Best Hammock For Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are not the best climbers, but they do love some height and comfort. Dragons tend to spend a high percentage of their day basking in the sunlight, soaking up the essential UV rays that they need to keep them healthy.

They love being comfortable while doing it and the hammock has proven highly effective in providing comfort and also encouraging climbing and moving around the tank, keeping your reptile fit and healthy.

The bearded dragon hammock can enhance relaxation, it can encourage exercise and it can be used for basking or hiding. A welcome addition to your enclosure when creating a comfortable habitat for your dragon.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Like Hammocks

What is it about the hammock that appeals to your bearded dragon? Dragons of all ages will happily clamber onto a hammock and relax.

Bearded dragons are immediately drawn to a hammock as it provides them with a comfortable basking place, an excellent hiding place and it’s fantastic when it’s time to shed, the dragon rubs against the hammock during this time to relieve itching and help with the shedding process.

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Best Bearded Dragon Hammock

Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock Reptile Lounger

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The Niteangle Bearded Dragon Hammock is a reptile lounger that has been made from hand woven seaweed to provide a soft and sturdy hammock or lounger for your reptile pet.

Complete with strong suction cups and leather strings, this hammock comes in three sizes, ensuring you find the right solution for your dragon.


  • Soft and sturdy
  • Hammock or lounger
  • Made from hand woven sea grass
  • Three sizes – Rectangle 16”x18”, Triangle 17”x12.5”, Rectangle 28.5”x7.2”


  • Thick and hard to maneuverer
  • Suction cups don’t stick well
  • Subject to mold

Carolina Hammock for Bearded Dragons

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This is a pretty pink hammock that is comfortable, providing the bearded dragon with an elevated position, ideal for basking and hiding. The hammock comes complete with suction cups, it is hand sewn and suitable for most enclosures, including plastic, acrylic and glass.


  • Comfortable material
  • Decent size 16”x16”x22”
  • Comes with three suction hooks rated for up to 3 pounds of weight
  • Hand sewn


  • Suction cups lose effectiveness over time

Zoo Med Repti Hammock For Reptiles

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Zoo Med offers a welcome resting place for your bearded dragon to help reduce stress and make use of unused space. Available in two sizes and made from nylon mesh, this hammock is strong, durable and long lasting.


  • Made from strong and durable nylon mesh
  • Available in two sizes: 14.2” and 17.5”


  • Feet and nails hook in the mesh
  • Suction cups does not work well

AUBBC Bearded Dragon Hammock

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This bearded dragon hammock is made from one hundred percent natural sea grass providing a comfortable lounger for your reptile pet. Durable, comfortable and easy to install, this hammock not only comes with free accessories but also with a full one hundred percent money back guarantee.


  • 100% natural sea grass
  • Suitable for most reptiles
  • Size 12.5”x12.5”x16.5”
  • Free items include a bendable jungle vine, a bendable vine with leaves, three hooks and feeding dish.


  • Sticky hooks fall off causing the hammock and dragon to fall
  • Flimsy in design

ADOGGYGO Reptile Hammock

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This is a comfortable hammock available in a funky camouflage color, which can blend in with your tank decor with ease. The perfect place for your dragon to relax and play. This hammock is available in a large size, suitable for younger and adult bearded dragons.


  • Comes with sticky hooks, not suction cups which can work for all enclosures, including wood, plastic, acrylic, and glass
  • Machine washable
  • Size 15.7” x 15.7” x 19.7” – suitable for adult and junior dragons
  • Comfortable


  • Cannot move the sticky hoods

Where to Put Your Bearded Dragon Hammock 

The next important decision you need to make when it comes to adding a hammock to your bearded dragon enclosure is where to place it.

The hammock is very versatile and can be used both inside and outside of the tank, which makes it the ideal accessory for any dragon owner.

The first place where you can place your bearded dragon hammock is in your dragon basking area. As you know your dragon loves to sit under the heat lamps during the day, soaking up the heat and essential UV rays.

Placing the hammock in the basking area, enables your dragon to lie comfortably, relaxing and soaking up the rays they need to ensure optimum health.

The second option is to place the hammock anywhere in the enclosure to be used as a hiding place. Dragons like to have somewhere they can go and hide.

Sometimes they need some time to themselves and having the hammock in the tank, enables your dragon to move away from the heat and hide away from watchful eyes. Hiding helps to reduce stress, especially in dragons that are on display all day in glass tanks.

bearded dragon hammock in a car

If your dragon loves going out with you, then the hammock can be the perfect way to travel with your pet. The hammock can be used in the car, providing a safe and comfortable place where your dragon can relax during the trip.

This reduces the risk of your dragon running around the vehicle, getting caught under your feet and keeping you distracted from the road.

It’s recommended to install your hammock at different heights and using different configurations, this offers your dragon a new and interesting environment, while encouraging exercise through climbing.

Essential Considerations When Buying a Bearded Dragon Hammock


The size of the hammock is a very important factor to take into consideration when buying a bearded dragon hammock. You need the hammock big enough for your dragon to get comfortable, but it also needs to fit into the enclosure.

A full-sized hammock in a small tank will take over the tank, not leaving much room for anything else.

A full sized adult bearded dragon can weigh up to 500g, if not more and they can measure up to 24 inches when at full size. This means you need a hammock which is sized from 12 to 24 inches.

In addition to the tank size, you also want to pay very close attention to the type of tank you are using. The majority of bearded dragon hammocks come with suction cups.

Suction cups are only effective when used in glass, plastic or acrylic tanks. You may have to look for adhesive hooks which can replace the suction cups, this will enable you to add the hammock to a wooden enclosure.

Mesh or Non-Mesh

Bearded dragon hammocks come in a choice of materials and options, including mesh and non-mesh designs.

The mesh bearded dragon hammocks are often made of sea grass, which makes it a natural option to add to your enclosure.

If you are working on creating the ultimate natural enclosure for your dragon, adding a mesh sea grass hammock may result in the perfect finish to your design.

The benefit of mesh is that it provides a welcome place for your dragon to rub on when they are shedding, helping to relieve itching and help with the shedding process.

Of course, using mesh also comes with a host of disadvantages which should be taken into consideration, including the risk of your dragon’s feet and claws getting stuck in the mesh.

Often the mesh is made from sea grass or plastic, these cannot be washed in the washing machine and will require hand cleaning, often using a toothbrush to brush off any dirt and debris.

Heat Resistance

Heat resistance is another very important factor to take into consideration when buying a bearded dragon hammock. If you want to place the hammock in the basking area, then you need to ensure the material can be placed in a heated area for long periods.

One of the many problems experienced isn’t only choosing the wrong material, but the suction cups used to hold up the hammock struggles with the heat, causing the suction cups to lose their suction, which can result in the hammock falling. Make your decision with care.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleanliness is essential to the overall health of your bearded dragon, which means cleaning their tank thoroughly using a mild detergent to eliminate the risk of dangerous pathogens and pests.

The same applies when cleaning the hammock, which is why you will want to take ease of cleaning into consideration. Some hammocks can simply be thrown into the washing machine, while others will require hand cleaning.

Suction Cups

suction cups

The suction cups appear to be the weakest part of any bearded dragon hammock and this is why you want to pay close attention to this detail to ensure the suction cups or hooks that come with the hammock can handle the weight of a fully grown adult dragon, which can be up to 500 grams or more.

How to Hang a Hammock

Hanging a hammock is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the ropes to the suction cups provided
  2. Choose the height you want to place the hammock in the enclosure
  3. Ensure the curved front edge is low enough for your dragon to climb onto with ease
  4. Wipe the suckers and the tank wall to ensure they are clean, eliminate dust which will help with the suction cup sticking to the side of the tank and reducing the risk of the hammock falling.
  5. Stick the hammock to the back or side walls of the enclosure and let your dragon enjoy their new and comfortable space

How to Clean a Bearded Dragon Hammock 

There are a number of ways in which a bearded dragon hammock can be cleaned. This is determined by the material chosen.

One of the most common ways to clean a bearded dragon hammock is to remove any dirt and poo using an old toothbrush, as it is easier to get off when the hammock is dry.

If you have chosen plastic or sea grass, then these materials cannot be machine washed, but they can be soaked in hot water for five minutes. The majority of bearded dragon owners add some mild detergent to the water, give the hammock a good wash and rinse and then allow to dry.

Other materials, which are not plastic or sea grass, can be machine washed, making it even easier to clean the hammock when cleaning the rest of the enclosure.

Tips to Using Suction Cups

Suction cups which have not been installed properly can result in a fall for your bearded dragon. In most cases the reason the hammock falls when the dragon climbs in is due to the suction cups.

Before starting, both the surface and the suction cups need to be cleaned, removing any dust and debris. It’s recommended that you wash the cup with warm soapy water and dry with a lint free cloth. The cups will not adhere to a dirty or dusty surface.

You can enhance the suction by using some Vaseline or cooking oil on the rim of the cup. The cup should be pressed firmly all the way down onto the surface. To ensure you remove all air bubbles, push down a few times on the suction cup to ensure a secure seal.

Remember temperature and humidity variations can cause the cups to come loose. They are most reliable in temperatures ranging from 22 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your bearded dragon hammock is down to personal preference. The mesh options tend to leave an opportunity where your dragon can get their nails or feet caught, which can result in a serious accident. But the sea grass woven designs are best for naturally designed enclosures.

Many bearded dragon owners prefer the non-mesh options, which are not only safer and reduce the risk of feet and nails getting caught, but they are machine washable making it easier to keep the tank clean.

The Pink Batik fabric design from Carolina and the canvas design from ADOGGYGO are arguably the best options that eliminate the risk of catching nails and causing damage. These can be used for dragons of all sizes and are suitable for larger enclosures.

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