REPTI ZOO Deep Dome Lamp Fixture Review

The REPTI ZOO deep dome lamp fixture has a long dome, ensuring that the bulb remains hidden and protected.

This offers a sleek and modern design that can be used to create the perfect habitat for your reptilian or amphibian pet.

This dome fixture offers safety, ease of use and great quality, ensuring your pet remains comfortable and healthy.

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  • Deep dome offering an efficient reflection
  • Relies on screen top to dissipate heat
  • Independent power switch
  • Hanging hook
  • Can be used with high heating lamps and sunlight lamp
  • Comes with a 12-month guarantee


  • Can make a high-pitched noise when connected
  • Can overheat

Design and Features

REPTI ZOO 5.5 Inch Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

REPTI ZOO has a number of dome light fixtures, varying in shape, size and maximum wattage that each of the domes can handle, for example, the 5.5” deep dome can handle an E26 ceramic lamp with a capacity of 100W, while the 8.5” can accommodate an E26 ceramic lamp with a maximum of 200W.

This review is based on the REPTI ZOO 8.5” with the majority of the information relevant to all the dome sizes, shapes, and capacities offered by REPTI ZOO.

The REPTI ZOO Reptile Dome Lamp Fixture is an optical reflection lampshade made of 0.8mm thick premium high-quality aluminum that is polished to create a reflective surface to ensure the best in penetrating light and heat.

The 8.5” dome can accommodate up to a 200W bulb and can be used with ceramic heat emitters, sunlight lamps and mercury vapor lamps, to name a few.

This deep dome lamp fixture is versatile and is used standing over the screen top, which is used to help dissipate the heat effectively.

It has an independent power switch, which enables you to switch the light on and off with ease while making use of the hook, if needed to hang the dome, if you need to reduce heat or light into the terrarium by lifting the dome slightly.

This very sturdy dome is sleek black in design, which makes it easy to incorporate into your décor while providing your pet with the heat and light it needs to thrive.

The long power cord makes it easy to reposition the dome fixture if needed.

It comes with a one-year guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Parts and Accessories

There are a number of accessories and parts you can consider using with the REPTI ZOO Deep Dome Lamp Fixture.

Repti Zoo Super Sun Vapor Lamp

This Repti Zoo Super Sun Vapor Lamp is a UVA and UVB sun basking spot lamp that offers sun radiation to reptiles, along with visible heat.

UVA is essential in providing warmth to cold-blooded reptiles and is used in nature to produce Vitamin D3 to help maintain healthy skin and bones.

The light is self-ballasted and has integrated thermal protection for overheating.

The sun lamp comes in three strengths; 100W, 125W, and 160W. All three can be used safely with the REPTI ZOO Deep Dome Lamp Fixture 8.5”.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Lamp Stand

This Repti Zoo Reptile lamp stand helps you hang your dome over the terrarium, adjusting the height to ensure you achieve accurate heating for your pet.

It offers easy installation and comes with a metal clamp, that accommodates most dome fixtures.

The stand can accommodate two domes by using the second dome provided.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Terrarium Thermometer Hygrometer Digital

It is essential to accurately measure your temperature and humidity at all times. The REPTI ZOO thermometer hygrometer is a digital LED screen with a suction cup, making it easy to install.

It comes with an extra battery for standby and a twelve-month guarantee.

Regular monitoring of temperatures and humidity inside the terrarium ensures the health and wellness of your reptile or amphibian pet.

Usage and Maintenance

Using the dome fixture is quick and easy. You simply screw the bulb into the dome, turn the dome over to point the bulb into the enclosure, and turn on the switch.

Please note that you must not exceed the electrical rating of the dome. The REPTI ZOO Reptile Lamp Fixture will accommodate up to 200W.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to using and maintenance includes:

  • Never touch the dome when in operation, it heats up and can cause an unwelcome burn.
  • Only use with metal screen tops. Never use with plastic screen tops.
  • Ensure you push the plug all the way into the wall socket before turning on.
  • Unplug the dome from the wall and allow to cool before changing your bulb
  • For indoor use only
  • Never use inside the terrarium, for external use only
  • Do not cover the dome with anything
  • Do not use if the cord is damaged
  • Do not use if your bulb exceeds 200W in the 8.5” dome
  • Never modify the plug

Is This a Good Value Product?

The REPTI ZOO Deep Dome Lamp Fixture can be a great addition to your terrarium offering a safe way to penetrate heat and light into your enclosure to keep your pet happy.

It can be used by reptile and amphibian pet owners of all levels, from the novice to experienced.

While there are some downsides to the dome, such as the durability of the product, the benefits are extensive.

You can use this product with most reptiles including bearded dragons, geckos and more.


This REPTI ZOO Deep Dome Reptile Lamp Fixture is a great way to directly reflect light and heat into the terrarium to ensure your pet feels at home.

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