REPTI ZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier Review

The REPTI ZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier is overall a good product if you want to use it for a single enclosure.

While it offers a host of great features and benefits for amphibian and reptile owners of pets that require high humidity, the humidifier does have some drawbacks, which need to be taken into consideration.

What makes this a good product is the fact it can save you money, by incorporating the humidifier and timer into one misting solution, ideal for when you need to leave home for work or for a weekend.

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  • Large 4-liter capacity
  • Easy filling
  • Adjustable tubes
  • Choice of misting levels
  • Smart touch screen with memory function
  • Sleep mode
  • Top-fill design


  • The humidifier gives off an annoying beep that cannot be silenced when using with a timer
  • If hose not installed correctly, water can run back into the unit causing it to malfunction

Design and Features

The REPTI ZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier comes in four parts, the base unit, which includes the engine, the 4L tank, which fits into the base unit, the lid, and then the flexible tubing.

It offers a sleek pod-like design which can be used next to your terrarium with confidence.

High Capacity

The large four-liter water capacity is very beneficial, offering twelve working hours of maximum mist.

The large capacity is also long lasting, reducing the need to regularly refill the water.

Top-Fill Design

The top-fill design offers the convenience of refilling the tank without having to take the entire dehumidifier apart. It’s quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Adjustable Mist Levels

You stay in control of the amount of misting your pet needs. Choose from three levels; 100m/h, 200m/h and 300m/h.

Sleep Mode

Put your humidifier into sleep mode to reduce the risk of it being annoying when sleeping or working.

Quiet Operation

The REPTI ZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier provides a near silent noise, which reduces noise in the terrarium.

LED Touch Control

Easy to use touch control design enables you to change between modes within a second.

Auto Shut Down

The auto shut down feature comes into play when the humidifier runs out of water. This is a safety feature that protects the device.

Semi-Transparent Water Tank

The semi-transparent water tank helps you to observe the water levels at all times, ensuring that you can top it up as and when needed.

Flexible Hoses / Tubes

The flexible hoses come with suction cups and can extend to ensure accurate placement to achieve the best humidity results in the enclosure.

For more information on the REPTI ZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier, see here.

Parts and Accessories

Zilla Reptile Habitat Lighting & Terrarium Heat Power Center

This Zilla digital timer can be used with the REPTI ZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier, enabling you to enjoy daily programming with on and off switch that gives you complete control of the habitat’s humidity.

The digital timer has eight outlets, four daytime/ night time outlets, and four constant power outlets.

This is easy to use with LCD display and digital programming. It can handle up to 15 amps or 1875 watts.

The device offers to the minute accuracy with simple controls to create a weekly schedule to schedule misting as needed to maintain accurate humidity levels at all times.

It offers a rugged design with a full twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty.

PETSPIONEER 3 in 1 Temperature & Humidity Controller

This PETSPIONEER 3 in 1 Temperature & Humidity Controller offers an effortless setup, complete with three output sockets which are constantly monitoring and controlling your humidity levels.

It can also be used as a timer, making it a beneficial addition to your REPTI ZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier.

Quickly change between desert or tropical mode with one click or adjust the settings in advanced modes.

The humidity controller controls temperatures between 32ºF and 122ºF and humidity levels between ten and ninety percent.

It is a full twenty-four-hour system with day and night humidity and temperature modes, which can be set and controlled separately.

It overs an overload function and a power failure function, ensuring it keeps settings when restarted.

Usage and Maintenance

Quick Seven Step Installation

  • Clean humidifier inside and out – do not submerge the main engine compartment in water.
  • Clip the large 4-liter capacity water tank to the engine base.
  • Once in place add the lid to the top of the tank and fill with water
  • Fit hoses into place
  • Plug into mains
  • Turn on
  • Set timer and misting levels

How to Set Up the Timer

This humidifier comes with a built-in timer, which carries out two important functions.

The first is to set how often the misting interval should be and the second it to set how long the misting time per mist should be.

The first timer is the “CT” timer. This adjusts the mist time. You use this to set how often the misting should take place. You have a choice of six intervals with 0 being a permanent mist without any interruption and 1 being one misting per hour. If you choose to use an external controller, you must set the “CT” button to 0.

The second timer you are going to want to set up is the “WT” timer, which adjusts the length of each misting. It also offers six intervals to choose from. 1 indicates a misting duration of one minute, 2 is two minutes and so on, up to 120, which is for two hours.

How to Adjust Misting Levels

To adjust the misting level, you will want to push the “mist” button on the LED display and set it to the desired level. There are three misting levels:

  • Low – 100m/h
  • Medium – 200m/h
  • High – 300m/h

How to Put Humidifier into Sleep Mode

Push and hold the “Mist” button for approximately three seconds. This will turn off the LED display, while the humidifier continues to mist.

How Do I Install the Hose?

Ensure you keep the hose at a right angle. This prevents the risk of water backing up into the engine and causing the device to stop working.


Maintenance should be carried out once a month or if you notice the humidifier stops producing mist or starts leaking.

  • Get two brushes, one for the bucket and one for the gaps
  • Separate the pieces of the humidifier so you can clean each one individually
  • Clean the cover with a mild detergent and water, rinsing well
  • Locate the plug at the base of the tank and press to remove the device and clean
  • Clean the main engine chamber, but do not submerge in water. Use a brush to remove dust and dirt
  • Put the pieces back together again, refill and turn on

Is This a Good Value Product?

The REPTIZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier is a good quality product to provide humility into one enclosure.

It is a sleek design, it’s easy to use and comes with a timing unit incorporated, which can save you money in your enclosure set up.

The downside of the humidifier is the very annoying alarm that rings, even when put on silent mode.

The best solution is to not use this humidifier on enclosures in the bedroom, ensuring it doesn’t disturb your sleep.

The REPTI ZOO humidifier is suitable for reptile and amphibian owners who want to provide accurate humidity to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Suitable for beginners and seasoned reptile and amphibian owners, this humidifier is great to provide misting when you are at work or when going away for a few days.

The humidifier is best suited for reptiles and amphibians with specific humidity needs, such as leopard geckos, frogs, and more.


The REPTIZOO 4L Digital Timing Humidifier is a good quality product that produces mist into the enclosure when you are not there to do it yourself. The pros definitely weigh up the cons when it comes to ease of use, convenience, and versatility.

Quality – 95%

Decent product, quick and easy setup, enables you to see water levels quickly, choice of misting levels, and durations

Ease of Use – 90%

Very easy to use, simply soak in water and allow to absorb and expand.

Value for Money – 95%

Save money by enjoying the convenience of the misting system and timer in one device.

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