Best Toys For Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos are naturally inquisitive by nature, providing your pet with enrichment will help it remain active and happy.

From giving it places to explore within its own enclosure to providing stimulation outside or when having a bath, are all ways you can provide enrichment for your leopard gecko.

We have listed 17 toys you can provide for your leopard geckos.

1. Small Hammock

Hammocks are a necessity when providing stimulation and enrichment for your leopard gecko.

Made from fabric or mesh, they stick to the side of the enclosure, enabling your pet to climb in and bask.

Please note when choosing a small hammock for your leopard gecko, do not choose mesh, as their nails can get stuck.

2. Bridge

Bridges can make your leopard gecko enclosure more interesting.

Your pet will climb over the bridge and use them as a hide. They may lounge over or under it. It also provides a new place to explore and hide.

Niteangel Suspension Bridge is a great example that is made of natural wood, to provide excellent exploration within the enclosure, helping promote exercise.

This suspension bridge can be placed in any shape, due to its flexibility, enabling you to create the bridge as and where you want it.

3. Playpen

Playpens provide an opportunity for your leopard gecko to explore outside without the risk of being attacked or escaping.

Remember that your pet is small, so choose a playpen with very small holes to reduce the risk of your pet escaping.

Place some climbing logs and a hide or two into the playpen to provide your pet with the safety and place to hide that they need.

4. Swimming Ring

Leopard geckos should only have a bath when it’s really needed, this is when shedding or your pet is dirty. This is usually only once or twice a month, or when needed.

These geckos do not need regular baths, remember that they come from dry areas.

They also cannot swim, which is why adding a swimming ring, not only adds enrichment but helps keep your pet safe.

The Leopard Gecko Bath Collar Ring helps to create safe bathing with non-toxic material, which is a durable vinyl.

The ring has undergone safety testing, to ensure your pet bathes safely.

The swim ring is very easy to use, helping to make bath time fun for your pet.

5. Treat Ball

Treat balls are an excellent way to get your lizard moving and help them get the stimulation that they need.

Treat balls enable you to put food inside, as the gecko pushes the ball around, the food falls out.

It works very well with worms.

It provides mental stimulation and some fun.

6. Ping Pong Ball

Living in captivity can get boring for your leopard gecko, which is why you want to provide stimulation and enrichment.

These geckos love to play and ping pong balls are a safe option.

They are too big for your pet to eat, so this is a major benefit and the plastic balls are easy to clean.

You will find that your leopard gecko will find great fun rolling the balls around.

7. Bed

A cozy bed is not just decorative, but another little place your leopard gecko can explore, hide, and feel safe.

The small pet bed from JanYoo can be used in the playpen or when you allow your pet to roam in the home. It provides a place where they can hide if they feel insecure.

8. Laser Pointer

Laser pointers can be very stimulating for your leopard gecko and a lot of fun for both of you. The pointer tricks your gecko into thinking it’s a bug.

Shine the laser on the floor, move it around and let your reptile take chase. It can get your pet moving and exercising.

Remember not to shine the laser pointer onto your pet and don’t play with this too often, they soon catch on that it’s a trick.

9. Tunnel

Tunnels are great fun for your leopard gecko. Place it in their enclosure to provide another place to hide and explore.

Choose a natural grass tunnel, that is handwoven and safe for your pet.

This fun play accessory will encourage your pet to burrow, explore and hide.

10. Hamster Running Wheels

If you want to encourage your leopard gecko to get some exercise, then you can try a hamster running wheel.

Note that not all geckos take to these, some will use them and some won’t.

The Niteangel Super-Silent Hamster Exercise Wheel offers a silent operation with adjustable height and a solid base.

This is a very durable product made from PS plastic and acrylic and a sturdy design with a choice of colors to choose from.

11. Cat Jingle Balls

Cat jingle balls are popular cat toys, which can make a lot of noise. Leopard geckos enjoy having stimulation and the ability to explore.

These balls can be pushed around in the enclosure or when your pet is safely in its playpen.

12. Seesaw

A wooden seesaw is another great addition to your pet’s enclosure or playpen.

It encourages exercise and balance. It allows your pet to explore the seesaw, climb and balance as it moves across it and it moves.

The Petall Hamster Wooden Seesaw is handmade from natural wood, helping to exercise and explore.

13. Reptile Leaf Litter

In its natural environment, a leopard gecko will explore the ground, hiding under leaf litter and clambering over it.

Leaf litter is ideal for helping keep humidity levels at optimum while providing hiding places for your pet.

It encourages gravid females to lay their eggs. Simply add a layer on top of your regular substrate and watch your pet thrive.

14. Hides

When you think of a hide, you don’t look at it as a toy, but it’s a place that your leopard gecko can explore, hide and get some privacy.

Hides are essential in providing privacy and safety, a place for your leopard gecko to relax. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

The SunGrow Coco Den With Ladder offers a range of benefits for your leopard gecko from hiding and feeling safe, to climbing and trimming nails.

Many of the hides have rough surfaces to help with nails.

If you have a female, it provides a safe place to lay eggs, while a humid hide is ideal to assist with shedding.

15. Digging Box

Instinctively leopard geckos will dig when there is loose substrate. Males and females dig, often so they can hide.

Females that are gravid or pregnant also dig, it’s an ideal place to lay eggs.

Providing a small box with coconut fiber (which is safe for leopard geckos) can encourage digging and egg-laying.

Eco Earth Compressed Coconut is loose coconut fiber made from coconut husks, which is safe for your leopard gecko.

16. Fake Plants

Providing fake or live plants to your leopard geckos enclosure can add enrichment and provide a place to explore, it encourages natural behavior while living in captivity.

Plants provide hiding places where your gecko can hide and enjoy some quiet time.

Some examples of fake plants, includes:

Exo Terra Rainforest Ground Plant

This plant looks realistic, creating a natural hiding place with a weighted base to help it remain upright. Easy to clean and safe for leopard geckos.

Hanging Fake Vines Boston Climbing Terrarium Plant

This plant has been designed for easy cleaning, simply soak in warm water to relax the fabric, giving it a natural look.

It’s quick-drying and easy to maintain.

The plant comes with suction cups to secure to the back of your enclosure.

Made from non-toxic plastic and wire stems, that are safe and durable.

Exo Terra Mandarin Jungle Plant

This jungle plant is an exact replica of the original with dark and light leaves, providing the perfect place for your pet to explore and hide.

Easy to clean and very easy to maintain, it provides the perfect addition to your leopard gecko enclosure.

17. Live Plants

If you are interested in a bio-active setup for your leopard gecko, then there are numerous live plants you can add to provide enrichment and exploration for your leopard gecko.

The live plants have been selected based on their safety for your pet. These include:

Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)

Ponytail palms are upright with leathery leaves, growing up to fifteen feet.

This succulent plant thrives in the leopard gecko enclosure.

Dwarf Apache – Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii)

This is a small version of the plant known as the Crown of Thorns from Madagascar.

The thorny stem bushes out and grows side branches.

Foliage is broad-leaf.

When in your pet’s enclosure, it enjoys drying out slightly between watering.


When you keep a leopard gecko, you need to think of what it does in the wild, how it gets stimulation and enrichment, and then try and mimic those.

Your pet needs to keep active, alert, and have plenty of places to hide and feel secure.

The toys mentioned are great additions for inside and outside the enclosure, ensuring your leopard gecko gets all the exercise and stimulation it needs.