Top 22 Supplies And Accessories Bearded Dragon Owners Should Have (But May Not Realize It)

Owning a bearded dragon comes with as much responsibility as owning any other pet. Dragons need specific living conditions; they need certain things to make their lives comfortable and as natural as possible.

As a bearded dragon owner there are a few supplies and accessories you should have in your bearded dragon kit, providing the best habitat and life for your beardie, ensuring that they are happy and healthy.

1. Hammocks

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Hammocks can be a welcome addition to your bearded dragon enclosure. They provide you with interesting and pretty decor, while providing your bearded dragon with a place to hide, bask and climb.

Dragons are not the best climbers, but a hammock can encourage climbing, ensuring your dragon is comfortable. Hammocks can be used in the enclosure or in the car, offering a comfortable and safe place for your dragon.

It’s important when looking at a hammock for your dragon that you take the material into consideration. Dragons tend to get their nails stuck in woven materials.

Consider the ease of cleaning and look for machine washable options, making your life a little easier when it comes to enclosure cleaning.

Hammocks come with suction cups, enabling you to mount them on most surfaces, including glass, plastic and acrylic.

Check out our favorite bearded dragon hammocks for more ideas.

2. Lounger

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A chaise lounger can be a wonderful addition to your bearded dragon tank, in fact they are proving very popular with these reptiles. The material is machine washable, making it easy when it comes to your basic maintenance and cleaning.

The lounger can be used inside and outside the enclosure, enabling your dragon to spend time with you while still having something familiar to relax on.

3. Temperature Gun

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Temperature guns provide you with improved accuracy when it comes to checking the internal temperature of the enclosure to ensure your dragon is comfortable and happy.

It’s important to create a natural encirclement for your dragon and this includes temperature. The temperature gun is able to measure surface temperatures quickly and effectively.

The gun needs to be kept a set distance from the object in order to ensure the most accurate results. In many cases this is approximately 38cm. Made from plastic, these are lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

4. Light Timer

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Light timers can save you time and energy when it comes to meeting the needs of your bearded dragon. You need to provide your dragon with a routine when it comes to day and night. They are not in their natural habitat and therefore are relying on you to ensure the best for them.

Using a light timer can ensure the lights come on and go off at set times every day, which can help your dragon settle into their enclosure. Light timers are quick and easy to set up.

Follow the link to learn more about bearded dragon light setup.

5. Basking Rock

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Bearded dragons come from a hot Australian climate and they love the heat. Putting a basking rock under their basking light can help your dragon get closer to the heat, ensuring that he/she can raise her body temperature to the 95 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit your dragon needs to be comfortable.

In their natural habitat, dragons will spend their days lying in the sun, basking on rocks to absorb as much heat as possible.

Basking rocks can also be visually appealing in your enclosure, they provide a natural and beautiful addition to the tank.

6. Harness And Leash

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A harness and leash can be a great addition to your bearded dragon kit and items you will find you will use on many occasions when venturing outside with your dragon.

The harness and leash can be used to take your dragon out into the garden on a hot day and let him/her play around in the grass or you can use it when going to the vet for your dragon’s annual checkup.

Getting your dragon used to a harness and leash needs time. The harnesses are made from soft materials that don’t damage the dragon’s skin. The harness is adjustable, which makes it easier to put on and take off.

7. Clothes

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The good thing about bearded dragons is they like to be warm and when you are taking them out of their enclosure, you want to ensure you don’t subject your dragon to too much cold for too long. Clothes have increased in popularity.

Available in a range of sizes, they fit dragons of all sizes. Ensure the clothes you select are made from special customized fabrics which are friendly to your dragon’s skin.

Double check any clothing you buy is machine washable, saving you time and energy when it comes to caring for your bearded dragon.

8. Scale

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A scale can be a great addition in your home when you take care of a bearded dragon in the house. It helps you keep track of your dragon’s weight.

This is great with younger dragons where you can see the rapid rate in which they grow. Weighing your dragon regularly can help you ensure your dragon isn’t losing weight unnecessarily.

The best scales to consider are digital kitchen scales ideally made from stainless steel, which is easily cleaned.

Most digital scales enable you to choose whether you want your weights in ounces, pounds or grams, enabling you to work with a result you can understand.

9. Fake Plants

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Fake plants can be welcome decor to add to your bearded dragon enclosure. The fake plants help to create a natural habitat, helping to make your dragon feel comfortable.

Fake plants offer the convenience of not adding humidity to the enclosure and the risk of the dragon eating the plant is eliminated.

Fake plants are very natural looking these days. They also come with suction cups, which makes adding them where you want them in the tank quick and easy. They are made from nontoxic polyethylene, which is quick and easy to clean.

10. Hide

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Hides are an essential addition to your bearded dragon enclosure and something every bearded dragon should purchase and add to their kit.

A hide provides your dragon with a place where they can go to get alone time. The hide is also often used by your dragon to escape the heat, when they get too warm.

Hides come in a choice of designs, which can enhance the design of your enclosure. There are hides available which have space for basking on the top, enabling you to provide your dragon with the best natural habitat without overcrowding the enclosure with accessories.

11. Beds

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Beds offer your bearded dragon a touch of luxury. You can keep the bed for inside the tank, offering beautiful decor and a place for your dragon to hide or you can use them outside the tank to provide your dragon with something familiar.

This enables you to keep your dragon with you while you watch television or work on the computer.

Ensure when you make your selection that you choose a bed that is made from the finest quality fabrics and are machine washable, saving you time and energy when it comes to cleaning your dragon’s enclosure.

12. Nail Clippers

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The majority of dog owners have a pair of nail clippers in their drawer to manage their dog’s claws. The same should apply with a bearded dragon. It’s very important that when cutting your dragon’s nails you take great care to not cut too much that it causes bleeding.

Trim the very ends of the nails only to reduce the risk of over cutting. A rule of thumb is to cut half of the thin part of the claw. Avoid where the nail thickens.

Trimming your dragon’s nails reduces the risk of getting scratched and eliminates the risk of the nail snagging. It’s recommended to have the nails clipped by a professional unless you feel one hundred percent confident in your ability.

13. Feeding Tongs

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There may be a time where you need to hand feed your bearded dragon and feeding tongs can be a welcome addition to your kit if you have an aggressive eater on your hands. Avoid your fingers getting bitten by using durable feeding tongs.

Some dragon owners choose to feed their dragons crickets and worms with tongs to ensure that they get the quantities that they need. This is also a great way to bond with a new dragon you have recently brought into your home.

Feeding tongs are more hygienic than fingers, they are durable and very easy to clean and disinfect.

14. Reptile Cleaner

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It is essential that you keep your bearded dragon’s enclosure clean. Avoid unwelcome odors and dangerous parasites from moving in with a thorough clean.

Cleaning can seem time consuming and frustrating, but with a good reptile cleaner in your kit, this job can become quick and completely hassle free.

Find an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleaner that you can use on the tank, hides, fake plants and anything else you have in the enclosure. You need to ensure it is non-toxic, just in case your reptile gives it a lick when you have just finished cleaning.

Reptile cleaner can be used for basic daily cleaning and deep top to bottom tank cleaning.

15. Terrarium Background

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Terrarium backgrounds are often used by dragon owners to add a visually appealing background to the tank. These backgrounds are welcome additions to glass, plastic and acrylic tanks where your dragon has no privacy and can be viewed by all sides.

Add a background to add some privacy. The backgrounds are made from high quality materials to ensure that they are scratch and water resistant, they look real and they tape to the outside of the enclosure, so they don’t take space away on the inside.

16. Food And Water Bowls

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Bearded dragons have a very specific diet made up of insects and greens. Of course, you cannot put insects in a bowl and expect them to wait to be eaten, but a food bowl is essential to feed your dragon greens along with any calcium dusting you may choose to use.

Food bowls should be made from strong materials that don’t tip over when your dragon is eating.

Dragons should be offered water every day, this should be a shallow bowl to reduce the risk of the beardie falling into the water or maybe even drowning.

Water bowls must be cleaned and fresh water replaced. It’s important when offering water to your dragon that you keep a close eye on humidity levels, especially if you have a glass, plastic or acrylic enclosure.

You may have to offer water at certain points throughout the day and not leave the water all day, where it can create too much humidity in the tank.

Dragons have very specific humidity requirements with humidity levels inside the enclosure being in the region of 35 – 40 percent, the same as would be found in the wild in Australia.

17. Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen is very appealing to bearded dragons and they will be happy reptiles if they can get some bee pollen every now and then. It shouldn’t become a staple in your dragon’s diet, but it’s the perfect addition to your kit to be used as a treat.

Bee pollen is very useful in encouraging a bearded dragon to eat its greens. Bee pollen has an amazing treat, it’s healthy, it makes bearded dragons hungry and it’s overflowing with vitamins.

18. Camera

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Imagine being able to live stream video on what your bearded dragon is up to from anywhere in full HD. A security camera can provide you with live streaming, sound recording and cloud storage, depending on the brand you purchase.

A camera is the perfect way to keep an eye on an ill dragon to ensure its eating or to watch your pet when you cannot be there, ensuring that there are no unexpected problems, such as a bulb blowing and the lights turning off in the enclosure for an extended period.

The modern security camera enables you to watch in real time using a smart phone application.

19. Pet Transport Backpack

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If you plan on moving home or you want to take your dragon to the vet, then having a pet transport backpack may be just the solution you need to ensure your beardie stays safe during the transpiration experience.

Some dragon owners take their pets out with them, using a harness and leash to ensure their reptile doesn’t run away.

Transporting them to the local park or outdoor area can be completed with confidence when you have the right transportation backpack, ensuring that your dragon travels in comfort with excellent ventilation and a viewing window.

20. Misting Bottle

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Misting is very common for bearded dragon owners and having a misting bottle in your kit may become useful sooner rather than later. Misting bottles can be used to help keep bearded dragons’ skin from drying out.

If you choose to mist in the tank, ensure you keep a close eye on humidity levels, for this reason it’s recommended to mist outside the tank.

Misting can be used to help smooth dry skin; it helps with shedding and misting can also be used to hydrate your dragon.

21. Metal Sign

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The metal sign is a little bit of fun and the perfect tool to have in your kit, bringing a smile to your visitor faces. The metal sign has been printed with epoxy ink, so it is suitable for outdoors and indoors.

22. Shed Ease

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Shedding can be a frustrating time for you and your bearded dragon. Younger dragons grow at an astronomical rate and therefore they tend to shed more than adults.

Shedding can be uncomfortable for your dragon, causing discomfort and itching. Many dragon owners soak their dragons in water or mist their dragons to soften the skin and help with shedding.

Shed Ease is a formula of aloe vera and other natural products to help with shedding and encourage healthy skin. Add shed ease to your dragon’s bath and allow to soak for the best end results.

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