Learn to care for amphibians such as Pacman frog, African bullfrog, White tree frog, and more.

Pacman Frog Heating

The hardest part of your enclosure set up will be the heating. What is the best heat source for Pacman frog? How to set up heating pads (heat mat or under tank heater) in the Pacman frog enclosure.

Best Pacman Frog Enclosure

What tank size does a Pacman frog need? How to set up a Pacman frog enclosure? What is the best Pacman frog terrarium? Not sure which enclosure to buy? This guide will help you identify the best enclosure for your Pacman frog.

Pacman Frog Enclosure Setup

The Pacman frog is also known as the South American Horned frog, a solitary animal that must never be housed with any other frogs, including other Pacman frogs. Everything you need for your Pacman frog enclosure setup. Learn how to set up a perfect habitat for your Pacman frog step by step.

Pacman Frog vs Pixie Frog

Are you looking at getting a frog as a pet? Are you a first-time frog owner? Maybe you cannot decide between the Pacman frog and the Pixie frog. Pacman frog vs Pixie frog. What are their similarities and difference? Find out in this article.