28 Crested Gecko Enclosure Ideas

Small, friendly, and once believed to be extinct, Crested Geckos can live in enclosures and unique reptile pets. The good news is you can create or get inspired by our Crested Gecko enclosure ideas, get one, or build one yourself. 

Temperature and humidity are among the most important variables to control in an enclosure. Just about any enclosure with constant temperature and humidity may work as a home for your crested gecko pet. Here are the enclosure ideas most people can implement.

1. Spring Cave

A Spring Cave is one leading enclosure idea for your Crested Gecko. This is a decor element you can add to just about any size enclosure. The trick? It comes with a water feature. It offers a water source to geckos plus it mists them throughout the day. In just about all enclosures, it even maintains a relative humidity of up to 50%, which geckos love.

2. Mossy Cave Hide

Mossy Cave Hides are made with real moss. This means they’re ideal in gecko enclosures as they hold humidity! Apart from moisture, they also offer the raw grass-like green addition to just about any enclosure. A perfect hiding spot, a Mossy Cave Hide does work well with other elements such as substrate.

Make sure not to bury the hide as moss will start to brown as soon as there’s either too much humidity or too much heavy substrate on top.

    3. Rock Lair

    Rock Lair provides both a hiding spot and a solution to trap moisture. Rarely used on their own, these enclosure ideas are typically combined with a bed of moss, for that extra humidity and comfortable base layer for your gecko. There’s also an option to open the lid of the Rock Lair to replace the most and clean the enclosure as needed.

    Made from plastic, this enclosure addition is expected to last for years.

      4. Mushroom Feeding Ledge

      A mushroom-like feeding ledge may not be among the first options in gecko enclosures, but it should. It offers support for feeding and a resting place that can go on any vertical wall of the enclosure.

      Made from soft plastic, it does resemble soft foam-like mushroom textures which allows it to be a comfortable resting place for your Crested Gecko.

      Most gecko owners purchase multiple Mushroom Feeding Ledges to recreate a more natural decore in an enclosure.

      5. Coconut Husk Hut

      Ideal for environmentally friendly enclosures, Coconut Husk Huts are made from real coconuts. They even feature climbing ladders! This is an ideal shelter solution for geckos who love crawling inside but also love the high moisture inside the coconut shell. It also represents one of the few hanging enclosures for geckos, ideal for installing at any height inside the enclosure.

      6. Tire Swing

      Talking about hanging enclosures, what about tire swings? One of these fun round swings is not new inside a gecko enclosure. They are favorite resting and swinging places in the enclosure and are often among the versatile and cheap options for DIY Crested Gecko enclosures. If you need the right idea on a budget, look no further than a tire swing.

      7. Woven Hanging Bird House

      Typically used for finches and other birds, Woven Hanging Bird Houses offer a solution for a natural-materials enclosure idea. Geckos love them due to offering a retreat. At the same time, these birdhouses tend to look good as they’re made from real dried grass. Their tiny ropes are also made by hand from dried hemp. Without LEDs or water features, hanging birdhouses offer an environmental addition to an enclosure. 

      8. Simple Setup

      A simple setup might be all you need for a compact crested gecko enclosure. Its idea is to offer a simple setup in a 10-20 gallon capacity which can be then adjusted as needed. Made from glass or acrylic, these simple setups allow clear visibility, so that you can enjoy seeing your colorful Crested Gecko throughout the day.

      A 10-gallon tank works well for young geckos while a 20-gallon one would be more suitable for adult geckos.

      With plenty of customization options, a simple tank setup is easy to clean with paper towels. You also get to see inside which means you know when the time comes to clean it.

        9. Bioactive Setup

        One of the most complex but realistic ideas for geckos is a bioactive setup. This is a type of self-sustaining setup that has a base layer (drainage, separation, and substrate), plants, rocks, lighting, and heating but even small insects to sustain it.

        Some of the plants that can be added to the setup include geck-safe Bromeliads while isopods are often the insects seen in these setups.

          10. Waterfall

          An ideal tiki-tank idea for gecko enclosure, a waterfall encourages your tiny pet’s drinking habits. It also adds decor and movement to an enclosure that may look lifeless. Easy to clean, a waterfall may even be brought to life further with the addition of an LED light in the back.

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          11. Fake Plants

          Some plants may not be gecko-safe. Others might only live for a short period. Fake plants offer a viable, and often cheaper, alternative. From fake succulents to long fake vines, these types of plants are a durable idea for the tank and they may be cleaned to look just as good as new as often as needed.

          12. Live Plant Oasis

          While fake plants look good, they do nothing for humidity. An enclosure with live plants offers a much more suitable environment, closely mimicking the true habitat of a gecko. Ficuses, snake plants, bromeliads, or photos are just some of the plants you can add to a tank. The larger the tank, the more space for them to grow.

            13. Mixing of Real and Fake Plants

            One common type of Crested Gecko enclosure is the one combining fake plants with real plants. You may not need all of the humidity from an overcrowded tank with live plants but you may benefit from the added aesthetic of fake plants. Combine live and fake plants to recreate a busy environment with plenty of humidity but also plenty of hiding spots for your beloved pet.

              14. Cork Bark Castle

              Cork is one of the materials that are highly common in pet enclosures, including for Crested Geckos. From small to large decor options, a large cork castle offers a durable surface for your gecko to climb on or hide inside. It can be combined with a bed of moss for a more comfortable sleeping and resting place.

                15. Logs

                Real logs are some of the simplest solutions for a proper gecko enclosure. Logs are cheap and come in different shapes to add diversity to the enclosure. Most importantly, they can be a great addition for enclosures with insects and spiders which are known to like logs and wood chips.

                  16. Vine Paradise

                  Vines are an ideal addition to an enclosure as they bring it to life, unlike any other plant. Typical choices include Golden photos of Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) or Ficuses (Ficus benjamina) which add to a forest-like gecko enclosure.

                  Geckos may climb some of these vines, but make sure they don’t eat too much of them when first introduced to the enclosure.

                    17. Climbing Rope Challenge

                    Simple rope is often used to facilitate movement for geckos inside the enclosure. The rope allows geckos to move up and down or sideways around the enclosure and to have a bit of fun during the day. The thicker rope is generally better for climbing activities.

                      18. Varied Leaf Litter

                      Having multiple types of leaves adds to the appeal and natural habitat of the enclosure. You can use typical dry leaves you find outdoors to create a soft base layer for your gecko to move about.

                        19. Hammock

                        While one of the rare ideas for Crested Gecko enclosures, small hammocks are now beginning to be a feasible option as well. They may attach directly to walls, logs, or cork and may offer a swinging addition to the enclosure.

                          20. Driftwood

                          Driftwood is often integrated into gecko enclosures either by zoos or by dedicated reptile enthusiasts. Make sure to clean your driftwood before adding it to the enclosure and consider the types of plants, fake plants, or leaves that would integrate it naturally for your gecko.

                          21. Bridge

                          Small decorative bridges are a top addition to an enclosure. More stable than rope, it can be a better choice for moving about for adult Crested Geckos that don’t have the same youthful movements they once had.

                            22. Skull Decor

                            An actual or a fake animal skull can be an addition to a habitat that’s often similar to natural Crested Gecko habitats. You can buy plastic skulls of different shapes to add a bit of color to your enclosure and to break the ice whenever you have guests over.

                              23. DIY Background

                              Substrates, leaves, or clay may be used to create a distinct background. Consider building a slight slope so that your Crested Gecko isn’t stuck on ground level through the day. Climbing DIY backgrounds are a must for an active gecko that moves all day.

                                24. Wooden Cabinet

                                DIY backgrounds are sometimes used in wooden cabinets that act like Crested Gecko enclosures. You can use just about any type of wooden cabinet with glass doors that close properly so that the reptile can’t escape. The best part about this idea is that it typically supports a large enclosure with plenty of vertical surfaces to explore.

                                  25. Bamboo Sticks

                                  Support for moving about or simply adding to a forest-like aesthetic of the enclosure, bamboo sticks may be a good idea as well. Bamboo sticks can be customized, grouped, or added vertically and horizontally to create an enclosure that truly stands out.

                                    26. Bigger is Better

                                    How large of an enclosure do you really need for a Crested Gecko? Most agree that a 20-gallon enclosure is just about the sweet spot when it comes to fitting inside of the house but still offering plenty of space for the Crested Gecko to move around even in adulthood.

                                    27. Hexagon Vivarium

                                    A Hexagon Vivarium may be larger, but it offers the best viewing angles. If you truly love your Crested Gecko, you may want to see it every day. Geckos may be difficult to spot inside but a Hexagon Vivarium offers the best angles to spot the reptile with the extra space it comes with. Furthermore, this is an option that can maximize lighting angles for a more unique enclosure.

                                      28. Halloween Tank

                                      Pumpkins, leaves, and fake pumpkins make for a Halloween-themed Crested Gecko tank. You can get creative in adding orange elements to just about any tank. Of course, this idea may be more feasible if you have an orange Crested Gecko.