7 Red Dragonfly Spiritual Meanings And Symbolism

Red dragonflies are some of the striking types of dragonflies you can find.

These flies are highly memorable and they can even appear in your dreams given they stand out with their red color.

Red dragonflies have deep spiritual meanings in certain countries. They are the symbol of courage in Japan and the symbol of love in other cultures.

Red dragonflies can also be associated with the riches of the fall harvest.

Red Dragonfly Spiritual Meanings

1. Red dragonflies symbolize romance

Love is the most important symbol of red dragonflies. These types of insects are dominated by red, the true color of romantic love.

Some regions of the flies are black. The symbolism of red and black is closely tied to the idea of true love and not of passing love in many cultures.

Some people prefer to have a red dragonfly tattoo as a symbol of love or cherishing their partner.

The colorful dragonflies can be interpreted as a sign of love when spotted.

A couple seeing a red dragonfly is believed to be a couple in love with a love that lasts forever in many cultures across the world.

Red dragonflies have black legs. The contrasting red and black color of these insects is what signifies eternal love.

In Italy, red and black color combinations are known as ‘rossoneri’. This is attributed to the eternal love of a sports team that’s similar to the eternal love of a romantic partner.

2. Rejuvenation is a symbol of red dragonflies

Red is also the color of rejuvenation or rebirth. A person with a high inner drive is known as a person that can be symbolized by a red nuance.

You can feel rejuvenated whenever you take on a new hobby or whenever you go on a holiday.

Seeing a red dragonfly might mean you need new energy or new passion in your life.

This can also mean getting a new partner or getting into a relationship.

Rejuvenation is also possible by taking better care of your body. You can feel rejuvenated after visiting a spa, after going on a hike, or after taking a break and going on a relaxing holiday.

Seeing a red dragonfly can be a symbol of rejuvenation is needed in one or multiple areas of your life.

You can feel liberated by your juvenile body and mind. New motivation for life and work can come out of rejuvenation.

3. Natural riches of the fall

Some cultures attribute red dragonflies to the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall, a time of riches.

This insect appears in August in Japan and it can be seen as the first sign that fall is about to come.

Fall is the season of picking fruit and gathering all the vegetables in the garden. Red dragonflies are quoted in Japanese literature and are often spoken of in poems that speak of the fall months.

This is one of the species with a large impact on the perception of seasonal changes which shape life itself.

Temperate climates around the world are known for their 4 seasons. The changing of these seasons is often tied to deep symbolism which is interpreted in different ways.

Apart from the riches of the fall, seasonal changes also mark the end of summer with red dragonflies.

It’s the end of a considerable amount of time spent outdoors.

This can also be tied to going into a period of more self-reflection as you look deeper into your persona.

Seasonal changes are sometimes even seen as a bad event as a result. You might not be happy that summer is over, especially when it comes to relationships fostered by the summer months.

Summer love is said to end in the fall but red dragonflies are tied to romantic love that lasts forever and should go survive the fall.

You can expect eternal love when a red dragonfly appears in a dream

Dreaming about a red dragonfly almost has a deeper symbolism than seeing one of these insects.

Red dragonflies that you remember dreaming about are a time of self-reflection, mainly about love in your life.

You can dream about a red dragonfly and be reassured your partner is the love of your life as symbolism.

On the other hand, you might dream of a red dragonfly whenever you aren’t sure your partner is the right life-long person to be with.

It’s always the time to analyze your romantic relationship whenever you dream about these vivid red insects.

You can also think about ways of meeting someone whenever you’re single and you dream about a red dragonfly.

Some people need to change habits, hobbies, or even homes to find the right person or to get into situations that would allow them to find the right person for a relationship.

The symbolism of red dragonflies in dreams is always tied to the idea of getting a green light to pursue that life-long loving person.

4. A red dragonfly landing on yourself is a confirmation of love

One of the most important symbols of seeing red dragonflies in dreams is the confirmation of love.

You might already be in a romantic relationship and dreaming about this insect is a symbol of your strong bond.

Red is the color of mature love or the true love that lasts.

This is often interpreted as the most important symbolism of dreaming about a red dragonfly whenever you’re already in a relationship.

This can be a short or a long relationship.

Red dragonflies are seen as insects that encompass a daring or a bold relationship as well, not just a standard romantic relation attributed to friendly-looking ladybirds.

Your relationship might be succeeding against all odds. Dreaming about a red dragonfly can symbolize the love of a relationship with a considerable age gap or a relationship between partners of different backgrounds.

Relationships that are strong despite all odds are the types of relationships that are closer and stronger compared to others.

You might be in a relationship where you feel you have family or friends against you. Dreaming about a red dragonfly can be interpreted as a sign you’re with the right person.

5. Seeing a red dragonfly in the garden is a sign of good luck

One of the less discussed symbols of red dragonflies is their good luck charm. These insects are known for their role in the ecosystem and gardens.

They eat all types of mosquitoes, mites, and other pests that invade crops and gardens.

Seeing a red dragonfly is a positive sign that predatory insects can help fruits, vegetables, and a home’s comfort by eliminating mosquitoes.

Killing red dragonflies isn’t recommended due to their positive role in nature.

These insects can eliminate mosquitoes in backyards or gardens with ponds or pools. These water sources are ideal for breeding mosquitoes.

As a result, red dragonflies are liberating symbols that you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable evenings outdoors without seeing any mosquitoes.

6. Virility as a strength

Another less common interpretation of red dragonflies is virility itself. Tied to its romantic symbolism, the red dragonfly is a species that encompasses the virile nature of a relationship.

You might also be thinking about children and grandchildren whenever you dream about a red dragonfly landing on a male partner.

You might also interpret the landing on the insect on yourself as being a virile person who’s about to have children.

Virility is associated with red dragonflies more than with ladybirds which are mostly tied to the partnership love without children.

Dreaming about a red dragonfly can also be a sign you need to take action to have children of your own.

7. Courage

Some Asian cultures correlate red dragonflies to the idea of courage. You can be a courageous person whenever you get involved in courageous acts.

This means seeing this insect is a sign you need to see where courage is needed in your life.

You might need a bit of courage to ask your partner to marry you as red dragonflies are tied to love.

But you can also need courage in other areas of your life. Your career and other relationships might need courage.

Seeing red dragonflies might mean you need to ask for a deserved raise or promotion.

You might also need to take charge of certain friendships that risk being lost.

Courage might also be needed in the form of a life-long goal. A courageous person often encourages others to be courageous as well.

This is why you might need to live by example and think about courage as a life-long goal.

Red dragonfly tattoo symbolism

These tattoos are seen as symbols of a freer individual that doesn’t abide by the standard symbols of love.

One of the more common symbols of love in the world of tattoos is the red-spotted ladybird.

Those who consider a tattoo of a red dragonfly want to emphasize their appreciation for their partners are unique.

Some cultures don’t permit red dragonfly tattoos as these insects are seen as sacred.

It can be prohibited to have a red dragonfly tattoo in certain areas of the world.

Other Red Color Interpretations

This vivid color is full of symbolism. It’s tied to some of the meaningful events of life.

Feelings of happiness

Love, courage, and riches are all tied to being happy. Seeing a red dragonfly can be interpreted as a good time to think about the joys in your life.

Being happy sometimes comes naturally to some people. In other cases, being happy is a conscious choice.

You might need to practice gratitude to be truly happy.

In some situations, you might need to reach your true potential to be happy.

Seeing or dreaming about a red dragonfly is a good time to think about what makes you happy and what your life goals were as a young person.

Going back to those goals might eventually make you happy.

You might also interpret seeing a red dragonfly as a sign to think about what makes you happy as a family or a couple in your love life.

You might need to take action in determining common things and activities that make both you and your partner happy.

Dreaming about a red dragonfly after someone passes away

Some people dream about red dragonflies soon after a close person dies.

This can be a life-long partner or anyone close such as a friend or a family member.

Such dreams are tied to the idea that the person that passes still loves and appreciates you beyond death.

This is the symbol of eternal love or eternal appreciation. You might think that losing someone makes true love go away.

Seeing red dragonflies in dreams is a sign that true love never dies. Even the idea of a person that has passed can trigger many pleasant memories.

The symbolism here is tied to eternity and something greater than a person, a goal, or something that can easily be replaced.


Red dragonflies are some of the most representative types of insects when it comes to symbolism.

These dragonflies look so different that they become memorable. This is tied to true symbolism.

Memorable red insects such as red dragonflies are tied to true romantic love. This is the type of love that lasts a lifetime.

Red dragonflies are also tied to love making it despite all odds.

This is not the type of insect portrayed in the media as one to announce love such as ladybirds.

However, red dragonflies are mentioned in world literature as the insects that announce love and as insects that speak about courage and harvesting times.

These are all happy times and good occasions.

Red dragonflies also have a positive role as they eat many pests and insects such as mosquitoes.

Seeing them in your garden has positive symbolism, just as when it comes to dreaming about them.

Getting a red dragonfly tattoo is also considered to be representative of a person that stands out from the crown. This insect is not one that many consider a tattoo. It can be a tattoo that symbolizes atypical love or love that initially had very few chances for success.