Betazooer Reptile Humidifier Review

The Betazooer Reptile Humidifier is an affordable solution to help reptile and amphibian owners provide their pets with the humidity that they need to remain healthy and happy.

This humidifier is suitable for one or two enclosures and is effective at quietly adding clean and moist air into the enclosure.

In addition to this, this humidifier requires less attention than others on the market with a large water capacity, choice of mist levels, and an automatic shut off when the tank runs empty.

If you are looking for a low maintenance humidifier for your reptilian or amphibian pet, then continue reading below.

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  • Easy to use
  • Large water capacity holding up to 2.5 liters of water
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic shut off when the tank runs dry for added peace of mind
  • Adjustable fog output up to 320ml per hour
  • Adjustable hose, which can range from 1.3 to 5.3 feet in length
  • Can be upgraded to include two hoses as an added convenience


  • when water accumulates in the hose and flows into the machine, it can damage the humidifier
  • Make sure to tighten the hoses to prevent leaking

Design and Features

The Betazooer Reptile Humidifier comes with the main machine, a large 2.5-liter water tank, a five-foot extension hose, a join piece, and an instruction manual.

The silent operation is what makes this the ideal humidifier to place next to your pet’s enclosure.

Weighing only 2.2 pounds, the humidifier measures 7.8” x 6” x 11.4”.

You enjoy peace of mind with the automatic shut off, which kicks into operation when the water runs low or out, reducing the risk of the product burning out.

Because the Betazooer Reptile Humidifier comes with the option of two hoses, you can use it with a wide variety of enclosure types, adding up to two enclosures per humidifier.

The large 2.5-liter tank provides two days of low moist air, which makes this ideal for weekends away, ensuring your pet receives the moist air it needs to increase humidity and provide the ultimate comfort for your pet.

It is stylishly designed, so you can place next to your terrarium and in any room in the home with confidence.

We recommended you use a timer or humidity controller to ensure you provide the adequate humidity your pet needs to thrive.

Parts and Accessories

Inkbird Humidity Controller

Use the Inkbird Humidity Controller to manage the humidity levels in your pet’s enclosure. It offers a measure control range of 5% to 99% RH with high accuracy.

Switch between humidification and dehumidification automatically with the benefit of an alarm sensor, should humidity levels exceed your chosen maximum limit.

This controller is easy to use, reliable, and safe with a plug and play design, LED displays, and easy to use controls. This controller is able to manage humidifiers with 100v to 240V, 12A fans.

BN-LINK Digital Programmable Timer

This BN-LINK programmable timer is a versatile programmable timer that can be set to offer eight programs.

Simply set up the timer and go, you choose the combinations that best meet your pet’s unique humidity needs.

This is a safe and reliable product that offers a rating of 115V.

Ensure your pet receives the quality humidity it needs to remain happy and safe with a timer that enables you to decide when to provide moist air and when to not, ensuring you maintain the best levels for your pet.

BETAZOOER Accessories of Top Fill Reptile Humidifier

The Betazooer Top Fill for the Reptile Humidifier enables you to add humidity to up to two enclosures.

The top fill is a joint that enables you to convert your single hose into two hoses with the adjustable tubing, which enables you to adjust the tube to the length you need without cutting.

The humidifier is then able to operate across two enclosures, saving you money and time when it comes to multiple setups.

The package includes a double joint, two extension tubes, and four suction cups.

Usage and Maintenance

On receipt of your new humidifier, you are going to want to ensure you give it a good clean before use, removing any dust or debris that may have got caught during manufacturing.

Rinse out the hoses, the inside of the water tank and any joins, etc.

Once cleaned, place in the desired position, ensuring that it is within close proximity to your enclosure.

Fill the water tank with 2.5 liters of clean purified water and attach the tubing.

If you are using the product for two tanks, then using the additionally purchased kit you can add your adjustable tubes, add your joint and insert the tubes in each enclosure, holding them in place using the suction cups provided.

Ensure the hose is tightly attached to the humidifier to reduce the risk of leaking.

Before you turn it on you will want to attach it to your timer or controller. Turn on the product. Once on you can set your fog output using the dial on the front of the humidifier.

The green light indicates that the humidifier is running normally, while the red light will advise you if the device has shut down due to lack of water.

Some Important Points and Tips

  • Always fill with distilled or purified water
  • Change the water every couple of days
  • Ensure to keep the expansion hose vertical, this ensures the beads return to the storage tank. Water in the expansion pipe can result in damage to the machine.
  • The motor is not designed to run 24/7, therefore use a humidity controller or timer to preserve the lifespan of the product.

Is This a Good Value Product?

The Betazooer Reptile Humidifier is an affordable solution to provide your pet with the optimum humidity levels it needs without having to physically mist the enclosure a few times a day.

It’s an easy to use device with a large 2.5-liter water capacity that can last a couple of days.

The quiet operation along with adjustable fog output makes it ideal for weekends away or for during the day when you can’t be there to mist the enclosure.

The short life span experienced can be a result of not taking careful note of keeping the expansion hose vertical to reduce the risk of any water getting into the machine.

The Betazooer Reptile Humidifier is ideal for any reptile owner that wants to provide optimum humidity for their pet at an affordable price.

It’s suitable for all reptiles and amphibians that require a specific humidity, such as iguana, leopard geckos, frogs, chameleons, and water dragons.


This Betazooer humidifier is a great product for a good price. It helps reptile owners provide the optimum humidity for their reptilian or amphibian pets. With adjustable fog and automatic shut off, this humidifier is safe and effective.

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    1. Was having the same issue with mine. There is a white washer shaped float in the base under the tank. A black plastic knob that holds the float from going to high was loose or upside down. Once I corrected that, it’s worked fine. Hope this helps! Good luck! Larry

      1. I am so happy and relieved I saw these posts. I had the black thingy upside down above the white washer. My tortoise (Shelly) now is able to see because the humidity is right. I kept using his eye meds but only lasted 1 day then back to closed. Don’t know why his vet didn’t tell me. I feel bad not knowing what to do sooner but he has lots of years left. Thx Jane

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