Zoo Med PowerSun UV Bulb Review

The Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb is a mercury vapor bulb that is self-ballasted, designed as an all-in-one bulb to save you space.

What makes this a good selling bulb is that it incorporates heat, light, and UV into one bulb, providing your reptile with the necessary UVA and UVB rays they need to reduce the risk of metabolic bone disease.

The bulb is designed to penetrate the UV light further than standard UV bubs, which is ideal for tall terrariums.

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  • Available in three strengths – 80W, 100W and 160W
  • 12-month life span
  • Easy to use, same as a regular bulb


  • Not always last the full 12 months, reviews state the UVB strength fails after a short period


The stylish design of the bulb ensures your reptile receives the light, heat, UVA, and UVB rays it needs in one bulb.

The nickel-plated thread reduces the risk of corrosion. The bulb can be used in any ceramic socket with confidence.

  • Size – 3.7” x 3.9” x 9”
  • Weight – 7.2 ounces
  • Wattage – 80W, 100W and 160W

Accessories and Parts

The Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb should be used with a dome fixture.

Dome fixtures are used in reptile enclosures to boost light, UVA, and UVB output significantly.

The heat and light are concentrated while boosting the performance of the bulb.

With a dome, the penetration will be widely dispersed to ensure your reptile remains healthy and happy.

Good dome fixtures that work well with the PowerSun UV Bulb are the Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture and the Repti ZOO Deep Dome Lamp Fixture.

Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

The Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture can be used with the 100W Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb.

The extra-long reflector done extends beyond the bulb, while offering maximum light, heat, and UV output.

The ceramic socket is compatible with the PowerSun bulb.

Repti ZOO Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

The Repti ZOO Deep Dome Lamp Fixture offers optical reflection, suitable for all reptile glass terrariums.

It is a deep dome with a ceramic socket that can handle up to 200W.

It offers reflection efficiency with ventilation to reduce the risk of overheating.

It comes complete with an independent power switch and is suitable for sunlight and high heating lamps.

The Repti Zoo Dome reptile lamp fixture comes with a 12-month quality warranty.


Installation is quick and easy, simply plug your Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb into a ceramic socket.

The bulb should be housed in a ceramic socket base, domes are best suited to ensure optimum exposure.

Screw the lamp into the base and attach securely to the top of the terrarium.


When it comes to performance and meeting the need of your reptile, you will want to focus on four zones, the distance you mount your bulb to your basking area.

Distance (inch)





4Zone 4Danger



Zone 3Zone 4Danger
8Zone 3Zone 4

Zone 4


Zone 3Zone 3Zone 4
16Zone 2Zone 3

Zone 3


Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3
26Zone 1Zone 1

Zone 2


 Zone 1Zone 1

Zone 1

Zone 1 and Zone 2

This is the minimum range zone that suits daytime reptiles and those active at dawn and dusk. These reptiles avoid direct sunlight.

Zone 1 and 2 minimum range:

  • 80W – 16 to 26 inches (40 – 68cm)
  • 100W – 20 to 32 inches (50 to 81cm)
  • 160W – 26 to 38 inches (66 to 97cm)
  • Zone 1 – UVI 0.4 to 0.7
  • Zone 2 – UVI 0.7 to 1.0

Zone 3

Zone 3 is a moderate range and suitable for reptiles and amphibians that enjoy mostly sun with some sun baskers.

This covers a broad range of species, including those that enjoy a tropical, temperate and sub-tropical climate where they bask during the day and seek shade when they get too hot.

Zone 3 moderate range:

  • 80W – 6 to 16 inches (20 to 40cm)
  • 100W – 10 to 20 inches (25 to 50cm)
  • 160W – 16 to 26 inches (40 to 68cm)
  • UVI 1.0 to 2.6

Shelters should always be provided with zone 3, enabling your pet to escape the heat and regulate its temperature with ease.

Zone 4

Zone 4 is a high range and this is for reptiles and amphibians that enjoy that mid-day full sun.

This includes desert species that are used to direct sunlight in their natural habitat, even those many of these species will dig burrows to escape the heat.

Zone 4 high range:

  • 80W – 4 to 6 inches (15 to 20cm)
  • 100W – 6 to 10 inches (20 to 25cm)
  • 160W – 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40cm)
  • UVI 2.6 to 3.5+

A UVB gradient should be provided with ample hiding place where your pet can escape the sun to regulate their body temperatures.

What Reptile Can Use This Bulb?

The bulb is suitable for most reptiles, based on the distance between the bulb and your reptile.

Make sure your reptile is within its zone as below table.



Zone 1

Jamaican Brown AnoleCorn SnakesRat SnakesLeopard GeckosLeaf Tail GeckoTokay GeckoDart FrogsCrested Geckos

Zone 2

Green AnoleChinese Water DragonsDay GeckosSkinksBox TurtlesBoa ConstrictorsBall PythonsRibbon SnakesGarter SnakesPanther Chameleons

Zone 3

Small spiny lizardsAquatic turtlesMonitorsTegusBlue-tongued skinkGreen IguanaCurly tailed lizard

Zone 4

Bearded dragonsUromastyx lizardsDesert Iguanas


The Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb comes in three strengths and a 12-month quality guarantee for additional peace of mind.

This bulb should be replaced once a year. Even though the heat and light output should last for longer than a year, the UVB output does decrease over time.

Zoo Med recommends that changing your bulb ensures your pet receives the essential UVB output they need to remain happy and healthy in the long run.

Safety and Usage

Follow the basic instructions enclosed with the Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb to reduce the risk of electric shock, injury, or fire.

  • Do not exceed the electrical rating. The lamp wattage must never exceed a fixture rating. Double-check the fixture you are using is a ceramic socket.
  • The bulb should not be used in wet conditions and is only suitable for indoor use. The lamp should be suspended above the terrarium, enabling it to penetrate down into the enclosure offering the essential light, heat, and UV your pet requires.
  • Do not use in an aquarium
  • Keep away from children and other pets
  • Ensure plug is fully inserted.
  • Always unplug when not in use
  • Unplug the power cord when changing a bulb
  • Do not cover with any material
  • The lamp must be used according to the Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb instructions
  • Never stare directly into the lampshade

Is The Zoo Med PowerSun UV Bulb Good Value?

Definitely. The bulb is a worthwhile solution to provide your reptile or amphibian with the essential light, heat, and UV rays that they need.

This all-in-one bulb can save you space and money, reducing the need to source and introduce separate bulbs for lighting, heating, and UV.

What I like from the bulb

  • All in one solution – Lighting, heating and UV rays
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use, simply plug into ceramic socket
  • Suitable for a variety of reptiles and amphibians

What I don’t like from the bulb

  • Even though the manufacturer offers twelve months on the bulb, you will notice the UV rays start to weaken within a short period of time, which means you may have to replace the bulb sooner than expected.

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Overall, the Zoo Med PowerSun UV bulb is an impressive bulb that is able to be used in a wide variety of terrariums from rain forests to desert designs.

The bulb is suitable for a variety of reptiles and amphibians and provides the essential lighting, heating and UV in one easy to use bulb.

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