Things You Should Know About Pacman Frog Shedding

Have you only recently become the owner of a Pacman frog and you’re wondering why your new amphibian pet is acting strange? Maybe your frog is already shedding and needs some assistance.

Continue reading to find out more about the things every Pacman frog owner should know when it comes to shedding.

Why is My Pacman Frog Shedding?

Pacman frogs shed because they are growing or they don’t have sufficient moisture in the substrate or there isn’t enough food.

  • Baby Pacman frogs will shed more often than the adults. The frequency will be determined by how fast your baby frog is growing.
  • If the substrate dies out or there isn’t enough food, your Pacman frog will cover itself in a thick outer skin, which protects it from drying out. They also don’t move, which can be a little worrying. Once rehydrated, your frog will shed the outer skin.

What Are the Signs of a Pacman Frog Shedding?

Pacman frogs do shed from time to time. Even the healthiest of frogs in the perfect enclosure set up will shed on occasion.

The first sign is your frog may get a cloudy look; this is a clear sign that it is about to shed its skin. During this time your frog may lose interest in its food. Once the shedding process is complete, your frog’s appetite will return.

Another sign of your Pacman frog shedding is it keeps opening its mouth, almost as though it is yawning. This is because the frog pushes the skin forward, taking the skin into their mouth and eating it.

How Often Do Pacman Frogs Shed?

Pacman frogs shed on a regular basis, but how often varies from frog to frog with baby frogs shedding more regularly. Pacman frogs can shed every day to once every couple of weeks. They shed in one piece, which they eat.

How Long Does the Shedding Process Take?

Shedding usually takes a few days. Keep an eye on your frog to ensure that they are shedding easily.

What to do for a Pacman Frog that is Shedding?

  • Keep humidity high by misting the enclosure twice daily
  • Add live plants to help boost humidity levels
  • Keep your substrate moist
  • Give your Pacman Frog a water bath

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What Does My Pacman Frog Eat the Shredded Skin?

The first time you saw your Pacman frog eating its shredded skin, you were probably confused. The skin of your frog is filled with nutritious protein. By eating the skin, your frog ingests the proteins, recycling the nutrients they need when producing new skin.

My Pacman Frog is Shedding and Not Eating, Is This Normal?

Don’t worry, it is completely normal for your Pacman frog to lose interest in food while shedding. As soon as they have completed the shedding process their appetite improves.

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How Can I Help My Pacman Frog if The Shed Gets Stuck?

  • Increase humidity levels
  • Water bath
  • Moist substrate


It is completely natural for your Pacman frog to shed periodically. Knowing what the signs are, what is normal, and how to help them have a seamless shedding process is important as a pet owner.

Remember to keep humidity levels at optimum with a moist substrate to promote overall well-being and ensure an easy shedding process.

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