Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit Review

This is a review of Exo Terra leopard gecko starter kit, the perfect reptile enclosure for first-time leopard gecko owners, breeders, and those looking for an urgent hospital tank.

Leopard geckos are a top reptile choice for many hobbyists, due to their docile and easy to care for natures.

The kit makes preparing for your gecko even easier with everything you need in one kit.

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  • Everything you need in one box
  • Designed for the leopard gecko
  • Offering a natural and comfortable habitat
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up, clean, and maintain


  • You may want to consider purchasing additional items to complete the setup

Design and Features

The kit is packed with everything you need to bring your new leopard gecko home with confidence.

Exo Terra Natural Terrarium Small / Advanced Reptile Habitat

This glass terrarium offers the convenience of dual opening front doors to reduce the risk of escape combined with front window ventilation and a waterproof base.

The raised bottom frame leaves ample room for a heater.

The mesh cover is made of stainless steel to provide a durable and escape free covering while allowing ample heat and lighting penetration.

This enclosure offers locks, an easy twist screen cover lock, give closable inlets for wires and tubes in the back for wiring.

The tank offers ample access for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For added convenience, you will find a background included, which is easy to clean and offers a natural finish to your enclosure design.

Day and Night LED

This low energy lighting device is convenient to use and perfect for reptiles. It offers a long lifespan and comes with a self-adhesive support base.

This is a bright white energy-efficient LED creates a fantastic daylight option with blue LEDs which mimic the natural moon shimmer, with the advantage of being able to watch your reptile at night.

This is an easy and convenient way to illuminate your terrarium day and night. The LED offers minimum heat and maximum light output. It does not offer UVB.

There is a limited risk of overheating and LED has a reputation for its excellent long-life span.

Exo Terra Heat Mat

The Exo Terra heat mat is a terrarium substrate heat that works on all glass terrariums. Simply mount under the bottom of the enclosure, on the outside.

It is a conductive heat source ideal for your leopard gecko, ensuring that it gets the warmth it needs and can regulate its body temperature accordingly.

This heat mat can be used as a twenty-four-hour primary or a secondary heat source for tropical climates.

Use in conjunction with a thermostat to ensure accurate heat penetration.

Exo Terra Sand Mat

The Exo Terra sand mat is a natural desert look mat that is the safest and most hygienic substrate option on the market.

It is easy to install, remove, and clean and is perfect for leopard geckos that don’t need to burrow.

This substrate is also ideal as a quarantine substrate.

The mat reduces the risk of bacteria and there are no loose particles that can be ingested that can lead to impaction.

Your reptile will feel safe as they have a firm grip on the substrate. Cut to fit the base of your terrarium.

Exo Terra Digital Thermometer

The Exo Terra Digital Thermometer included in this leopard gecko starter kit offers accurate measurement of temperature to ensure your gecko remains happy and healthy.

The instrument comes with a remote sensor for added accuracy with programmable minimum and maximum memory settings.

The senor is held in your chosen place in the enclosure using suction cups.

Digital thermometers are quick and easy to read.

The thermometer is very easy to clean and can fit the compact top and linear top canopies.

Exo Terra Water Dish

This is a natural-looking water dish that will blend into your terrarium design with ease.

This is a very easy to clean water dish that prevents the risk of your reptile or their food accidentally drowning.

Made from non-porous and smooth food grade resin, it is bacteria resistant, stable, and cannot be tipped over with ease.

This dish looks very real with a rock finish. The dish comes with small steps on the inside to allow smaller reptiles and crickets to climb out.

Exo Terra Reptile Cave

This natural hiding place offers a natural look that can be integrated into your leopard gecko terrarium with confidence.

Your gecko will appreciate a quiet and secure hiding place where they can feel comfortable and confident.

The reptile cave is stable and isn’t tipped with ease.

The cave offers a realistic pebble design with large hiding space where your gecko can move around with ease.

Informative Care Guide

The kit comes with a care guide offering you some basic details to ensure you provide your reptile pet with the best when it comes to their enclosure set up and long-term care.

Accessories & Parts

Over time you may want to add some additional decorations and other items to the enclosure that don’t come with the kit.

We have put together a list of some of the accessories and parts you may want to consider to complete your set up with confidence.

What is the kit missing? 

Humid hide

Humid hides provide your gecko with a place with increased humidity, aiding in shedding, and helping to keep their skin moist and healthy.

The Kathson Reptile Moss Cave Hide for Humidity is a 6” mossy hideout for your reptile and comes in a two-pack for added convenience.

The moss hide is made using natural moss, which is non-toxic and completely harmless to your gecko.

The hide has a long-life span and is good at water retention while offering outstanding drainage performance.

The outer diameter of the hide is 5.9 inches or 15cm and the inner diameter is 2.7 inches or 7cm, more than enough space for your gecko to move around.

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In order to reduce the risk of your heat mat overheating and you achieving the right temperatures to ensure the most comfortable habitat for your leopard gecko, you may want to invest in a good quality thermostat, such as the Hagen Exo Terra Electronic Day/Night Thermostat (600 Watt).

This thermostat can manage ranges from 50ºF to 140ºF (10ºC to 60ºC). The red LED and heating symbol make it easy to ensure your thermostat is working.

Push button system with the control heating devices up to 600W.

The system is designed to help you create a well-controlled environment for your leopard gecko.

The built-in sensor switches automatically between night and day temperatures.

Connect your heat mat, set your preferred daytime and nighttime temperatures, and relax knowing you are providing your gecko with the essential heat it needs.


A leopard gecko requires humidity levels of between thirty to forty percent.

In order to ensure you maintain accurate humidity levels, you will need to purchase a hygrometer, which is not included in the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit.

The Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer with probe offers accurate humidity levels with single button operation.

The remote sensor enables you to put the probe where you want to measure to ensure accurate results as you need them.

Take advantage of the programmable minimum and maximum memory settings, which you control with ease with a single button.

The sensor is held by a suction cup, which is included and the instrument is installed on a hood and loop fastener (also included).

Additional Food Dish

An additional food dish will prove useful when it comes to feeding your leopard gecko and providing them with the calcium supplements that they need.

The Exo Terra Feeding Dish is a natural and realistic rock finish to blend in with your water dish.

The dish is coated to reduce the risk of bacteria and ensure easy cleaning. Made from food grade resin, the feeding dish is stable and not easily knocked over.


Putting your Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit together is easier than you may have imagined. There are seven easy steps you can follow to complete your set up, this includes:

  1. Choose where you want to keep your enclosure, clean the enclosure and place in position
  2. Slide the lid into place
  3. Place the heat mat under the enclosure using the four spacers included to hold the tank up and leave room for the heat mat below.
  4. Add your substrate. The sand mat included can simply be cut to size.
  5. Place your water bowl and hide, along with any additional decorations you may have chosen to include, such as branches and rock formations.
  6. Insert your day and night bulb into the fixture and place above the screen cover, ensuring it penetrates into the enclosure.
  7. Set up your hygrometer and thermometer and monitor levels before introducing your leopard gecko to their new tank.


Maintaining your leopard gecko terrarium is imperative to your gecko’s long-term health.

Clean any feces on a daily basis.

Most geckos will eliminate in a corner, making it easier to identify. You can scoop it up and remove it daily along with any wet substrate.

On a weekly basis, you are going to want to clean and disinfect the terrarium. This means removing your gecko and placing it in a separate enclosure or container.

Wash your hands thoroughly or wear disposable gloves before you remove anything from the enclosure.

The used substrate should be thrown away, along with any uneaten food.

Clean the tank thoroughly in soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Once the tank has been washed and rinsed, you can use a reptile disinfectant and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Everything should be properly rinsed and dried before returning it to the enclosure.

Replace your gecko to the enclosure and wash your hands.

Is The Kit Good Value?

Overall, you have to take how much you save by purchasing everything you need in one handy kit.

The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit provides you with what you need to get your enclosure up and operational without delay, saving you time and energy.

It offers you the lighting, hiding places, and water dish your leopard gecko needs to survive, along with essential heating.

Yes, you will need to make a few additional purchases to complete your set up properly, such as your thermostat to maintain the right temperature when using your heat mat.

These are small additions, overall, you are still saving money by purchasing the kit.

Who Should Buy?

The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit is ideal for the beginner leopard gecko owner who isn’t sure what they need to complete their enclosure set up.

Buying the kit is the easiest way to ensure that your new gecko has what it needs to live a healthy and happy life.

The kit is also suited for breeders and those looking for an urgent hospital enclosure.


Taking a close look at the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit, you can see that you are saving money and buying a kit that includes what your gecko needs in its habitat.

The kit offers an affordable solution for first time owners, breeders, and those looking for a quick set up hospital enclosure.

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