Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO Terrarium Hood Review

The Zoo Med Reptisun T5 High Output bulb offers both UVA and UVB in a stronger output.

The High output T5 lights are great for large and tall enclosures, providing effective UVB penetration to keep your reptile happy and healthy.

The bulb is available in a 5.0 and 10.0 version and in a variety of lengths, which can be used effectively with the terrarium hood.

This hood is low profile to increase light and UV output.

It is used in conjunction with the Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO lamps, which are safe and effective in providing UVB.

The highly polished reflector is curved to ensure the best efficiency.

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  • Low profile design
  • Energy efficient
  • Electronic ballast for rapid start and best lamp performance
  • Polished curved reflector increases lamp efficiency


  • Risk of smoking
  • The price is a bit high

Design and Features

The Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO Terrarium Hood offers a sleek low profile design.

The black plastic hood has a curved reflector which offers the best lighting, ideal for deep and large enclosures.

The lamp is the strongest of the ReptiSun lamps, they are double the strength of T8 fluorescents, offering visible light, UVA and UVB.

The hood offers an energy efficiency ballast with a fast start and providing maximum lamp performance.

The curved reflector is highly polished to ensure the best in lamp efficiency.

The hood comes with 5 sizes to suit for different reptile enclosures: 15 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch.

The hood works perfectly with ReptiSun T5 HO fluorescent bulbs (both UVB 5.0 and UVB 10.0) to provide UVA, UVB and visible light.

Hood Size

Suitable for


14 inch

15 Watt, 12 inch, ReptiSun T5 HO lamp

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24 inch

24 Watt, 22 inch, ReptiSun T5 HO lamp

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30 inch

24 Watt, 22 inch, ReptiSun T5 HO lamp

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36 inch

39 Watt, 34 inch, ReptiSun T5 HO lamp

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48 inch

54 Watt, 46 inch, ReptiSun T5 HO lamp

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Some of the Best Features Include

  • Sleek low profile design
  • Highly polished curved reflector for maximum light output
  • High performance and fast start with T5 HO electronic ballast (double the strength of T8 fluorescents)
  • Use with ReptiSun T5 HO fluorescent bulbs to provide UVA, UVB and visible light

Accessories and Parts

The hood is an excellent investment, ensuring you provide ample UVA and UVB for your reptile pet.

You want to ensure you make the enclosure as natural as possible for your pet, which means providing them with adequate lighting and UV rays during the day time.

A timer, such as the Zoo Med Laboratories Repti Day Night Timer can be a great investment.

This timer is easy to set up and provides day and night timer options to ensure your pet receives the most natural experience when living in captivity.

Installation and Usage

Once you have selected the appropriate bulb, you will want to ensure the lamp is unplugged when you remove or install the lamp.

Installing the lamp is quick and easy.

Simply fit into the fixture by inserting the pins into the lamp holders and rotating the lamp with one quarter turn.

Place the fixture over the terrarium, above your screen cover.

Insert the plug into the power and turn it on.

The on and off switch can be found at the back of the hood.


The hood is designed to be mounted outside the enclosure, placed over your mesh screen.

There are concerns that the mesh lid can reduce UV penetration into the enclosure.

The hood is not to be used in wet or damp conditions and therefore is not recommended to be placed inside the terrarium.


  • Never exceed the electrical rating
  • Do not repair, splice or modify the cord before use
  • Do not use in wet conditions. Indoor use only
  • Ensure plug is fully inserted
  • Always unplug the power cord when changing or inserting the bulb
  • Never cover with any material
  • Do not modify or alter the product
  • There are no user-serviceable parts – do not attempt to repair yourself
  • Gives off UV rays
  • Do not stare into the light
  • Light to be placed overhead and not to the side
  • Lamp should be mounted a minimum of six inches from the basking platform

Is This a Good Value Product?

Overall, the Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO Terrarium Hood is a good quality product which can help you provide the essential visual light and UV your reptile needs.

This is suitable for first-time reptile owners, breeders, and those looking to set up an emergency hospital enclosure.

It works with both ReptiSun T5 HO UVB 5.0 and ReptiSun T5 HO UVB 5.0 bulbs.

ReptiSun UVB 5.0 T5 High Output

These bulbs are suitable for reptiles that come from a tropical and temperate climate and for terrariums up to eighteen inches in height.

These bulbs are suitable for:

  • Green Iguana
  • Day Gecko
  • Anole
  • Chinese Water Dragon
  • Aquatic Turtles
  • Box Turtles
  • Tortoise
  • Panther Chameleon
  • Jackson’s Chameleon
  • Veiled Chameleon

ReptiSun UVB 10.0 T5 High Output

The ReptiSun 10.0 T5 bulb is suitable for desert reptiles who are housed in terrariums up to thirty inches in height. The following species will benefit from this lighting solution:

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Monitors
  • Tegus
  • All Desert Reptiles


This Zoo Med Reptisun T5 HO Terrarium Hood is a neat and convenient hood which can be placed over your terrarium, hiding the lighting and wiring, keeping your enclosure looking neat and tidy. Suitable for all reptiles that need UV rays in order to maintain optimum health.

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