8 Black Wasp Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

Black wasps are some of the most feared types of wasps in the world of insects. Some black wasps can sting, which makes them a species many are afraid of.

Other wasps can have a positive role through their diet that involves eating detrimental species such as leaf-eating caterpillars.

The symbolism of black wasps is mostly tied to the idea of communication, courage, and the ability to protect their surroundings.

Wasps aren’t very good communicators. Outside of their species, they might even attach any insect or animal that gets in their range.

Black wasps can also sting people in the area of the nest even if humans aren’t aggressive.

The meanings associated with seeing or dreaming black wasps are abrupt when compared to seeing or dreaming yellow and black wasps.

1. You need better communication skills

The symbolism of black wasps is a powerful insect that can sting and even kill all types of insects and animals.

People are afraid of black wasps and they have good reasons to stay away.

Some black wasps are very aggressive when seeing or approaching other species. They can even tackle prey that’s a few times larger than wasps as they are aggressive by nature.

A highly aggressive character is considered a character that has poor communication skills. An aggressive person has a difficult time verbalizing emotions and desires.

This type of person resorts to aggression to show superiority in some cases.

It might be time to assess your communication skills whenever seeing a black wasp or whenever a black wasp appears in your dream.

Lowering aggression levels has its perks. You can become more tolerant of others or you might also become a person that finally has time to listen or to understand others.

Aggression can be an active manifestation as it can also be something you do not resort to on purpose.

You need to analyze your communication skills to see where high aggression is present.

Some people might be generally aggressive while others can be aggressive just in certain situations.

Aggression sometimes has its triggers.

  • Some common aggression triggers include.
  • Events not unfolding to your expectation
  • Low reciprocity among partners
  • Setting very high standards
  • Not taking responsibility for your actions

All of these can trigger active or passive aggression in your life. It might be time to address all of these whenever you seek out the symbolism of black wasps.

2. Tackling inner fear

Wasps sometimes seem to be fearless insects. They can attack boards, bears, and even humans if they feel under threat.

Wasps actively attack larger predators such as scorpions and spiders knowing they can die in their attempts.

A wasp eating a spider

It seems many black wasps are fearless insects that are never afraid.

The meaning of black wasps is also tied to the idea of not fearing anything or doing things that need to be done without fearing consequences as much.

Inner courage is needed in many situations. It might be a rare trait in the world of corporate careers where speaking out might not come easy.

It can also be difficult to show inner courage in personal relationships. You might be living with an abusive partner, a situation where speaking out or showing courage is more difficult.

Seeing a black wasp multiple times might be a sign you need to gather internal resources to finally show courage.

You might need to tackle all of your inner fears before you show courage.

This involves looking at fear triggers or what makes you fearful. This can be anything and even be related to finances.

You might be fearful of getting a loan or you might be fearful of spending some money on yourself after going through a long period of savings.

All of these are inner fears and most of them are extremes of a situation. Talking to a psychologist might be a good idea in dealing with all of your inner fears.

3. A possible bully you need to face

Wasps are very good at attacking prey either alone or in groups. Their innate courage is what makes them stand out to people or animals threatening their colony or nests.

One of the most important symbols of black wasps is tackling your inner fears and especially bullies or people who put you down constantly.

Seeing a black wasp in your dream indicates you need to move past all initial fears and confront the situation or the person that’s making you feel bad when you don’t deserve it.

Bullies are sometimes only imagined in schools. But they can also be in our lives as friends, parents, sons or daughters, neighbors, or colleagues at work.

All bullies and bullying situations tend to make us feel vulnerable.

Many species know to stay away from black wasps as they tackle bullies and bullying situations. You need to stand up for yourself more and learn from black wasps.

4. Protecting yourself and your family at all costs

Black wasps are very good at protecting their nests. They attack those approaching the nest before they get too close, in many situations.

Some black wasps are never really seen from a short distance in their nests as they build these nests in areas that are hard to reach.

The symbolism of these tactics involves plenty of protection of the nests or the family.

You can learn from these tactics yourself and protect your family and the people around you at all costs. Black wasps are fearless when it comes to attacking animals approaching their nests as well.

This is why you need to exercise becoming fearless and protecting your family.

One meaning of seeing black wasps is taking better care of your children. It’s often children or the elderly that are the most vulnerable in society.

These are groups that need protection from the family or the entire society.

Black wasps know to spot danger immediately and do anything they can to stop a threat before getting too close to the nest.

5. Dealing with contrasting opinions

Some black wasps aren’t fully black. The Bald-faced hornet is one of the black wasps with white areas across the face and the body.

This type of contrast is tied to the communication skills you need to improve whenever seeing black wasps.

It might be a hint you need to take this symbol as the green light to start listening to opinions you don’t agree with.

It might have been a long time since you’ve listened to something you strongly disagree with.

Seeing a black-and-white wasp in a dream might signal the need to start caring for other opinions more.

This might be difficult to do whenever you’re in a position of power. You might be in charge of a department at work or be a business owner who struggles to listen to those around you.

It might be time to give some time to others to bring up their ideas and grievances even if you think they lack a solid foundation or the experience you have to see the big picture.

All of these are communication skills contrasting colors on black wasps symbolize.

You will start seeing things differently and most importantly, you’ll give others the chance to speak their mind when they haven’t had this opportunity before.

6. Properly presenting yourself without masks

Taking all masks off and showing yourself as you truly are is liberating, but also difficult. Black wasps know this too well.

Often mistaken for bees or other insects, black wasps wear these masks other species associated them with.

Some wasps are even confused with bees.

While they might resemble bees, black wasps don’t have the traits bees are known for in most cases.

The meaning of masks and being associated with another species can be extrapolated to humans. You need to become your true person in front of everybody to live a satisfying life.

Taking masks off is difficult as it can trigger others to see you differently. These fears are mostly tied to change, which isn’t always positively seen.

You should not fear the change in perception of others whenever you don’t react as they expect you to react.

Stand up for your beliefs is going to make others see you differently. Some people agree with your true self while others don’t.

The main idea is that not everybody is going to like you but you should still not wear masks in your career, relationship, or in your personal life.

7. New beginnings (if you take the first step)

Black wasps are often associated with new beginnings. These wasps can sting and they can be a wakeup call to stand back or to respect their space.

In itself, this is a new beginning to the relationships you have with wasps.

At the same time, these new beginnings are signs you need to see others differently and that you need to take on every new opportunity that you get.

New beginnings are complicated and they involve stepping into the unknown. Some black wasps seen in dreams should be associated with the idea of starting over.

This might involve changing jobs or even going back to school to learn new skills and adapt to new openings you might not otherwise have access to.

Life is a journey of learning and those that have diverse experiences tend to embrace new opportunities.

It’s time to look at these opportunities in your life and start taking the steps that bring you closer to them.

Black wasps are good at eating whenever they get the chance. Many only eat occasionally. This is an idea of going after opportunities when they present themselves to you as creating them otherwise can be difficult.

The spiritual meaning of new opportunities is always tied to growth. You’re growing as a person whenever you’re willing to listen to all of the chances around you.

In many cases, these opportunities are already there and you need to decide which and when you’re going to act to pursue them properly.

8. Speaking the truth

Wasps can kill detrimental caterpillars and spiders in gardens. They can sometimes be associated with a species that controls the pests that give us nightmares.

The symbolism of a controlling species is seen in the truth we speak as humans. There are endless situations around us where nobody is telling the truth and everybody would do it with the right motivation.

Speaking the truth is complicated when nobody else seems to be doing it. However, the positive role of black wasps is also solitary in many cases across crops and gardens.

This is why you need to start pursuing truth in everything you do even if you might be the only person around to be doing it.

Black wasps live by their own rules and they rarely step out of these guidelines.

You might need to set your standards when it comes to things you’re willing to do if there’s nobody around to teach you how to be more truthful.

Dreaming about black wasps is the symbol you might have been waiting for when it comes to speaking the truth.


Black wasps are feared and respected at the same time. They are seen as dangerous insects that can sting.

Black wasps can easily catch and kill all types of insects and their profile is what makes them respected in the ecosystem.

While aggressive at times, black wasps live by their own rules.

You need to learn how to properly communicated and not to appear as threatening as black wasps.

Another meaning of these wasps involves the idea of defending what’s yours, especially family members that need more protection than others.

Black wasps are also seen as beneficial when they catch spiders and other insects around the house. You might take on a beneficial role in your family by following their example.

Becoming a truthful person that always stands up for those around is one of the symbolisms of black wasps. This often involves getting rid of masks so that you aren’t taken for someone you are not.