Crested Gecko Mouth Rot

Crested geckos are prone to a number of different diseases and illnesses, including mouth rot. Mouth rot is very common in reptiles and being able to identify it, can ensure speedy treatment for your gecko.

Are you worried your crested gecko may have mouth rot? Have you just purchased a gecko and are concerned about its health? Maybe you just want to be updated on health issues that could arise, so you are ready for action.

What is Crested Gecko Mouth Rot?

Crested geckos, like any other pet, are vulnerable to health issues, including those that come from its own mouth.

Mouth rot, also known as Ulcerative Stomatitis, is a mouth infection in reptiles, infecting the gums and mouth.

You cannot ignore the signs of mouth rot, as untreated mouth rot could result in the death of your reptilian pet.

Don’t panic.The good news is mouth rot can be treated and monitored with ease.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Look for food stuck in the teeth
  • Look for cuts in the mouth tissues
  • Lack of water intake
  • Lack of appetite
  • Thicker saliva
  • Yellow in the soft oral tissues
  • Yellow pus from the mouth
  • Swollen oral tissues and gums
  • Face and head swelling (usually only in advanced cases)
  • Red oral tissues

If you notice cuts or food stuck in the mouth and any of these signs or symptoms, contact your vet immediately to diagnose mouth rot and start immediate treatment.

Causes of Mouth Rot in Crested Geckos

There are a number of reasons why your crested gecko may have mouth rot.

Anything from terrarium setup, such as improper temperatures, or the wrong humidity level can take its toll on the gecko’s immune system, weakening it, so that it cannot control the bacteria in the mouth, resulting in an infection.

Other causes can be improper diet, oral injuries, rubbing its head on the tank wall, or chewing on the substrate.

Crested Gecko Mouth Rot Treatment

The first thing you want to do if you suspect mouth rot in your crested gecko is visiting the vet.

The vet will perform a thorough physical exam and confirm the mouth rot. They will them treat with antibiotics, along with cleaning of the mouth.

In the event the mouth rot is severe, then surgery may be required to remove any dead or damaged oral tissues.

Your vet will show you how to clean your crested gecko’s mouth and administer the antibiotics.

Note that this is a serious health condition that requires veterinary treatment, if left ignored, it can result in death.

Your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics and teach you how to clean the infected areas in the mouth.


Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to health conditions such as mouth rot.

Ensure you take your crested gecko for its annual vet check up and provide the optimum habitat conditions to ensure your pet remains healthy.

Provide the right temperatures, humidity, and diet. Monitor your gecko for signs of mouth rot and if in doubt, visit your vet as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Crested Gecko Mouth Rot”

  1. Marrianne Britt

    Hey, I’m pretty sure my almost 2 year old crested gecko has mouth rot. She’s lost her appetite and she has small cuts around her mouth. She’s twitching randomly and is displaying signs of discomfort such as opening
    her mouth wide and turning her neck in a concerning way. I don’t have any antibiotics for her and don’t know what antibiotics are OK for her to consume. Please send me info on how to treat this sickness.

  2. same here, 2 leo’s with mouth rot. Tried doing what the pet store said, which was use peroxide in small amounts and to put neosporin on it. I been doing that but I”m still worried for my pets. If there is any antibiotic I can try to buy somewhere, please let me know via email: [email protected] Thanks to anyone that can help me out.

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