural habitat design


  • Not a real plant
  • Leaves detach from wire over time and tend to corrode due to the humidity levels


The analog thermometer included in the kit is great for measuring temperature. It is very easy to install offering Fahrenheit and Celsius for added convenience.


  • Small and compact, ideal for a small tank
  • Easy to read
  • Simply stick to the glass, it doesn’t get easier
  • Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit


  • Basic analog design, can upgrade to digital at a later stage.


A hygrometer is essential to ensure that you are maintaining the right humidity levels in the enclosure to keep your gecko happy.

These geckos are happiest with humidity levels of between fifty to seventy percent.

This analog hygrometer is so easy to install and read. It offers a clear analog dial display to ensure you keep your reptile happy and healthy.


  • Maintain humidity levels with ease
  • Simple to installation Easy to read
  • Clean dial display
  • Monitor humidity
  • Wipe clean


  • Analog, can upgrade to digital at a later stage

Plantation Soil Substrate

I was very excited to see the plantation soil substrate in the Exo Terra crested gecko kit.

This is one hundred percent natural and is known to increase humidity levels. It stimulates plant growth and is easy to use and work with.

The soil is made from compressed coconut husk fibers and is completely safe for crested geckos.

I found three liters of water and your soil substrate in a tub and it is soon ready to use, moist and perfect to add to your new tank.


  • 100% Natural – compressed coconut husk fibers
  • Safe for crested geckos
  • Ideal to encourage plant growth


  • There have been reports of the plantation soil encouraging mold growth inside the enclosure

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual included is designed to help you manage the installation and set up process. They provide some insight into maintenance and decoration.


  • Designed for the Exo Terra crested gecko kit
  • Useful and helpful information


  • Can find more information online

The Alternative

Zoo Med naturalistic terrarium crested gecko kit is the new gecko kit from Zoo Med and also states it comes with everything needed including a small tall tank, the same size as the Exo Terra Crested Gecko Starter Kit.

It also comes with a brick of eco earth, the same as the plantation earth and a separate water / food bowl. The plastic plant is a Madagascar Bamboo and it also includes a cork branch.

The background is a laminate stuck to the back glass, not giving it the natural appearance as you get with the Exo Terra crested gecko kit.

I was also concerned over the fact that the Zoo Med kit has one large single front door, which makes it easier for geckos to escape.

The double doors of the Exo Terra make it easier to feed and engage with your gecko by allowing you to open one door and keep the other side closed.

Exo Terra Crested Gecko Kit Review in Summary

I found it so frustrating to get the information and find the products I needed to bring my crested gecko home.

Any new gecko owner is going to feel overwhelmed, there is so much responsibility in ensuring you maintain the right temperatures and humidity levels while providing your gecko with a happy and healthy future.

I found that the Exo Terra crested gecko kit was ideal for my situation. It offered everything I needed in a compact design and the only things I had to buy separately were lighting, some accessories, food and cleaning disinfectant.

This isn’t only for a beginner crested gecko owner. If you have found you have two males in one enclosure, you may need another backup enclosure fast.

While this enclosure is recommended for hatchings to juveniles, I have found it more than big enough that my gecko can entertain himself and live a healthy life in captivity.

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