Exo Terra Full Moon Review

The Exo Terra Full Moon was developed to stimulate moonlight in the terrarium, ideal for all nocturnal reptiles.

The moon bulb copies the shimmer of the moon, enabling you to observe your reptile without disturbing them, enabling them to carry out their natural behavior.

What’s great about the moon bulb is that it comes equipped with a light sensor, so it automatically turns on when the terrarium lights turn off.

The design includes a cratered effect, which gives a realistic moon appearance with low heat emission, allowing for a natural temperature drop as it becomes night.

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  • Stimulates natural moonlight to create a natural habitat for your pet
  • The design offers a realistic moon appearance
  • Suitable for crepuscular and nocturnal animals
  • Ideal to observe your nocturnal pets at night as they go about hunting and exploring
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatically turns on when it gets dark


  • Can be too bright, depending on the size of terrarium
  • Isn’t waterproof, must not be submerged in water

Design and Features

This is a very realistic moonlight source that not only stimulates natural moonlight in the terrarium but even has craters, ensuring it looks moon-like.

The side sensor enables the light source to identify when it goes dark, turning the moon on automatically with gentle heat to mimic evening and nighttime conditions.

Being only 1W, the Full Moon offers low energy consumption.

The Exo Terra Full Moon can fit into the palm of your hand and is completely circular.

The measurements are 2.5 x 6 x 8.7 inches.

The circular design combined with the crater’s surface provides a natural moonlight shimmer in your terrarium, mimicking natural moonlight to ensure your pet feels comfortable and safe in their enclosure.

This light source offers dim moonlight for crepuscular and nocturnal animals.

This enables them to navigate their territory with ease.

The Exo Terra Full Moon simply plugs into your mains power, while the sensor will automatically turn on the light when your daytime lights turn off.

Installation and Usage

How to Install

Installation of the Exo Terra Full Moon is quick and easy.

It will sit inside the mesh screen cover.

Simply peel the plastic film off the back of the moonlight to reveal the magnetic area.

Move the pad on the back and mount it to the screen cover.

The magnet holds it in place, making it easy to remove when cleaning or when it’s time for replacement.


Please note that the Exo Terra Full Moon should be mounted on the screen lid only.

There should be a minimum of four inches distance between any hood fixtures that may emit heat.

This device is not waterproof and therefore it should not be exposed to hand misters, misting systems or foggers.


The Exo Terra Full Moon LED lighting source is easy to maintain.

It is simply a plug and play device which works automatically as your daytime lights turn off.

Due to being held in place with magnets, you can remove the light when you want to clean.

Simply wipe down the light source with a cloth, do not submerge in water.

Remember to wipe down the magnetic side to ensure the magnetics continue to work effectively.

The magnets enable you to remove the screen lid when needed without having to remove your Full Moon LED each time.

Is This a Good Value Product?

The Exo Terra Full Moon gave a very good first impression with it’s easy installation and automatic on features. This is a low energy 1W device that is moon-like in design.

This item is suitable for all crepuscular and nocturnal reptiles and can be used by both beginner and experienced reptile owners.

The moonlight source is best suited for larger terrariums and can appear too bright in smaller enclosures.

Exo Terra Full Moon Review in Summary

The Exo Terra Full Moon is a good quality product for reptile owners wanting to create a natural habitat for their nocturnal reptiles.

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