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bts species

Blue Tongue Skink Species

    The blue tongue skink species is a blue tongued lizard, also commonly referred to as blue tongues in Australia. The most common characteristic of these lizards is the blue tongue that is used to warn potential predators. There is a wide choice of blue tongue skink species.

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    bearded dragon supplies and accessories

    Top 22 Supplies And Accessories Bearded Dragon Owners Should Have (But May Not Realize It)

    As a bearded dragon owner there are a few supplies and accessories you should have in your bearded dragon kit, providing the best habitat and life for your beardie, ensuring that they are happy and healthy.

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    Bearded dragon yellow fungus

    Bearded Dragon Yellow Fungus

      Yellow fungus is one of the most common illnesses in bearded dragons. You need a good understanding of the disease, along with treatment and prevention knowledge to ensure you provide your dragon with the best care in the long run.

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      Bearded dragon hammock

      Best Hammock For Bearded Dragons

        Dragons of all ages will happily clamber onto a hammock and relax. Bearded dragons are immediately drawn to a hammock as it provides them with a comfortable basking place, an excellent hiding place and it’s fantastic when it’s time to shed, the dragon rubs against the hammock during this time to relieve itching and help with the shedding process.

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        What can bearded dragon eat

        What Does Bearded Dragon Eat? 31 Foods Your Dragon Can (& Can’t) Eat

          Diet for bearded dragons can be tricky as you need to feed them a mixture of green veg and insects. Do you know what your dragon can and cannot eat? We have broken down some of the most common foods below, so you can identify if they are safe or not when preparing your dragons meal for the day.

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          Bearded dragon mouth rot feature image

          Bearded Dragon Mouth Rot

            A common dental condition in dragons is mouth rot. Untreated mouth rot can be fatal to your beardy, which is why you want to have some knowledge on it.

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            Bearded Dragon Calcium Feature Image

            Best Bearded Dragon Calcium

              All bearded dragons need calcium in their diets. Those in the wild eat a much wider variety of greens and insects, but in captivity their selection is limited and therefore you need to supplement their diet to ensure their overall health.

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              Best bearded dragon heat lamp

              Best Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp

                The heating source you provide your bearded dragon is imperative to their overall wellbeing. Your enclosure is going to need UV and heating to ensure the optimum habitat for your reptile. This should all be sorted out before you bring your beardie home.

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                Bearded Dragon UVB Light

                Best Bearded Dragon UVB Lights

                  UVA and UVB is essential to the overall health of your bearded dragon. Knowing why UV rays are important and what your UV bulb options are, can help you identify the right solution for your particular habitat setup.

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                  Bearded dragon substrate

                  Best Substrate For Bearded Dragons

                    Choosing the best bearded dragon substrate can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing on which is the right solution for your beardie. The substrate you choose could have an impact on your overall cage design, your bearded dragon’s health and happiness and how much time you spend cleaning the enclosure.

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