White Spots On Ball Python

Have you noticed white spots on your ball python recently, but can’t find anything else wrong? When your pet suddenly starts showing changes to their skin, it is a concern. You have to wonder if they have a skin infection, if there is something seriously wrong.

The good news is that white spots on your ball python are usually not something to be overly concerned about. Here are some of the reasons your python may have white spots on its body.

Stuck Shed

Ball pythons, as with other snakes, will shed on a regular basis. They shed more as they are growing, making room for their growth by getting rid of their old skin and replacing it with new.

It’s not uncommon for a shed to get slightly stuck, where not all the old skin comes off at once. Small white spots here and there after your pet has shed could simply be leftover shed.

You can give your pet a warm bath to soak in for fifteen minutes to half an hour to see if it comes off or provide it with a humid hide to help with the shedding process.

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Natural Marking

As with humans, we get different marks and spots on us as we age and the same could be happening to your ball python.

If you have a juvenile that is growing quickly, this could simply be a natural marking that is developing.


Abrasions can occur both inside and outside the enclosure, which can present themselves as a white spot or spots.

If you think it is an abrasion on your pet, ensure you clean the area thoroughly before returning it to the enclosure.

Keep a close eye on the white spots to ensure that they don’t become infected.

Pigment Loss

while spots on ball python
White spots on a ball python due to pigment loss

Pigment loss is not uncommon with ball pythons. This usually occurs after a shed. Don’t worry it will rectify itself with the next shed.


Most white spots on a ball python do not cause serious concern unless it is an abrasion. Abrasions must be kept clean and monitored.

White spots can occur at any age, often completely harmless and something that will rectify itself.

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